Stickman Readers' Submissions June 4th, 2009

My First Time in Thailand

"I am pretty much new to Stickman, but almost read every article dealing with situations such as the one I'm writing (One of them being naughty nightlife). I just can not seem to conclude the situation I'm in. I am in no way
here to brag about sleeping with a Thai lady. I have to put everything that has happened during my time in Thailand for you to understand.

I'm the typical new guy in Thailand, and probably everything I write here may be already foretold by you as you read it. But if you are able to withstand such rookieness, it would be helpful if you read all of it and understand a little

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I am 25 years old, not an old man, but you can say I'm pretty cautious. Before I even came to Thailand, I looked up a few things about Pattaya and Bangkok (obviously not enough), but I knew a little bit of the basic concept of it all.
It is a long story how I got to Thailand, so I'll get past that part and get straight to the point.

First stop was none other than Pattaya, surprisingly for some of you I suppose. Since the international airport is right there next to Bangkok. But I wanted to check out the beach, and of course I had heard about Walking Street.

Man (slang)! The view of the beach is just awesome when you get up on the high floor hotel patios. It felt unreal, like I was in a video game or something. A wide open sea, and everything. I guess I need to get out more but that is one view
I'll never forget.

Basically the plan was to go to Walking Street around evening 6 – 8 PM. As I walk down all the narrow crazy bright light soi streets and Walking Street itself, I went to a few bars, played pool, drank beer, got beat by the Thai ladies at
pool then go to the next one. The Thai ladies were very friendly of course.

Well after I had had a little bit of fun, I got dragged in the first gogo bar. Just to mention, I already got done telling everyone that I would not fall in love with a prostitute, you know. Of course, the typical bikinis, and some girls
with no tops. Good times. BEER CHANG!! I had been drinking it all day. Didn't like the taste at first but after a few heart burns, I was getting use to it.

I took a seat and watch ladies go crazy on the poles, some will look at me a little bit, some wouldn't look much at all, but there was one that kept staring at me the whole time. She was cute, nice tall Thai lady, nice legs and butt,
and was supposedly 22 years old at the time. I kept looking at her and she was always looking back.

Well basically it was time to leave the gogo bar, and I had the choice not to bring a chick with me. I was pretty frustrated if I should or not. I don't really buy prostitutes though, that's the problem, I don't really have
to, but I'm not gonna get to that point as then I will have to mention the long story of why I am in Thailand and have you all think I'm a cocky bastard. Basically Thailand is the first place I've been to, out of the States.

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But man, these were good looking Thai chicks, whether they're Isaan or whatever the hell they are, nothing like these chicks back in the States you know. Personally I think they put too much cream on their face just to be "white", makes
them look like clowns. I even told that to a couple of Thai chicks who knew a little bit of English, sorry if that offends anyone. But damn, I understand skin color is important there, I guess, but I only worry about putting that much make up
if I was an old lady. These are young chicks you know, just a little bit less on the face. I understand, too much dark skin looks ugly, but I like dark skin too. Be yourself!

Anyhow, basically ended up taking the Thai chick that kept staring at me while I was doing the same pretty much. She went to the back room and changed clothes, came back and leaned against me while she stared at her cell phone pressing buttons
on it. Later she tells me "I said hello you, but you no say hello!" I didn't hear shit, but there was loud music. I was thinking maybe she was texting her other dudes, her saying that she's with a customer right now telling
them to wait their turn "bitches". Haha. Is it the man that's the pimp, or the prostitute?

So we walk out, she grabbed my hand and wanted to hold hands. We end up taking a motorbike, and headed to a restaurant, ate some food. She was trying to feed me food, she knew only little English (supposedly, not quite sure). We talked a
little bit, ate food, went to a couple of her friends' bars, drank more beer, she was hugging all over me, that's not a problem but when I was looking at her friends behind the counter, and them talking to each other in Thai, it seems
to me either she was acting like she owns me, or maybe something else.

