Stickman Readers' Submissions June 12th, 2009

The Reality Of The Fantasy

A guy goes into the police station, and tells the officer in charge, "I think my wife has died."

The officer says, "What do you mean?"

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The guys says… "Well, the sex is still the same, but the dishes are starting to pile up!"

A guy is sitting with his wife. He starts uncontrollably sobbing. She asks him, "What's wrong?"

He says, "Well, thirty years ago I was thinking about getting a gun and shooting you.

She says, "Well, why are you crying?"

He says, "because, I'd just be getting released from prison today!"

Ha! Just thought you Stickies could use a little humor. Hopefully, that doesn't describe your current sex life. Well, it's been 5 months since my last trip to Bangkok. I was with 40 women in 20 days. I didn't really plan on
that happening, but I just got caught up in fantasy land. I was going to head back to Bangkok again as soon as possible, but because of money restraints, I'm going back this January. Like most guys on the way back on the plane, all I could
think about was how soon I could get back there. Kind of like a junkie who has just had a shot of heroin. He can't wait to get his next fix. I swear, it's the same addiction in the brain. A drug can give you a great feeling in your brain,
and those Thai bargirls can do the same thing to you. In fact, they give you a great feeling in both your brains! It's a pleasurable experience, and isn't that what we're all seeking in our lives – pleasurable experiences? Of course,
getting your pleasure from prostitutes in Thailand is something not everyone agrees with. Especially if you've got a girlfiend or are married. Ha!

I'm not married and never have been. Came damn close a few times. Guess, I've been on the "catch and release" program. Runaway groom? Maybe. Just haven't met the right person for marriage. Some people never do, even
those who've been married several times! Ha!

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I've been on 3 Thai trips so far. Before my first trip, I had never been with a prostitute. That lasted about a half an hour after my landing at the Bangkok airport. Which brings me to a funny story. I was reading a site on the internet.
A newbie wrote, "I'm going to Thailand, does anybody know how a guy could possibly get laid?" His immediate response from guys was , hey!…. if you're going to Thailand…. your problem will be how not to get laid! ha! And
that statement is so true. After landing in the Land Of Smiles, my life will never be quite the same. Now I find myself obsessed with thoughts about my return. I read Stick's site daily. I don't know how "normal" that may be.
Not that I ever want anyone to call me the "N" word (normal). Ha! I think I have a good grasp on the reality that takes place over there, or should I say, "The Reality of the Fantasy".

It's no wonder that my last trip was filled with so many sexploits. I chose to say at the Nana Hotel for the first few days. I wasn't too keen on staying there. I'm sure it was a nice hotel years ago, but it's seen better
days. It reminds me of the the majority of the guys that stay there. "Old and somewhat seedy". It is definitely in the thick of the sex scene though. It's right across the street from Nana Plaza. I ended moving down the street to
the Dawin Hotel, a small but first class place for almost the same price. There was no "sleaze factor" there like at the Nana Hotel. Of course, some of the old "classless" guys around Nana Plaza might feel out of place there.

Anyway, I know that the whole "Thai bargirl experience" should be called "Thai Rent-a Girl". That's really what you are doing over there. I realize that it's all a business transaction. The girls make you feel
like a rock star. What a great fantasy. Especially those guys that are old, fat and ugly that have never really had great looking girls throughout their life. It's Nirvana for them. It's totally a fantasy that you pay for. One girl.
Two? Three? Whatever you're into…. as long as your money doesn't run out! I was with so many women, that at the end of the 20 days, I couldn't even remember ones from when I first got there. Even when I looked at my pictures later,
I was was thinking..Ok, that's my hotel room, I see the girl sitting on the bed…I know we had sex…but I have absolutely no recall of what we did.( and half these sexploits took place during the day and I was totally sober!) Towards the
end of the 20 days, I would be walking down the street near Nana Plaza and girls would say hi to me and ask, hey how ya doin? Are you still at the same hotel? Then, it would dawn on me… Oh my God, I've been with this girl, and don't
even remember it. That happened twice to me. Wow, and I'm not even old and senile! That blew me away.

I have to admit though, I was having the time of my life. I know the girls are all basically "rentals". It's like cars. Some nights you rent a Ferrari and some nights you rent a basic car – but they all get you to where you're
going. Of course, some are more fun to drive, ha!

