Stickman Readers' Submissions May 6th, 2009

My Tenth Time

Hello and greetings from Istanbul, Turkey!

I visited the city of angels for the tenth time this year between April 10 and 19. My intention was to live through the experience of Songkran one more time and feel the great atmosphere throughout the city. On the other hand I was planning to meet my girlfriend who works in Samui Island in a beauty saloon. We agreed to meet on 11th on which she was already planning to visit her family back in Korat. So on 11th she would fly to Bangkok, stay with me 2 days and off she goes to visit her family in Isaan for Songkran.

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So on 10th of April I was alone like in my old days so for a night's visit. I surely would do lots of things to have lots of fun because I has been waiting this for 6 months. So the first thing did was take a taxi to Patpong from my hotel at Sukhumvit soi 6. So off I was to Parkbridge at Patpong 2 but since the time was 21:00 there was nobody there and rather disappointed, I asked the ladies downstairs where I should go. I decided to head for RCA. So I took a taxi but the driver, a bit of a dummy, took me to Royal City Hotel rather to royal city avenue. . . I paid him 300 baht and was finally in route 66 enjoying my time with ladies of the night.

Since I had a girl coming for me the next day I thought it would be unwise to take a lady to the hotel room so I drank and drank. . I hadn’t been in BKK for 6 months and really missed the atmosphere. . So RCA wasn’t enough for me. I had to do more. So I decided to go Gulliver’s in Sukhumvit soi 5 and maybe I would go to the Biergarten in soi 7 and then maybe I would go to Thermae and see some freelancers there.

So I took a taxi once again and headed for Sukhumvit where it all started. It was 1 AM and I was really drunk. I saw my hotel, Sofitel in soi 6, in the taxi and decided to headback to the hotel because my head was really spinning. So I left the taxi right where the stairs to Nana BTS station started. I jumped from the taxi and I saw an old lady begging and her little baby and next to them was a super sexy girl sitting on the ground. In an instant I was looking at how beautiful she was and our eyes met. She suddenly stands up and literally jumped on me!! I mean she was holding my hands arms, ass and feet. . Her hands were on me. She wasn’t kissing, just pushing and pulling me back and forth. Then afterwards she started to climb the stairs and off she was gone.

I looked at the beggar on the ground from the stairs and she was pointing at my pants and shouting at me ''pickpocket, pickpocket''. In an instant I put my hand on my ass and my wallet was gone!!! I couldn’t understand. But I could see the girl on the BTS platform there looking at me. I then ran to her, reached her and started searching her but there was no wallet because all she was wearing was a little short and a bikini type of cover over her chest. I thought she took my wallet and threw it on the ground and waited for me to go away. So I began searching but could not find the wallet.

So what I could do? I was in panic because I really had a lot of things in that wallet!!! So there was one choice to: to take the lady to the police station. So I quickly climbed the stairs and headed for the lady before she was gone. I kicked her ass -literally- and put my arm on her little head and I bent her down and took a taxi downstairs and took her to Nana police station <Do you mean the police at the traffic control box on the corner?Stick> 100 metres away. In the taxi she was shouting, scratching my arms and strangling me but it was useless for her. So when the police at Nana station saw us he took us inside and they were speaking Thai and I couldn’t understand what was going on. All I heard was katoey, ladyboy, something like that so I realized I was fighting with a ladyboy. So the police took us to the Lumpini police station and my wallet turned out to be inside HIS underwear on top of his dick! The police treated me very well. They kicked and shouted at the ladyboy. It was 2 AM and I was thinking they would give my wallet back and I return back my hotel. But no. They wanted the ladyboy to get a big punishment because he was doing the same things to other farang and stealing their money and I could be an old farang and just let him go. So off we go to the back of the station where I think the chief police stays. There I could see the chief police. There were meth cassettes (since I am a pharmacist I could understand what that means) about 200 boxes of them from bottom to top. I think the police are very harsh about methamphetamine ''ecstasy'' usage in Bangkok. Then a translator came at about 3:30 AM. She was really sexy she was bending on me smiling holding my arms. She says she will go to her friend’s house afterwards maybe I could join her!!!! I signed many documents and at last the sexy translator told me that the ladyboy be in jail for 4 years!!! I said since I got my wallet back I don’t want him in prison but she said the rules are like that. Ok what can I say? I was back in my hotel at 6:30 and slept 12 hours and met my girlfriend the next day.

Stickman's thoughts:

Let's hope that ladyboy is no longer on Sukhumvit. Over the last few months they have become a major pain.

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