Stickman Readers' Submissions July 29th, 2009

You Can Leave Thailand, I’ll Stay!

Wow. All these negative submissions about Thailand. I totally agree with all the negative things said about Thailand, but I still plan on traveling there in a few months, because you see, I am an addicted sex tourist! Yes, and as long as there are still
hot young women wanting to have sex for 1000 baht, I WILL be there. (Ok, maybe I'll go up to 2500 baht.) Have I no shame? Have I no dignity? A…well…I guess not!

So business is down in Bangkok bars? Excuse me, but so what and who cares! Are there still not thousands and thousands of ready and willing hot young sex workers over there? I'm just one guy. I just need a few hot babes for each of my
20 days over there. So, as long as I can find 40 nice, available women, I'll be in Paradise. My short time needs are met. I do understand though, that when business is down, people are out of work and I really hate to see that. In this world
economy, many people are struggling. For all you guys that will be staying away from Thailand this year, I'd like to thank you! That just means more women for me to chose from! I might have to double up to make up for you not flying over!
Put the condom companies on standby!

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I think some of the people on this site have been over there much too long and they are getting burnt out on dealing with the "Thai way" of doing things. They say that Thailand has changed, but I'm guessing what may have changed
may be their perspective on things. Things that appealed to us at a younger age, may no longer have the same appeal and allure.

Sex seems to drive the Thai economy. If it wasn't for the huge sex scene over in Thailand, I'm just guessing, that there wouldn't even be a Stickmanbangkok website. I know Stick deals with many topics about living in Thailand,
but that's because he lives over there. I'm guessing most readers have been into the sex scene at some level and that's how they stumbled on to this site? I mean, if you wanted travel tips about Thailand, there are plenty of books
on the subject out there. Stick does a great job with all his articles. Great pictures too!

People complain about the corruption with the police, etc. over there, but it's because things are so "loose" over there with law enforcement, that the sex scene has been allowed to flourish. You can hate Thailand and love
it at the same time. The problem with all the corruption, is that if you live there long enough, you lower your standards to the same level. You become part of what you despise.

As long as guys are horny and the women are readily available, I doubt if things will likely change very soon. You have to admit, it's guys like me that go over and spend several thousand dollars in a few weeks that helps drive the economy.
I wonder how much money, in Bangkok alone, changes hands daily in the sex for hire business? Millions a day? Nationwide I wouldn't doubt it. You multiply that times 365 days a year. Without the sex scene, the bars and the discos would close
their doors. Do you think the hotels around the sex areas would survive without sex tourists. And Pattaya without the sex scene? I can't picture what it would be like. It's happening on some level all over the world. It's just so
out in the open in Thailand.

I live in a town in the northwestern U.S. with a population of 100,000 people. There are at least ten "massage" places here with several women working at each place. I'd never been to one until my first trip to Thailand and
my first experience paying for sex. I got back here and thought, well, what the heck, I think I'll go check one out. The prices here are as follows: $100 for a hand job, $150 oral sex, and $200 for "full service" The looks of the
girls and the ages vary from hot young 20 year olds to Asian women in their early 50's. The difference here is you have to wear a condom for oral as well as regular sex. The women are quite pleasant to be with. You don't get the "girlfriend"
experience as in Thailand. You can't grab one and go party at a disco all night long. I've done that in Thailand with two or three at a time. I guess on the upside, you don't get emails from them to send money after you leave, and
I doubt if any marriage proposals take place (like in Thailand). It can get very expensive if you make it a habit, but for the single older male, it provides an outlet for their sexual needs. I suppose married guys go there too. I think that's
pretty sad, but that goes on all over the world, unfortunately.

