Stickman Readers' Submissions May 6th, 2009

Little Things I’ve Learned About Thailand

Ok, I'm not claiming to be the the guy in the photo, but I think I know what the guy may be thinking. He's thinking… Boy, I sure miss those thin girls in Thailand! ha! Either that,
or he's thinking… next time I'll get on top! My apologies to Stick's readers who are probably dreaming about some lovely Thai girl, and I have to view this picture. It's like
"anti- Viagra" just to look at it. Maybe it'll cheer up some of those guys who are having a hard time with their Thai "bargirl" girlfriends. At least they are not the guy in the picture!

I've only been to Thailand three times now. I'm hardly an expert on Thailand. Not even close. I remember my first visit to Bangkok. I got to my hotel at 11:30 p.m. I took a shower and went downstairs to the hotel disco, which happened to be one of the hottest discos in all of Bangkok. I walked into the place and into a sea of beautiful women. At the time, I had no idea that 99% of them were hookers. I asked the first hot one next to me to dance. I wasn't sure if she was a working girl or not. I asked her if she wanted to come up to my room, she smiled and said yes, for 3000 baht. I thought that was a little high, so I offered 2500 baht. She said 2800 and you have a deal. Wow. I've never paid for sex in my life. I've had a ton of girlfriends through the years. Anyway, she turns out to be a 22 year old Russian girl. Just a hottie with a killer body. What a great experience. It took me a whole 30 minutes from arriving to my hotel, to finding myself making out in my hotel room shower with this babe. Yes, it's been said before….Welcome to Bangkok!

mens clinic bangkok

An attorney I met on the flight over met me the next day and took me to the go-go bars in Patpong. It was great, but I've since learned that I much prefer Nana Plaza and my favorite, Soi Cowboy. I'd suggest steering clear of Patpong. Too many touts hassling you. Many bars rip you off. Not a comfortable place to hang out.

The soapy massages are fun for the first few times. I'd much rather get right down to the sex part and skip the hand soaping and the bath. I've never had a bad experience at the soapy massage places though. The last time was funny. The girl soaped me up and proceeded to slide up and down on my body. She had shaved her crotch area recently and it had grown out a little. As she slid up and down on me, her body felt as smooth as silk, but when her crotch area slid over me, it was like being scraped with steel wool! Ouch! It seemed funny at the time. If any of you are new Stickman readers and you haven't tried the soapy massage places, you've got to experience it. My favorite are J-Wan and Cupidy massage. The time to go is about 7:30 PM. That's when you'll get your best selection of girls. Show up earlier in the day, and there'll be only a few to choose from around 2500 baht. A great experience.

I was told by some guy on my first visit, that all the girls in Thailand love westerners and want to hook up with them. I've since learned that that is hardly true. Just because the girls in the sex areas are friendly and available, doesn't mean that every young girl in Thailand wants to be with you. They are great to look at though. I was so excited about Thai girls on my first trip, I thought that I'd eventually hook up with one and bring her back to the U.S. Luckily for me, I happened onto Stick's site and soon learned that it's not quite that easy. The culture differences are huge which makes it hard for both parties. If I did get a Thai girlfriend, I would stay in Thailand and try to make it work there. I like to visit Thailand, but to live there full time? I don't think I could do it. There are so many good things the U.S. has to offer. I think some guys are so happy to be with a beautiful girl half their age, that the common sense goes out the window. I feel the same way when I'm with them, but I realize it's all an illusion. They are really with you because of your money, first and foremost. Is it really any different back home in the U.S.? Would hot young women want to date you if you were a janitor or worked at McDonalds? I highly doubt it. Money always plays some part in a relationship, but in Asia it's very important part of the equation. It's a blow to a guys ego when he realizes that a big part of the reason their Thai girl is with them is because of their money. I've been to Thailand 3 times now, and I feel like I'm a seasoned sex
tourist. I can't believe I'm referring to myself as a sex tourist, but when you fly all those miles to Thailand and your main purpose is for sex, I guess you're officially a sex tourist. I also got many books about Thailand, the
culture differences and the sex scene and read all of them. You know, there are thousands of girls to be with in Thailand. Realistically, I can only be with one or two a day. There are thousands of places to meet up with them. Every one has their
own favorite place to meet them. I like hanging out in the Soi 4, the Nana Plaza area. Things get rolling at Nana Plaza about 7:30 PM. It's fun to sit in one of the two bars at the entrance and watch the girls all roll into the plaza for
work. It's like watching a menu of beauties parade by you. It's also fun to figure out which ones are ladyboys. (not too difficult, but some can still fool me)

