Stickman Readers' Submissions August 21st, 2009

Filipinas and Moles and Weight and Etc. Things

The heat within the jeepney wheeling along was searing so I tried to cool off by looking around for Filipino beauty, and found it directly across from me in the form of an Asian lass of around 20 whose eyes were half circles of black glass enfolded in a face of graceful form; after glance of head I immediately searched down to the twin curves jutting roundly and nicely out from the Hard Rock t-shirt she was wearing.

A general comparison of Thai to Filipina may reflect on the more circular features of the Siam to the smoother ones of the Flip: the discrimination may be very subtle. Ancestral bloods do flow differently: the Flip femme's past homeland is warped from 300 years of Spanish occupation arrogance, American colonial past realities, and Japanese cruel empire dreams. The result is a hodgepod of integrations, including the dominating influences of a prevailing Catholic Church. The typical Filipina, excluding the thousands of prostitutes, called "GROs", is conservative about sex. The society submits to the tenets of "good girl/bad girl" catagorizations. This is not to say that within the private bed there is constraint: she loves the engine as it roars, and all is right with the world when the finish line is passed, and hold and contentment are the acclaim.

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She is about money, but the strongest desire to marry that western "Kano" and go abroad. The Thai may want the money while living in the Kingdom. The Filipina takes pride in going abroad and then accommodating.

As I continue the steal stares at the lass in the Jeepney she appears with only one flaw: a huge mole on her forehead. This is a frequent sight in the Philippines: women of beauty but having these ugly mole creatures on their person: this land is so poor most people do not come up with the pesos to remove them.

In this submission I am trying to convey a sense of the Filipina possibility as many look in other directions for love search.

"Everything changes." "Thailand has gone to the dogs." "Paradise Lost."

Maybe it's time to return to the homeland, has become a common Stickman theme. The Man himself seems in a constant self-discussion of whether to leave for Kiwi breezes, or stay. "To be or not to be," in Thailand, is the question. For some, like Crass in a recent submission, there is much criticism of the Western World. So if the Kingdom is not necessarily the nirvana of met desires it once was, perhaps to the Philippines the fires may offer heat.

I have been to the Philippines three times, spending a total of around 3 months. It is not friendly in a tourist sense. One third of the nation is "squatters" and the poverty is more severe than the Kingdom. In my wife's village (called Baranguy) there are a few newly built homes. These were moneyed by relatives who had gone to the West. The whole country has an ethos devoted to exporting its people: nurses, entertainers, and very importantly, "wives."

If you go to the Philippines you will be welcomed by many femmes. But if you choose to be an X-Pat there, you will find few entreatments. The country is not tourist friendly – transportation is terrible, food is a dog's lot, and there are only a couple types of beer. <But in fairness they are good beersStick>

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I would like to come back here to a note on the Asian femme. She is of lighter weight than the average Western lady. The Asian will likely be half yours: when you lie next to her please consider this, and do not press upon her too strongly, whereas with the Western her flaps are more heavily fluttered. One can more sweetly glide along the Asian, but treat it more gently like silk lest the skin be burdened by the male Western girth.

And the smells. The Asian so clean from her water spraying, over outer and inner entrances, and odors of spice and rice interweave. You can eat off her skin. You can eat of her and not feel the sometimes venison flavor of the Western woman.

On another direction. I am not a fan of the submissions which label women as "whores". How absurd to cast this name on half the human race. I rather like women and suggest name calling to not be precise or specific. I have been in dregs myself by the gender of femmes, but I have also tasted of their sweet pools, and perhaps more to the point, my own male nation has its own pricking habits, and of the "he without sin" truth should not be quick to call "whore" when we are the ones who enter holes within minutes if so possible.

Back to the Filipina. As I have written before, I believe most are very committed to marriage. Divorce is illegal in their country. If Brokenman had ventured there, his path may have been welcomed by a more sincere femme. Most are homebodies and love to work in their houses. They do not like to be alone, have no hobbies, do not read, but do love their pop music and dancing.

I found being in Thailand exciting; in the Philippines I felt bored. But in speaking of the search for the gem femme, there are the sparkles of the Pinoy stones.

And moles can be removed.

Stickman's thoughts:

More than a few Stickmanites swear by Flips as a better long-term option.

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