Stickman Readers' Submissions July 21st, 2009

Wallpaper Eyes

We were flying to Krabi to be around the beaches. I was in line at the ticket counter. My thin and extremely cute Filipina wife was sitting down waiting. I noticed a blond, early 30s woman in front of me and started talking to her. I've
always had the gift of gab, and have found striking up a conversation with someone in line to be a way of making the wait go easier.

She was British. She was in Thailand on vacation with her two children and husband. I followed her eyes and saw two kids of around 8 and 10 sitting with their father.

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She told me this was the second time in Thailand with her family and they loved the people and prices and opportunities for adventure.

It was her turn at the counter and we said good-bye. She turned towards me and as she did my eyes caught the soft bulges of her boobs. She had on a white cotton blouse and I noticed the breasts were of a shape and nice medium size that caused
my eyes to stay upon them. When I did look up I noticed she had caught me.

Do you, dear reader, know what I'm talking about: you check out the goods and try to make it quick so the owner of the goods does not notice your focus.

She caught my feeling eyes and I for an instant prepared for the ugly look of the how dare you kind.

Instead, she looked deeply into my peepers, and…smiled.

Innocent, really, our very quick contact. No harm done. A quick boobie scan and her smile to note she didn't mind.

Shortly afterwards everyone lined up to get on the cheap Air Asia flight. There were no assigned seats and everyone basically scampered aboard. The passengers were a mix of single men, a couple of couples – younger Thai chicks and older "boyfriends",
and one family of an attractive blond of already mentioned flesh and her two kids and husband. He seemed of a non-descript type but then again, I hardly ever really notice the looks of a bloke. I try to use my time in an effective manner i.e.
on the female gender of nice curvatures age ranged 18 – 30.

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Somewhere in the last decade it became socially perverse to gander upon 16-year old cheerleader types, though I do admit when they appear in my vision I do not close my eyes. Actually, there is a small measure of dilation, I am sure. (Don't
worry, though, I keep my hands off. Though, of course, when I was 16, they were at times in full throttle. But older, now, I do have to mind that all numbing and all comprehensive command of society of being "appropriate".

This airplane group, by its inclusion of others than of the sex tourist persuasion, does remind me that there are others than just single men who seek hole punching who come to Thailand. And though I know what Stick means when he talks of
Thailand not having the scenery of, say, Switzerland, the Land of Smiles does have amazing blue waters and beaches you wanna run on, and dive into that bracing refreshing water and while encased in the water's embrace, you look up and notice
the limestone cliffs that takes your breath away and sends it to heaven place.

Krabi airport is modern and easy and a pleasure. My wife and I shared a cab into Ao Nang with a Brit and his "girlfriend." They were a little interested that I was actually married to the younger sexier Filipina thing I claimed
to be married to.

After we dropped them off we went to a Japanese-named (and owned) hotel a little outside of town that boasted a high up swimming pool that seemed to jut over a cliff. Our initial room was near the hotel office area and as music was played
there, was a little loud for my liking. I nicely asked for another room and they provided me a much more luxurious room of double the size somewhat up the hill. I kept asking…"For the same price? Really?"

Yes, for the same price. (So one might always ask for another room when discontented. All they can say is "no", and sometimes you get the ladder up without paying the way.)

As someone on Stick said, the beaches in Ao Nang are not great, but the small town is a gateway to other more exciting beaches. Phi Phi Island, famed for being in the movie The Beach, is near, and also the island where they filmed a James
Bond movie.

Of course, my Asian wife does not really like to walk beaches. She does not like to walk. And she does especially NOT like to walk in the sun. It darkens her skin. And in her Philippines homeland, you walk if you are poor. In her land you
take a "tricycle" or one of those little buses called "jeepneys". The buses are sometimes decorated with paintings on their sides. One time I saw a jeepney broken down on the side of the road with the face of Jesus painted
brightly around it. Makes it easier to pray for a tow.

