Stickman Readers' Submissions July 22nd, 2009

Patpong, Music, Gogos and Fetish

Two days into my last visit to LOS I read in Stickmanbangkok about a special offer from various fetish cubs in Bangers and Pattaya. There was supposed to be an offer from the Bar Bar in Patpong, whereby first time visitors paid only the half
of the normal entrance fee upon saying codename Stickman.

I have experience in this 'direction' from Europe and find it amusing to divert now and again (but not always), and the Thai lady who accompanied me is very tolerant, and always up for experiments (see The Perfect Birthday). From
experience such special establishments do not get moving until 10 o'clock in the evening at the earliest so we first had a look around Patpong 1 and 2, to verify the location and also hear a bit of music first.

mens clinic bangkok

1st stop

Was a bar with good live music on an alley between Patpong 1 and Patpong 2.

The two Singhas and two San Mig Lights which we consumed must have been the most expensive drinks which I have consumed in Bangkok. In January this year we were in the same bar and the prices were not so exorbitant.

2nd stop

We moved on to a gogo bar (also in an alley between Patpong 1 and Patpong 2). The ladies polishing the chrome poles were attractive, the service excellent, the prices also reasonable and we had a little fun talking
to the waitress. A couple of the ladies were doing an extra table dance whereby their bikinis did sometimes slip a bit. An interesting note is that they have a notice in the leak department, offering Camagra Jelly (Just ask at the bar. Cheaper
and faster than Viagra!). My companion wanted to buy one of the ladies out for a bit of fun (she does not admit it openly but she does like ladies as well). I held her back with the reason that we still wanted to visit Bar Bar

3rd stop

Outside Bar Bar were two young ladies holding long twigs or small branches, trying to look as though they were dominas. Upon approaching, we were asked if we wanted to see a lesbian show. I asked the ladies about
the special offer this week for first time visitors who named the code codename Stickman. They just shrugged and opened the dungeon door us. It was clear to me that these ladies knew nothing about the BDSM scene and were just placed outside as

wonderland clinic

Once inside we were met by a lady in black leather dress who informed us that the entrance price was 800 Baht/person including the first drink. I repeated my question about the offer for first time visitors who named the code codename Stickman
which had been published two days earlier by Stickmanbangkok. The lady denied any knowledge of the offer so I asked the young Thai gentleman sitting at the desk in the entrance. He too knew nothing so I paid the full entrance price of 800 Baht/person
and we went upstairs hoping to see a bit of action. We were the only guests there!

We were ushered to two large leather upholstered seats directly before a round metal half cage. The lady in the black leather dress then started commanding four other servants. The one lady was mildly suspended in the half cage as another
climbed up on the other side to a position where it looked as though the suspended lady was delighting her with lesbian activities. During this time our lady in the black leather dress (domina) flogged her with a whip which was calculated to not
hurt a fly. Afterwards the suspended lady was turned to face us and tortured her with hot dripping wax from a candle. Before it became too boring, the domina decided to take one of her servants as a dog on a line and led her woofing around us,
sometimes punishing her with a leather paddle if she was not obedient enough. I was also offered the leather paddle but declined and told the domina that I was more used to being on the receiving end. The devil was riding on my back that evening
and I decided to miow at the woofing dog. I must admit that the dog reacted quickly upon the instructions of her owner and bit me, the cat, in the breast (right nipple).

For my companion this was a quite novel experience, and she started to get carried away at seeing something so new to her, so I gave out a round of lady drinks.

The ladies then moved on to another strategy. One opened my shirt and started manipulating my nipples. I did not protest, so she started crushing harder-and harder. I just smiled and she crushed even harder. The ladies appeared to be somewhat
out of their level because I did not protest, then one started playing with me through my trousers. As one started to remove my belt, I objected because of the lady who was accompanying me. To my surprise she answered it's ok. The lady told
us to do this. She wants to see. What should I do? I reluctantly had to give in to the majority decision and recline on the seat, having my nipples crushed from one (sometimes two) ladies while a third lady demonstrated her oral skills, all under
the supervision of the domina who upon occasion used her flogger to motivate the lady on her knees before me, or upon on me if she thought that it was getting to be too much fun for me.


I was disappointed that the Bar Bar ladies knew nothing about the special offer that week, for first time visitors who named the words codename Stickman.

I found it also somewhat sad that we were the only visitors at the time. It is also not an economical night out, or a place for really serious BDSM participants to gather their endorphins.

I would go back again on another visit to BKK (alone next time), and after seeing if something is happening there except the lesbian show maybe have a look at some of the other areas in the establishment, maybe with the lady in black, maybe
with the dog. Who knows. It depends upon which devil is riding on my back on that evening.

P.S. Upon departing the establishment, the two young ladies holding long canes playfully threatened me with their implements. As I remained standing they were too cowardly (or unused) to carry out their threats.

Stickman's thoughts:

The problem with the promotion was sorted promptly after words with the owners.

It's hard for me to comment on such places because although I have visited, it was only for the purpose of writing an article about the venue. It's all a little unusual for me! I think I prefer vanilla!

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