Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2009

The First Time

They say you never forget your first time. I certainly remember my first trip to Thailand. I’m sure you remember yours. It is so overwhelming and unfortunately, it will never be your first time again.

On my first trip I traveled with my best friend, Donnelly, in 2005. We had known each other since we were 18 and had traveled together to many different countries and done many things others only dream of, but we had never been to Asia together
before. We had heard stories from other Thailand travelers for a long time but I suppose we just could not believe it could be as incredible as we were told. After some internet research, we decided it really did sound great and plans were finally
made to fly to Bangkok. We arrived late at night and after a long flight we really just got some sleep and headed for Pattaya the next morning.

He Clinic Bangkok

After checking into the Marriott on Beach Road, it was time to explore a little. We walked out of the front of the hotel and found a British pub on Second Road. We spoke to some of the regulars and were told that we had to go to Walking Street
that night. I remember when we asked about the women, the manager pulled out a photo album filled with pictures of his “conquests”. We both thought this was a bit vulgar and it was obvious that his idea of beautiful women did not
agree with ours. We left there with a bad taste in our mouths and were wondering if Thailand was the place for us. We walked around Beach Road and had a few beers at some of the bars but really did not see any stunners.

That night we found out where Walking Street was and soon found ourselves walking into Soi Diamond. We were looking at the sign outside Super Baby A Gogo and a Thai man was saying, “take look sir!” We decided to give it a try
and he pulled back the curtain to let us enter. We took one look and our lives were changed forever! We looked at each other and the look on our faces said it all. We both had pretty much the same taste in women and here were 30 or 40 perfect
specimens just waiting for us to sit down and get comfy. We ordered some beers and began asking the mamasan questions. She brought over the girls we chose and we “interviewed” a few until we each made our choice (it wasn’t
easy). We took the girls out to dinner at Cowboy Steak and could not believe how cheap it was for a great meal and plenty of drinks. (I know better now). Back to the hotel and you know the rest…

The following nights were spent exploring other venues and generally having a great time. One day I got caught in a downpour and waited it out at the Best Friend Bar on Beach Road. It became our daytime hangout and we could always find each
other or at least get news of where the other had gone when we got separated. The girls were a lot of fun and we made some friends there who I still see when I am in Pattaya.

CBD bangkok

It did not take long for us to get hooked on Thailand and when that first trip was coming to an end we were already planning our next one. We had caught the fever! We made a couple more trips and explored Phuket and Ko Samui. We decided to
sell our bar in Las Vegas and our properties in Belize and make the move. We found a small hotel for sale on Patong Beach in Phuket and a plan was made to buy it.

More trips were made and each one was better than the last. Every time I went home I could not wait to get back. I am sure my friends were tired of hearing me go on and on about Thailand as that was all I could seem to talk about.

I do not remember the name of my first Thai girl or how much baht I gave her or if the sex was good. I do remember she had the smoothest, silkiest skin I had ever felt and I enjoyed stroking her so much. I remember the wai she gave
me when I paid her the next morning (probably too much). I remember feeling like I had died and gone to heaven. I remember many things about that first trip but the thing I remember most, that I will never forget, is that first time we walked
into our first Thai gogo bar. We had seen and done many things in our lives but that moment ranks right up there with the best of them. We may have seen better places in Thailand after that but none can compare with the first time the black curtain
was opened for us and we peered inside. You just cannot ever get that feeling again.

Stickman's thoughts:

So you bought a hotel? What happened? Did it fall through?

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