So we ended up going back to the hotel. She was the only shouldering me haha, basically we go to the hotel, she takes me to the shower, and showers me, balls and everything, and she kinda booms booms like a novice. Like a regular woman would.
I was like hmmm. She stayed over night, and I ended up staying with her the next day too and we checked out Muay Thai, I rented a wave runner, drank more beer, and more boom boom that night. So time to check out Bangkok.

I suppose I became attached to her a little bit, and I really didn't want to hunt down more right away, really wasn't that type of person, even though I don't admit I am. So I ended up bringing her with me and just to add this,
one of my friends brought his girl too, from the same bar, yes I was with some of my friends this whole time. Eventually the Thai girl I'm with, got my number, and I got hers.

So we took a taxi to Bangkok. I forget what happened but we were ignoring each other a little bit, and we stopped to eat, and she was ignoring me the whole time, until we got to the hotel in Bangkok. Then we boom boom you know, and cuddle
and all this BS I guess.

We didn't have a way of socializing with each other completely, and I was not treating her like I would a girlfriend or something. What does she expect. Hum yai <Translation = big cockStick>
is her only boyfriend during our time together. There were a few incidents where she would walk with her friend and ignore me and everyone else, I have no clue why, but it wasn't like we were together, but I was paying her, she wants to go
back, start walking! We ate and had a fun time at a few bars. Same thing when we got back to the hotel. She was good, business is business.

The times we are in bed, she's pretty cool, but that's pretty obvious in itself. Then she tries to act solo outside, like she's advertising her body for more customers or something. No biggy. I get the hint.

So I finally let her go. I head up to Chiang Mai, and send her ass to Pattaya. Yeah I was sad. She didn't show no emotions it seemed. When I was in Chiang Mai, had few good times, shoot some guns, drive the dune buggies, and check out
the small area of bars. Then around 5:00pm, 12:00am, 1:00am she calls me saying she misses me, loves me this and that. She says she hasn't worked a few days, yeah. Of course I fell into the trap for a bit. I'll admit.

So before I leave Thailand, the last two days I spent at Bangkok. I made her meet me at the airport and we went back to a hotel and got along a lot better. She seemed to be a lot cooler now her friend wasn't there. I hooked her up with
her taxi back as she insisted on coming to the airport with me. I was like ok, so as we are going to the airport, I did not say anything to her at all. She's a bar girl, a prostitute, I do not want to be affiliated with one. <Too late!!!Stick> She says "Why u no say me?", kisses me, hugs me.

When we got to the airport, I made it clean and clear, I said "I had a fun time, take care". I got out the car and was about to shut the door and she gave me a damn puppy-eyed surprised look trying to come out the door. My dumb
ass didn't shut the door, so I said "Ok you want to come with me, up to you".

She says "Ok, I come with you".

She got out of the taxi and I noticed her eyes had tears in them but damn man. I didn't pay too much attention to her at the airport. She kept following me everywhere I go, so we found a place to sit and she hugged me, and was rubbing my crotch area
a little bit. I was like damn, this is an airport, chill out. So I dismissed her. She doesn't want to go. I said "You like me?".

She whispers in my ear "I like you" and smiles.

I say "Why you have to whisper in my ear, don't want other man hear you huh?"

She doesn't understand I guess.

