Stickman Readers' Submissions July 27th, 2009

I Refuse To Return To Thailand

As for myself, well I simply refuse to go back to Thailand. Why? Well because I just cannot justify the trip to myself. Seriously, I have all things Thai that I need with my wife here and to fly half way around the world only to experience the abject
boredom of being in Thailand again fills me with absolute jaw wrenching bouts of yawning. I have no interest in the bars whatsoever and the tourism on offer that comes in the form of the beaches can be found without fail, elsewhere in this world
we live in. The temples all become same same after a while and there is little else to do and see in Thailand unless you want to go to the movies to watch pixeled out censored films or go shopping in the Emporiums or experience a massage from
a girl with a pussy so hard banged that it looks like a pigs knuckle. Oh what joy!

Ok my wife has family still in Thailand and I have lots of friends (both Thai and Western) to hang out with should I go back to LOS, but what shall we all do together… oh I know, let's go to a bar, watch bored girls twirl around a
pole or bounce on my friends knee while waiting for the inevitable rip off to come via the check bin. Maybe it's me but how boring is that. My wife of course will no doubt enjoy seeing her family again but even she of late has been making
noises that she would rather go to Europe than back to Thailand for a visit because she wants to experience other cultures, cities and learn about the world at large. Going home will only involve doing what most Thai's do best, and that is
eat, gossip, sleep and eat some more with crap Thai soap operas and loud music thrown on top. No Thanks! Given the choice of that or a more fulfilling holiday in Europe, she votes for Europe every time as do I these days.

He Clinic Bangkok

So do I want to go back to Thailand to continue to experience the lovely culture that is Thailand and it's people. Do I shite!

Is it because I want to relax on the beach and soak up the sun… nope! I can get that for less hassle, less cost and less flying time in Europe when ever we want.

For me, Thailand lost any charms it had to offer within 2 weeks of arriving there a few years ago and anyone who has an electric pulse running across the odd synapse in their brains could see Thailand for what it really is as well. Those
that don't tend to sit there with their rose tinted glasses on, frequent the bars, watch footy and fornicate till the cows come home.

CBD bangkok

I am pretty sure your recent weekly had you receiving a deluge of rose tinted glass responses from the monger beer drinking club but let's be honest here, unless you are in it for the girls or the bars, what else is appealing about Thailand?
I don't get it anymore, maybe I didn't get it in the first place. I mean why would I want to go on holiday these days only to be met by a superficial society that employs transparent double standards, has no integrity or morality and
one that actively judges its own citizens by their skin colour. I as a foreigner don't want someone less educated or less worldly than I, to pre-judge me because I have a long nose or because of the way I dress that day. The size of my wallet
shouldn't mean anything either and maybe after living there and being married to a Thai I have experienced all that I ever want to experience from all things Thailand related, and as a consequence, it, the people and the country has lost
what little attraction it ever had for me. I have my own little taste of Thailand here with me day in day out, so why do I want to travel half way around the world at great expense and time to experience it in a magnified form. Bollocks to that,
I have very little vacation time as it is and the last thing I want to do is spend it in a shit country full of shit people and shit ideals. It's for this same reason you won't see me holidaying in Saudi Arabia.

Let's look at the costs for a moment. Getting to Thailand would cost me and my family around £3.5k when you factor in the 3 seats for the flight, accommodation, food, trips to visit family, shopping etc.. not to mention the 24 hours
of travelling time on top of it all, and let's face it, time is my most precious commodity. When all is said and done, when I arrive in Thailand, I will most likely only get a third rate service anyway, a bunch of piss ant low so half breeds
trying to rip me off and an overall 2 star experience (if I am lucky).

In comparison, and for just £1.5k, I can go anywhere I want to in Europe, experience a 5 star holiday and not see me or my wife treated any differently to anyone else around me or have to worry about what I wear or how I dress or how
I speak or the colour of our skin. I no doubt will have 90% less hassle and although I don't discount that you can be ripped off just as equally when in Europe, the likelihood is that it won't happen with the same level of frequency
or intensity that you encounter in Thailand. So instead of going to LOS this year we are going to have a far superior holiday experience and my wife and daughter will get to experience something Thailand will never be able to offer; a diverse
rich cultural experience in a country where history began. My wife can go to the beach and enjoy the sun without the need to wear several layers of clothes should she get the slightest whiff of a freckle and quite equally she won't have to
worry about some other Thai twat coming out of the woodwork and judging her because she may be slightly coffee coloured instead of the sickly Chinese yellow Michael Jackson colour that they all aspire to be.

No doubt we will HAVE to go back to Thailand one day as eventually my wife will want to visit the family, but the frequency will be no more than once every two to three years rather than every year which is what we used to do. Thailand has
lost a significant amount of appeal, not only to me, but also to my Thai wife who recognises the huge differences to how Thai people treat their own, or indeed to how foreigners are treated when in her country. Indeed when she compares the experience
she is having here, which for her has been all embracing, welcoming and friendly, with no one trying to double charge her because she is not English or indeed being called the English equivalent to 'farang', well she has started to see
how bad Thailand has become and how bad it actually treats it's visitors.

wonderland clinic

So bottom line is, no I won't be going to Thailand this year and I doubt I will next year either. Indeed I haven't been back since I left two years ago either and the consequence of this is, is that Thailand has lost about £15k
worth of my money alone because of it. Som Nom Na! Thailand, you reap what you so. Now multiply me by 100 people or 1000 people and the numbers soon start stacking up.

Stickman's thoughts:

It really is sad to see the greed in the Thai tourism industry. As more and more countries open up and others develop, Thailand is going to have a fight on its hands…

nana plaza