I'm guessing these "massage" parlors are all over the US. I've only tried local ones. I think I've always been pretty good looking throughout my life. I've never had any problems getting women over the years.
I'm 56 now. I NEVER thought in a million years I'd EVER be paying for sex. I guess that was until Thailand. It was such a great experience. Just the thought of sex whenever you want it, and with a different girl each time was just what
the doctor ordered. It suddenly puts the guy "in control" of the situation. All too often, it's up to the female when sex will or will not occur. I guess that's in the "real" world. I think that's why women just
hate the thought of a guy paying for sex. It's not that the thought disgusts them, it's that for once we are in control of things and women just hate that. <EXCELLENT pointStick>

Well, back to Thailand… I hope for Thailand and the Thai people there will never be a major act of terrorism anywhere. Just one big explosion in a major Bangkok hotel would spell disaster for the Thai economy. I know I go over for the fun
sex scene, but I am truly a good person who loves the Thai people. I've developed a love for them. I try not to dwell on all the imperfections with the way things are done in Thailand. It is though, the reason I will never permanently move
over there. I'd love to have a beautiful Thai wife, but it's all the cultural differences and the fact that everything in Asia seems to be based on money. With all the people at low income levels, I think the people have learned to take
advantage of any opportunities that may come along. Many of those importunities seem to always have something to do with a guy's wallet! ha! (I'm generalizing I know.)

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I'm guessing I'll eventually get burnt out on the sex scene over there in Thailand… NOT! I can't imagine it getting old. Running short on money might be the only thing to stop me from feeding "my habit". The girls
are just so sweet to visit with and talk to. I've had many relationships with some great women through the years. I love the beginnings of the relationships, the middle of the relationships, but If I could just skip the endings! Those breakups
just suck. I don't know how many more times I want to go through all that. I think many middle-aged women just get tired of men and give up on relationships. They just don't "need" men anymore. I think most men continue to
need a woman in their life. Then there is me. I seem to need many women in my life. I'm an addict. Thank you Bangkok! Thank you Nana Plaza! Thank you Soi Cowboy! I love you! I love you! I love you! Thank you God! As long as that airport is
open I'll be there. Hey. Even if they close the airport, I will start a business parachuting sex tourists into Nana Plaza. I'll just strap a parachute and an ATM machine to their back and push them out of the plane! Man overboard!!!

Also, if you are going over to Bangkok, you've got to catch a short flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia and check out Angkor Wat and the surrounding 12 temples. It's absolutely amazing! I heard there were 200,000 visitors the previous
year and 2 million people just this past year, so it's really becoming a hot worldwide tourist destination. I hired a private driver with an air conditioned car for 12 hours a day for $25 U.S. dollars. The driver got $7 a day from the company
he worked for. He knew everything about each temple. The poverty is extreme. The people are beautiful. You'd want to only stay 3 or 4 days. I did check out the sex scene over there. My driver took me to three different places with very small
fishbowls. Maybe 12 girls tops. They were seedier places. Not as clean as Bangkok. I was with a girl each night, but it was not a great experience overall.

I also flew to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I stayed in central downtown at the Sheraton Hotel. A little expensive $250 U.S., but one of the highest end hotels I had ever stayed in. It was not hard to walk around and find bars with girls. In
fact I spotted two bars at the end of my block. I waited till 8p.m. to walk down there. I couldn't believe it. I pushed the swinging door open to just look in, and girls grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in! There must've been 15 of
them, all in bras, panties and various under garments. They pulled me in and onto a barstool. Here I was in this place, all by myself, with 15 women in their underwear and a woman bartender. I was in heaven! One of the girls sat next to me. I
guess it was "her turn" with the next customer. I had a Heineken. I took her back to the hotel. You can bring them into the hotel before 9p.m. I spent 4 days there. The girls were ok, but their attitudes weren't too great. They
were all about the money, and never really seemed they were into being with you like the Thai girls are. I went out on the battlefields and saw the tunnels, etc. It was an unreal experience being right where a lot of 18 year old kids ended up
in the war. Another amazing experience.

January…Another trip to Thailand. More wild women, chrome poles, and pounding disco music…yes, yes, yes!

Well Stickmanites, that ends this submission. If I see ya around Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy Jan 8th, I'll buy ya a beer! 🙂

Stickman's thoughts:

Some excellent points made indeed.

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