We took one of those tour things where with a few others you go on a small boat to a couple of the islands. They pick you up at your hotel and the others at theirs. They give you some pineapple when you get on the boat. In the craft were
a few people. Sitting directly across from us were two woman in their early twenties—one blond and thin, and the other brunette with a little more heft. (Hmm….I wonder if being blonde means you are more likely to be thinner?)

Both women started staring quite at my wife. They also held hands with each other. Many European women do this quite often and innocently but when I noticed the brunette's arm cuddle the other's shoulders, my dog like senses smelled
lesbian scent. (Not literally. After all, what would a lesbian scent be? Hmmm…Don't answer that.)

We stopped a little off shore and some of us took those bubble breathing things and dove overboard and felt the cool of the water as we submerged and swam smoothly under the surface and looked upon the clear blue world of sparkling fish.

I changed the direction of my vision when I noticed the behinds of the two lesbians. They were in bikinis and the blond's rump was orange covered and the brunette's behind was green sheened. Of course I stayed upon the roundness
of the curves rather than other shimmerings. A thought zipped past my rather adolescent addled mind that here I was underwater in a wet paradise and my attention was upon the asses of two lesbian lasses.

The thought passed quickly, not to be bothered by its analyzing flavor. Save the sage observations for Professor Korski. I was, and am, more inclined, for lesser pictures of bottoms and boobs.

When we got back on the boat the two Thais who ran the boat told us we could not land on the next destination island as there were many jellyfish. The German brunette started arguing with one of them saying the Thais just didn't want
to make the effort. Her voice was strong and the two men relented and landed the boat at a small, nearby island.

We got off the boat and instantly noticed hundred of those dastardly jellies. "Careful", I told my wife, as we slowly walked in the water getting off.

And as we got onto the land there really wasn't much to do. The Thais did hand us our lunch: chicken in foil, and rice.

On the way back to the mainland I started talking to the two German lesbians. Friendly, I am. I do admit I had in my mind's eye fantasies of my bod surrounded by two lesbians and my wife.

I should emphasize the word "fantasy." My wife would never pollute her conservative Filipina Catholic soul in such a way. Well, no one said she was perfect.

When we got back to Ao Nang the Germans invited us up to their hotel for some drinks. The brunette blinked at me and said, "You can watch."

Watch. Forget it (not that my wife would have permitted such a thing without sticking a knife in my heart).

Watch. My integrity was infractured by their presumption that I would accept such a passive proposition.

(Course, later in my daydreaming, I did in fantasy convince my wife to take part, and in my loony mind wandering, I did not only watch, but joined the silken threads of the three naked women and buried my lusts among the bosoms and sundry
body parts.)

I'll end with one more scene of possibilities presented and not satisfied in continuance.

We stayed at another hotel in a few days called Somkiet Buri, I believe. It was located within a small jungle like area. The swimming pool was incredible, surrounded by greenery and tall trees and insect sounds.

I was at the pool one day with my wife. A couple arrived and the man came in the pool and we talked. My wife was resting on some pool furniture as was his wife. After a while my wife left to go back to the room. Shortly, the couple's
daughter showed up at the pool. She was red haired and athletic in her build. She had just graduated university. She got into the pool. The man and wife got up to go and it was only their daughter and I in the pool.

She was sitting on one of the steps, half covered in water. Sometimes, I couldn't help noticing, her legs would spread as she laughed at points in our conversation. I observed that between her legs there were red fluffs near the top
of her "v", hair of fine fire down.

I was still floating in the water.

I was so near to her I could have entered her space with a single move. After a time she mentioned she had a separate room from her parents. Was she in her way inviting me?

I did not continue the play. And made no advance.

These invites …though never proceeded upon…did bring me pleasure. And they did remind me that Thais are not the only temptations in Thailand. The surround includes other foreigners who also travel the streets. Sometimes, we speak of x-pats
and Thai female finery, and forget the furs of other foreign femmes.

Stickman's thoughts:

When on holiday inhibitions often go out the window, yes, even for Western women.

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