Stickman Readers' Submissions May 2nd, 2009

Flip vs. Thai Wives

After writing E. for two years, getting her name from my Filipina sister-in-law, I flew to Manila. She and about 12 of her relatives were waiting to greet me. Never being around so many Filipinas, they looked strange, and the men looked like
bulldogs. But E., her Asian eyes looking at me, was a sexy package. Later, I could put one hand around her whole bottom. On arriving, she would not kiss me, her Asian reserve kicking in. But before the night moon, in our hotel room, she was without
reserve, Before I left Los Angeles, my friends said, whatever you do, don't marry her. Get to know her. Of course, I agreed with them.

Within a week of landing we were married. I had a great wedding, civil, where people she knew danced in the streets, and food and drink for many. For 700 hundred bucks.

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During the ceremony, the mayor did say something about giving to the community. And probably he meant giving money to all the people of the community. And they do ask. In fact, the car that picked me up, and delivered all the relatives to
the airport, was paid for, by ME, after their asking. A guest from America is expected to pay, and pay.

But no dowry.

When I got her to America she adjusted well, though she spent a lot of time on the phone to Philippines a lot.

Our first trip was to Bangkok. LA to BKK with a stopover at that modern Japanese airport on a manmade island. Japan Airlines has a thing for cleanness of bathrooms, which was fine by me. In the airport restroom they had all these thousand
dollar urinals and toilets. After the stopover we got on Thai Airlines. I loved the free alcohol and stuff, though I was seated by the curtain where the stewardesses went. I saw thru the curtain once where the Thai stewardess took a bottle of
wine she had previously served, and guzzled it down for herself. Most of the people in Thailand thought my wife was Thai. I enjoyed their talking to her and her, after awhile, since it was easier, just shook her head like she understood when spoken
too. Most of the time the Thai people didn't realize she didn't know the language. One benefit of her appearing Thai was me paying less for the ticket at the zoo than my ticket. Once we found this nice cheap place to stay. In the morning
we went to leave and the door was locked with a chain and we were the only ones in the whole place. And couldn't get out.

Another time, near Phuket, we were staying on an island off Krabi, and we got on one of those small buses to take us off the island. The driver was obviously Muslim. I was a little spooked because we were the only ones on the bus. All the
other times we were on buses they were packed.

Anyway, after a few miles, on an empty highway in a forest, the driver abruptly stopped. When he did I noticed masking tape on the floor in front of us. I was thinking maybe kidnapping. The driver got out and some people arrived from out
of the trees. I was scared. I immediately jumped out, thinking maybe run. The people from the trees freaked and started shouting. I could not understand them. But did not see weapons. It turned out they stopped in the middle of the road to get
another driver to take over.

Filipinas are somewhat conservative and take pride in their being women, and doing women things. In my wife's Barangay village the women don't smoke, drive, and sit in the back of a vehicle. Filipinas compare themselves to each
other a lot. They love status symbols like Coach bags. And of course, money is a big topic of conversation, always.

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I have read Stickman for a couple years and it seems to me marrying a Filipina is less complicated than most Thais. They are very, very committed to a marriage. My wife calls me husband, not even my first name.

They are very pretty, most of the women, when they are young. Such cute little packages. When they age, they seem to do so very quickly. Prostitution is high in the Filipinas, but I would suggest there are so many non-rostitute women wanting
to marry foreigners, it would be easy to find good ones. The actual country to me, in a tourist way, is a dump, compared to the beauty of Thailand. But the women, the ladies, are very nice scenery indeed. So I am happy with my Filipina. With those
getting tired of Thailand, it might be worth a trip to the Philippines.

I have been married to a flip seven years. And I have taken her to Thailand. I would say the fun times are in BKK, but as far as wife marriage material goes, it is better in Philippines. They have an abundance of small silken ladies with their sexy eyes
looking for a serious marriage partner with a goal of living in America. Thais seem to want to stay in their homeland.

Flips have these cultural rules: like marriage is until death: they won't leave for money to another. So I say have fun in Thailand, and marry a Flip. My wife is my closest chickt one and the love grows. Thailand can be a paradise. Philippines
can be a meeting grove where the final lady stays with you.

Stickman's thoughts:

Many, many people claim that ladies from the Philippines make better wives than the Thais… Still waiting for the ultimate submission comparing the two.

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