I've read all about Pattaya, and I know what's there, but if you can hang out in Bangkok and be with a constant stream of women, why relocate down there? All the "rental" places have the same product. Different city, different
girl, but the same outcome. <Pattaya is less expensive, a nicer environment, has more variety, the attitudes are better…Stick> I do love all the girls though and I treat them like queens. How would you like
to be in their place and deal with all the customers? What a way to make a living, huh? I remember, I'd take a girl out to eat at the Biergarten on soi 7 and all the guys around me would be checking her out. I could tell they were sizing
up my choice. I thought to myself, hey guys.. before you judge my taste in women, maybe you should know that this is just one of forty on this trip! I really don't give a crap about what they think really. There was one girl, I was with about
2 days. She had told me her name when we first met. I had forgotten her name, but I thought, well, I could ask her her name again, but does it really matter? She's playing the same game that I am. I'm just a short term rental also. I'm
not sure who was renting who. Was she using me? or was I using her? Gee… doesn't it really matter? I personally liked to spend each night alone sleeping and start the new day out alone. I was with one girl a day and a half, and when we
finally parted and said goodbye, it was like a weight had been lifted from me. Like I had just removed a ball and chain from my leg. ha! I feel sorry for some guys that hook up for the whole stay with just one girl. I guess it's all up to
what the guy wants. Some guys like driving the same car, while I like that new car experience. Each car handles a little differently. Not like the "cars" back home that are always breaking down. Ha! You keep putting money into them,
but they still give you problems. ha!

I have to say, I've enjoyed reading Stick's reader's submissions. I like hearing about other guys and what they are going through in Thailand. That Mr. Korski is a good intelligent writer. I've read a few submissions by
that guy named "Dana". I've only got one thing to say about him. He's way out there! Ha! Perhaps he should get his meds adjusted just a little bit! Ha! Does the room he spends nights in have padding on the walls? Ha! Just kidding.
He's fun to read. <He's original, consistently produces witty prose and frankly, is pure geniusStick> Speaking about "fun". Isn't that what we are all seeking in our lives as we get older?
Life is so full of things going wrong, and crap that happens, and friends dieing, etc. that is it no wonder we try to find some "fun" in life before we all get older, sick. unhealthy etc? Some guys like hunting. Some like fishing. Some
like motorcycles, and some guys like me, like nailing hot young beautiful Thai girls that make you feel like a king. My advice to all guys going over for sex. Just keep repeating to yourself, THIS IS NOT REALITY! It's something that you're
paying for. Sure, the girl may email you after you leave, but she's also emailing many of her other past customers. Some guys send money. I've done it. I don't anymore. It's just another way for the girls to extract more money
from the customers. Remember also, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! At least 95% of the time it is.

I've done research on the net, and it sounds like there are hookers everywhere. From everything I've read though, it sounds like Thailand is the top rated place. You really get great treatment from the ladies. That's why they
deserve to get treated well and paid well.

I've stayed at the Novotel in Siam Square which is my favorite place to stay. They have a disco downstairs, the CM2 disco. It's filled with girls each night by eleven o'clock. They seem to dress nicer and be a little bit more
"high end" They're usually about 2,500 to 3,000 baht. I've approached some Russian and Ukraine girls there, but they always ask for ridiculous prices. 5,000 baht? Are you insane? I've sat night after night in there and
I see guys approach them with the same reaction to the price. The thing I don't understand, is that they will sit night after night without leaving with anyone when they could just lower the prices and be busy all the time. Someone told me
the prices are set high by some Mafia types they work for? That may totally just be a rumor. Does anyone out there know? I think I may pay a high price for one next time just for the experience, but judging from their attitude, it may not be all
that fun. It's really not just the sex to me, but the way you get treated. The cool part about Thailand apart from the sex scene is that's it's so exotic, the food is great, the prices are cheap, and the people are warm and friendly.
I think I would love to visit with a gal from the States even without taking in the sex areas. (OK, maybe I might hold off on that for a while). Maybe when I'm older, about 105?

I know many books about Thailand and the sex scene etc. have been written. I'm really surprised that there has never been a movie made about it. There are so many heart breaking real life stories that go on over there daily. Stick's
site has thousands of stories that could be made into movies. Even Stick's life is a fascinating story. The recent movie, Bangkok Dangerous doesn't really depict Thailand correctly. That movie made Bangkok look like a very dark, seedy,
dangerous place. I find it to be quite the opposite.

Well, I'll continue to do the sex tourist thing for a while longer. The two groups that will always make money, are the girls and the condom companies. Perhaps I'll sit down today and write a letter to the Durex Condom Company.

Dear sirs:
I have used your condoms on my last three trips to Thailand. They have provided me with the most memorable, satisfying, pleasurable experiences of my life. I plan on returning to Thailand again in January 2010. I just have
one question for you. DO YOU SELL THEM IN BULK?

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Stickman's thoughts:

Where would you be without Thailand?

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