Stickman Readers' Submissions June 22nd, 2009

Different Again

Ok, third long time deal in 7 years here in LOS… The first was in Patong as it seemed classier…

Then, the big leagues, Pattaya.

He Clinic Bangkok

I'm figuring out what we tell them to make them strategize to appear different…

For starters, maybe it's healthy to accept the fact we have wishful thinking and there really is no fool like an old fool… And that we will tell the girls what made us give up the last one so they can appear to not be similar. Adaptability
from 3rd graders is astonishing…

And we are looking for love in all the wrong places, hookers have a ceiling of emotions they conform to regardless of how good the sex was or how much you'll pay… They are always only rentable, there is no rent to own plan.

CBD bangkok

It was February 2007 and at the time a gogo which was the hot story in Pattaya. Maybe its first Jacuzzi bar and packed every night. I spied her looking like a thoroughbred yet humble… I couldn't get an indication from her, but came
back 3 more times until she danced up and got friendly… Oh boy, was I excited! I barfined immediately and off we went… I was charged up after watching "The Lover" and thought my technique was improved. I overpaid and took her back
to the bar after the short time. She wouldn't leave. I said, there is no more money and she said it was OK. She was with me for the night. She could speak very little English and had the waitress tell me I was good and she wanted more and
wouldn't charge… Wow, having been here since 2002, this had never happened…

Wary, I said ok as a regular ritual, you can come around after you finish with customers at night but I want you to keep working… And so it started… She 19, me 60. I proceeded to pay for a variety of English tutoring methods and struggles
to get her to do more than play video games on the Motorola I bought her. She had had such a cheap phone I figured she wasn't such a hardcore seasoned pro.

Sold a condo and took her off to Hong Kong which really thrilled her and me, then came Siem Reap.

After a while, we cannot take their continual presence. Does it have something to do with them eating for free? Loud Thai music and using your computer for hours to play games?

wonderland clinic

Ah the joy of reminding them 5 times they are cleaning the house and to get back to work.

All my wise council at Starbucks thought she was really a cheerful great girl. I got softer…

To come down to Jomtien after the bars closed at 3 AM, I thought buying her a motorbike would help protect her from the muggers / taxi drivers who beat good looking hookers late at night as they figure there's 3K or more there.

All along I was paying for a soon to be finished condo on beach road, high floor ocean view, maybe I was using that as bait?

When it was finished she helped communicate with the Thai contractor as the promised translator split after getting her cut of the finders fee… Amazing Thailand? So, off we go and the ex star gogo girl who left home at 11 tired from fleeing
yabaed daddy and his ass beatings and rapes is staying full time and helping with the renovation…

By the time the renovation is finished I am fed up with the noise and constant eating and lack of opportunity for variety I seem to require. On the subject, is it our fault or the partner we are with? <Neither, you're simply not compatible for anything beyond the short-termStick> Or is there even a blame to be laid? But, one has to think if the sex was good enough at home…

I begin the eviction process, anxious to dangle this nice pad in front of hotties to get their greed element going and a better performance for yours truly… Get the girl the first of 5 apartments over the next 15 months… and have the
battles at the door as she makes assaults at trying to get back in… Including my personal favorite in which she OD'd on some sleeping pills and I heard a feint scratching at the door. Opened it to find her unconscious in the hall and barely
breathing… I fetch the Thai security guards (it's daytime, so they aren't drunk yet). We pack in her my 25 year old Mercedes / Toyota and drive her across and down the street to Pattaya Memorial and I pay those guys to take her in
as I know the bill will double if I do. Although it's two hundred meters north of here, one-way Second Road requires going to Klang, then up to Buakhao and on back via Soi Diana, normally a 10 minute affair but this was the 19th of April
and thousands of insane drunken Thais going nuts for Songkran and it took over an hour to get home. Anyway, the lady downstairs said she would go take her to her apartment and the hospital only wanted 9 thousand baht. I called my attorney who
confirmed it was 5,300. So I offered her a thousand profit and to give the girl 1000. She pocketed the 2k and dropped her off at the apartment with nothing…

Then the fights at my door followed by my fleeing to the police stand at Pattaya Klang and Second Road. Her telling the police one thing while they eye me warily and me telling the cops my side and them saying they believe me and asked if
I'd like to put her in jail for the night for 500 baht and they would test for yaba… I backed down and she fled only to park her bike down the street and make a matrylike walk up Klang in the center lane for dramatic effect so
corny I had to laugh as I rode by…

Since then a few dramatic kicks at the door and stalkings to Bangkok… When you go off to Bangkok and come back Sunday, get on the bus, then see a hooded figure go by you and you turn to look at it's her? I asked "What are you
doing this for' and she informed the bus that I was not important and that she just happened to be in Bangkok.

Next, we had found her one of those time share soliciting jobs. (Excuse sir, you speak English?) and she was doing well and away from the bars. Until 3 months ago… No job held longer than 3 months.

Up till this past week when she decided a little self mutilation would do the trick. She trimmed her hanging bubble gum from the vagina with a straight razor and SMSed me the photo. Does this sound like a forced rescue attempt or simply a
person to be feared who is capable of any kind of violence?

I sent her the doc's phone number and informed her she could use the health insurance I bought her and get this fixed.. No, I am not running over for the rescue.

Since I did not come charging up on my white steed, it has been determined I am cold and that the other suitors would be better… Can there be better news?

Now after several nasty audio messages on the phone guess who bought her (the 8th?). Did I mention the two quality cameras that I gave her and someone stole from her? (Could it be a pawn shop and money for mama?) There is a good multi-day
quiet indicating what we all learn to recognize with these hookers. I've been replaced… Thank the boss on high…

Why did the police let me off? I like to think it is because they know what's going on here and how could a stunning 165 CM 40 kg girl love a 63-year old bald 98 kg man? But I think the police decided which one could most likely enrich

Survived yet another one. Like Mr. Stickman says, we'll hear from you again…

So if they say no money is being sent to their families and they only get this wet with you and can they "borrow your money", what do you do…?

If you want more, you stay…

Hang on to your money boys…

Stickman's thoughts:

She sounds like a nightmare.

What would concern me was the dreadful security in your apartment building. No-one should be able to just waltz in and knock on your door like she did without being challenged and permission given by the person she intended to see.

nana plaza