I really think the safest thing to do is tell yourself before you go, that you are NOT going to get hung up on any one bargirl. I think being a butterfly and being with different ones is the way to go. I'd even suggest not spending the entire night with them. That may be hard to do at times. You end up spending less money on them, and still have a fantastic time. For you guys that go to the sex areas and think you are going to find romance and a girlfriend or wife should think otherwise! You're asking for many problems! Just read some of stick's reader's submissions. I suggest switching girls. Rent to own. Catch and release, whatever you want to call it. Enjoy the variety that's offered. Try a different girl each day! The girls can all be addicting. You should realize that sex that is this readily available can become an addiction just like alcohol and drugs. Your "small brain" will soon take over in Thailand. The small brain gets most of the blood flow, which causes the large brain to not function properly. Your judgement can become cloudy. Just tell yourself on the plane ride over when your main brain is still functioning, I WILL NOT GET HUNG UP ON A BARGIRL! You can exchange emails with the girls, but remember, they are probably emailing several men at a time including yourself, so just realize that up front. By all means, DON'T SEND ANY MONEY TO THEM! It's part of being a good bargirl. You get the customer to pay you for sex, then send you money after he leaves. Don't do it! Don't be a fool! Many men have learned the hard way.

As much as I love the Thai people, the food and the culture, would I still be making return visits to Thailand if it wasn't for the sex? I kind of doubt it. I used to scuba dive in Thailand which is fantastic, but now that I'm addicted to the sex over there, I can't even go diving for 3 days, because I would miss being with 6 women in those same 3 days. Guess that shows how addicted I've become. Hey, I still contend that if you use a condom, it's safer than smoking cigarettes.

I am actually glad business has slowed down here in the U.S. for me. If I had as much cash as I did in previous years, I'd be going to Thailand 3 or 4 times a year. Because of the cash crunch, I only go twice a year. Let's see… two trips, for 20 days each. 40 women during each trip. That's 80 women a year, and I'm 56 years old. Wow! Some guys work out on a tread mill. Screw that! I just get my exercise with go-go girls during my trips. I'm sure it's good for my heart. I wonder if I can get a prescription from my doctor and write off the trip as a medical expense? Perhaps I could be a company rep with a condom company and write off the trip as product testing?

Bangkok is the only trip I can take for 20 days and pack 50 condoms, and actually ask myself… I wonder if I packed enough condoms? ha! Its true!

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I've got three great businesses in mind for Bangkok:

1. Set up condom vending machines in all the hot sex areas.

2. Sell sexual lubricates in vending machines in all the hot sex areas

3. Open a chain of "Brazilian Bikini Wax" places for all the bargirls.

3 million sex workers, times a wax every two weeks, times 300 baht for each bikini wax… well, you do the math. I'll be rich in no time! I wonder if the girls would do trade outs??? ha!

I liked the guy in one of Stick's submissions who said he was just going to strap an ATM onto his back when arriving in Bangkok, so it would save him all the trips to retrieve cash. HA!

I also realize how going to Thailand for many men can ruin marriages, cause havoc within families, and cause them to spend money they don't have. For single guys it can be heaven on earth. Having all those beauties while you're there can make it hard to go back to reality and western women and their bad attitudes towards men.

Hey there's a downside to everything thing in life. There is also a price we all pay for every decision we make in our life. That's just the way it is, and always will be…

Here's two shows that you must see when visiting Bangkok:

1. The lesbian show at Shebas in Soi Cowboy. It's at 10 PM each night. I can sum it up in three words: OH MY GOD! It's very tastefully done, with choreography, music and special lighting. It's
beyond description. One of the most sexual, erotic things I've ever witnessed. The girls in the show are all beautiful! Are they really all licking each other, etc? Yep. You got it. Only in Bangkok!

2. The show at Angelwitch in Nana Plaza. Also at 10p.m. It's must see also.

I've heard from Stick that The Tilac bar in Soi Cowboy is great, so that's on my list next time also.

Hope you get to enjoy the fun and the ladies in the sex areas of Thailand, at least once in your life before you die. And don't forget to always wear a condom! Other than that bit of advise, enjoy!!

Stickman's thoughts:

You REALLY love Thailand!

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