Stickman Readers' Submissions May 7th, 2009

MD Girls Are Just Like Western Girls

Read Christopher's piece which was a reaction to the piece a certain MD girl put up. For the people who did not read it: MD girl is an upper middle class
girl (to many Thais she would be considered absolutely high class). According to Christopher she would only date Western guys who have a high education and have connections in the upper circles of Bangkok society. She would even date a guy who
is in his 40’s provided he has the connections and the wealth associated with the high class.

This might be true for a very small minority of the “MD girls” but I’m confident that 99.9% of the girls in her class (and with her looks) could care less if a Western guy meets those requirements. I have been living
in Bangkok for the most part since 1993 and have seen it change 100%.

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When I first came as a youngster it was next to impossible for a Western guy to meet hi class girls. Even the lower middle class girls were hard to come by – at least for me. I’ve had over 100 dates being set up by my very respectable
male Thai co-workers who really wanted me to find a nice girlfriend, but these dates all went nowhere because the girls were not interested, not keen, scared, afraid of public opinion etc. if they would go with me. Probably they simply didn’t
like the look of me but they would of course rather die than admit that to me.

Anyway, as time progressed things changed and more and more “MD girls” started to get interested in dating Western guys. Nowadays EVERY girl in Bangkok is potentially interested in Western guys. I have no doubt whatsoever that
there is not one girl in Bangkok who would not consider a Western boyfriend or husband.

Thai girls are very class conscious with Thai guys. Especially high or higher middle class Thai girls would almost never date below their class when they date Thai guys. This has been discussed about 20,000 times on this website and it is
true. With western guys things are very different. When a Thai girl dates a Western guy the whole class thing sort of falls away. Thai girls don’t think “I don’t want to date this or that Western guy because he is below my
class”. This is partly because they don’t have a reference point when determining the social class of Westerners, simply because western guys are not Thais.

You can for instance tell you (if you are British) that you are related to the British royal house and they would not doubt you. How can they tell? They don’t know if you are lying or not. Western people are seen as and treated quite
alike by Thais. It is as if we (more or less) belong to the same class (farang people). Of course if you are wealthy, have a nice house and a great job and many connections in Bangkok you will get exposed to high class people and it becomes easier
to meet hi-so Thais because you move around in their circles.

But that does not mean that a 26 year old guy from Blighty who’s never been to Uni and who teaches English in Bangkok and makes 30,000 THB per month and who lives in a 5,000 THB apartment off Sukhumvit is unable to meet and date an
“MD girl”. In reality it is extremely simple for him to find and meet and date and bed 100 “MD girls” each year.

All it takes for him is some Thai skills, good looks, nice, funny and outgoing personality and knowledge of how to treat Thai girls. If he knows where he can find the MD girls (and believe me all the young dudes who work and live in Bangkok
do) he will have a hard time NOT finding a hi-so gorgeous young Thai girl every week.

Over the years I have known literally hundreds of young Western guys coming to Bangkok, from their first feeble steps till the time they were completely at ease there. The pattern is always the same. In the beginning most of them are quite
unsure because they do not know where to go. In the first couple of months many will start out in the tourist area’s and places like Nana Plaza. After a short while they will start to explore the city a bit and when they get friends who
have been there longer they will start frequenting these places less and less while more and more moving to the places where the better segment of BKK people go. They will also learn to interact with the respectable Thais and before long they
have discovered that it is much more fun (and a lot cheaper and better for the ego) to try and get the Chinese-Thai girls, the Chula girls, the girls that go to high class nightclubs and upscale shopping malls because they have lots of cash to

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Once they have been in Bangkok for about a year they will only go to Soi Cowboy or Nana maybe once a month and only for a drink with their mates and never to barfine a girl. They will look at the bargirls, coyote girls and gogo girls and
think “My god how could I ever have found these girls attractive”. “When I compare them with the girls I’m dating now they look like Aboriginals from Aussie”. “The girls I get now are 200 times more sexy
and 300 times prettier and they are for free“.

The MD girls are just like Western girls in the sense that these girls will only date guys that they find attractive. They will NOT date a guy in his 40’s no matter what connections that guy has, no matter if he owns a castle, no matter
if he has a 600,000 THB per month job. If they do they are just gold diggers and not really sincere. “MD girls” who date those guys are nothing more than Hi-so hookers who just date these guys for the money. The real “MD girl”
will only date a Western guy she finds young and attractive enough to be with just like any Western girl would

Stickman's thoughts:

I agree that the general population of Thai women are generally more open-minded to Western guys now than they were a decade ago although I do see hints that it may be starting to go back the other way – and I would moot that this is because there has been a deluge of deadbeat foreigners moving to Thailand in recent times.

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