So I told her I'd call her when I get back to the States. I did, and we have been talking for 4 months. She says she loves me so much, and yadda yadda. I mean either she's being real honest, because of the way she says it, or Thai
ladies are very deceiving, persuasive. She wants to talk everyday. Everything is ok, but there's really nothing there for me to be happy about. She is comfortable with the bar, she has friends from the bar, all the symptoms already. She says
she only worked the bar 20 days before we met. And she lied she was 22 years old when she was 21. <This could be the Thai way of stating their age that they will be this year i.e. if they turn 22 later in the year then they state their age as 22, when in fact they are still just 21Stick> She has a supposedly "young brother" that stays in the room with her, I hear him come home and have a harsh tone and she says nothing for a little bit, then she says "I want sleep now, I call you when
I wake up ok". I said ok a couple of times, then a coupla times I prolong the call when her young brother comes home, making her stay on the phone. She would start moaning a little bit, I didn't say nothing cause I didn't hear anyone
else. There would be times where I hear thumping, and she's quiet for awhile, or moaning, but one time I got pissed. I heard a moan and didn't think anything about it, then I said "what you do?" she says "Moan…smooch…what?"
I didn't say simply goodbye. But yeah I ended it, she called me back -2 hours later- like nothing happened. She hasn't done that since then. I got shown pictures of her family and brother and this and that. They do look alike but the
time difference on the pictures before and now of her brother are kinda hard to compare. I hear they say their Thai boyfriend is their brother at times to deceive you. She says that she does not boom boom man, she hasn't had a Thai boyfriend
in 2 years. Loves 1 man (me) etc. Says I'm crazy and I hear noises, when they're quite distinct without any other noises in the room. But I don't hear a second person, although her brother is supposedly there "asleep".
Could possibly be phone noises, but her moaning, to be on the good side about it, she's very sleepy? Haha.

Anyway, she picked up English pretty well the past 4 months. I haven't sent her money at all, but she always somehow pays for SIM cards. She calls me everyday, her SIM cards used to last the call 40 minutes, then it went to 20 minutes,
then to 13 minutes, now 8 minutes. Kinda strange, don't ya think. We always talk before and after she goes to work.

Also there will be times where she'll be late on everything she does. Or makes up some story.

So I really put her to the test. I said if you love me, and you want a good honest life, I want you to look for other work, something besides bars. She said ok, she said she's gonna be working the shopping mall at the 21st day, and she'll
work the bar for only 20 days. Just to be a dick, I made her call me every 1 min of every hour she works the bar hahaha. So her schedule, went from 8pm till past midnight. Then we'd talk a long time when she got to her room.

But three days before she finished bar work, she end up quitting it. I don't know why but she showed she didn't work it. I also hear bar ladies can come and go as they please? Meaning they don't really quit? Not sure on that.

The day she's supposed to work the shopping mall, she said the lady was supposed to call her, and she talked to her saying there wasn't any open spots, so she went to a few other places and nothing happened, so she wanted to work
as a cashier at a friend bar in one of the soi streets. I was like, well you're back at the bar, good for you. I understand the unemployment is bad in Thailand. So I said ok, you work cashier until you find something else. Supposedly now
she's gonna work at a restaurant. She gives me the phone number to contact them too. She doesn't start there until a couple of days now.

Well we had a little argument again today, and now she wants to work back at dancing the gogo bar. She says, "Do not worry, I no have other man, no look other man, me only work. Lady have 2 options she can say to mama-san. 1- Look man,
or 2- Work (Dance)".

Not quite sure on if I should believe her, maybe she's wanting compensation for loss of bar work, maybe she has a few customers lined up between times. Maybe because I haven't helped her out that she wants to work the bar again.
I think maybe she has a Thai boyfriend in her room.

I am not sure at all. Why do I waste my time investigating something I do not see with my own eyes. I already know these things, but somehow I ended up like every other guy. Thailand is a very bad drug if you go to the wrong places. But if
you can get over it, you can really have a great time there. Also there is a lot of cool stuff there besides prostitution.

Well the question, what should I do about this Thai girl? And be cool about it if you can, I just want straight up honesty. No hate. It might be what I already know, but anything can help at this point. Thanks for your time."

Stickman's thoughts:

With all of the info on this site about the perils of relationships with bargirls, and the underlying attitude that you are too good for a bargirl, I don't really get what you are asking.

My advice for you is to go back and read some of Marc Holt's submissions on the dangers of relationships with bargirls and also his pieces on how to meet a good girl.

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