Stickman Readers' Submissions June 15th, 2009

Thai Wife and Thai Life

I read a submission the other day, by someone living here in Thailand, and he claimed to be from the Mississippi backwoods (this state is in the USA, on the gulf coast, part of the confederate states of America). I don't recall too many details of the article, but it sure got me to thinking about the backwoods of Louisiana where I spent the majority of my life, and why in the hell would a man leave such a paradise, travel 20,000 miles, and wind up in Thailand married to a Thai lady. I began to seriously ponder this question and thought I might share with the readers some of the results of this deep thinking.

It's been said in many articles written and submitted to this site, that most of the gents being escorted around the sois of this country, by a woman sometimes 20 to 30 years younger than they are, must be some sort of outcast from society. Men without any hope of finding and maintaining relationships with members of the opposite sex, back in their home country. They've been called insecure, losers, degenerates, and in general, just plain badmouthed.

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So, I got to wondering, "is that what I am?" in the backwoods of Louisiana. If you are a middle aged divorcee with a few extra pounds hanging around the waist, the pickings aren't too good when it comes to finding another soulmate. The prime candidate will have 1-5 children already. Have stretch marks from her waist to her neck, a gash between her legs that looks like she suffered a serious hit from a double-bit axe, and have a temper and disposition that would do a cobra snake justice. She would expect you to step-in and take care of her family, provide housing, put up with her children and treat them like they were from the bounty of your loins, all for some of that gash, when and if she decided you had been a good boy. I'm not a loser or a pervert. With choices like her available, what do you think happened to me the first time I walked into the Biergarten on soi 7, feeling a little randy? I damn near had a heart attack and fell dead in front of about 75 of some of the finest looking gal's I had ever seen. I had to sit down and get a grip. I begin to slowly absorb the reality of what I was seeing, and I was later told that my mouth was hanging open and that I was actually drooling, and my eyes looked like a couple of saucers. I looked over to my right and was astounded to see a girl of about 20, with long beautiful black, straight hair, gorgeous, killer body, (she could have easily made the centerfold of playboy magazine), giving me one of those smiles that only beautiful women know how to make. I think I may have blushed. Of course, my friend and escort knew the score, and I think he was getting a big kick out of my reaction, providing him with a different sort of entertainment. I'll never forget my 1st time, my 1st Thai girl, my first Thai hooker. The sight of that beautiful, naked lady, waiting for me in the hotel bed, will never be forgotten. Her smell, the lovemaking, the goodbye the next morning, all still fresh in my memory, even after 4 years, and a hundred more just like her.

I didn't have to stay in Thailand, or marry a Thai girl. I'm happy to say that my dick does have a brain and it's a pretty smart sob. Just think. I could be back in Louisiana, living with a woman with a rating of 1, on a scale of 10, or living in Thailand with my 10. The marriage wasn't easy the 1st year due to the cultural differences, but I was determined to give it my best shot. I tried to learn everything I could about her world, and at the same time teach her as much as I could about mine. Every year, we have grown more comfortable with each other, and right now is a happy time in my life. I know that she initially married me for financial security, but I knew that going in. In return, I have had 4 amazing years with a wonderful, sexy, ex-bargirl. You cannot put a price on that. It may be an illusion, but it is my reality. One day, when the house is paid for, the Thai step-son is out of college, and she has everything she wanted from this farang husband, she may decide to send me packing. I'm not worried, after all, my penis has that extraordinary brain, and I’m certain it will know what to do.

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