Stickman Readers' Submissions May 1st, 2009


I am horrified that Anonymouse claims to have met me a couple of times. I cannot imagine having anything to do with a man (perhaps mouse would be a better term) who sneers at the whole world like him. I have my suspicions about his identity, as I did meet someone who was very much like the picture he has painted of himself.

Oh? He is probably saying. He didn’t tell us anything about himself. But you did Anonymouse. Everything you said painted a very clear picture of the small minded, vain, proud, boastful, insufferable social snob that you are.

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You are not married? Jeez. I wonder why? With an attitude like yours I’m surprised you can even put up with yourself, let alone anyone else. You sneer, point the finger, talk down your obviously very long nose, and you showed us exactly what sort of person you are.

Add on top of that description the fact that you are an abject coward who doesn’t have the guts to take responsibility for your nastiness by using your name. A pusillanimous performance indeed.

And what is worse, you can’t even spell my name correctly. It’s Marc with a ‘c’, asshole.

You have lived in Thailand 30 years. So have I. Unfortunately, in all those years I have met a couple of guys like you. Believe me, I was not impressed.

You claim you are successful and even appear in social pages. Wowee! What a guy huh? How could you live in Thailand for so long without learning how to be humble and to respect others? I’m quite sure your dealings with Thai officials must be very amusing. Have you even bothered to learn the language?

As I know Brokenman and like and respect him immensely I find your assumptions about him laughable. You know nothing about him, yet you presume to judge and even condemn him. Isn’t it ironic that you only managed to condemn yourself as a result?

You condemn his writing; the same writing that everyone else has found not only amusing but endearing too. Brokenman is a true gentleman, the antithesis to yourself Anonymouse.

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I think Stick sussed that you would write a very high pile of crap after reading your initial email and baited you perfectly. You swallowed it in your overwhelming pride and presumed you could belittle Brokenman while making yourself look like a man. You failed. Abjectly.

You claim that you have no problem with Thailand or the Thais. You boast about how successful you are. But let’s not forget it’s easy to be a big fish in a small pond. I suspect that’s exactly what you are.

For a guy who says he learns from his mistakes, it is obvious you are looking in the wrong places to learn from. I have never read such an utterly nasty self-indictment as yours. You smugly claim the moral high ground, putting yourself above the “biggest thieves, liars, and frauds”, yet you have shown your true colors quite clearly. I bet you have no qualms greasing a few palms to conduct your “business”.

No wonder you are afraid of someone, sorry, “idiot”, coming up and being abusive. You underestimate your impact. If I ever meet you again you would certainly feel my impact!

I’m sure you could write a book. But don’t be surprised if no one ever reads it. Just one page of your negative drivel was too much for me. Who would want to subject themselves to a whole book devoted to negativity? Because for sure you would be writing about all the losers, thieves, liars and frauds you have met. Hasn’t it occurred to you that to meet them you must also be swimming in the same gutter?

You take Brokenman to task for daring to come to your little pond seeking happiness with a Thai girl. But isn’t it strange that you admit even you have been unable to achieve happiness with a Thai woman? What have you been doing for these past 30 years? Wanking?

At least Brokenman made the effort. I doubt that was possible for you. Thai women are great judges of character, and yours is definitely one they would want nothing to do with.

Why do you assert that you have to understand the culture of the person you are marrying? And be able to communicate in a single language, be it English or Thai.


Why should a man communicate with his bride in only one language? Do you really think that will help bridge the communication and cultural barriers? What a narrow minded assertion that is.

Didn’t you read the previous stories Brokenman wrote? It was obvious that he made the effort to understand the people and the culture. His only mistake was not being able to see into Nat’s heart. And I challenge anyone to know what someone is truly thinking.

Why, if we actually did meet you are so vain I bet you thought I actually liked you. You were wrong. I can smell a bad one a mile off. But I am polite and would have smiled and even made some nice small talk while wishing I was a mile away!

You have promised never to write another submission for Stickman. I really, really hope you never do. But if you feel moved to respond to my description of you, don’t bother unless you have the guts to stand up like a man and tell us your real name.

Stickman's thoughts:

Mr. Anonymous may or may not be someone of note. To me and I bet to most readers that is not important.

I thought his original response to Phet contained some excellent points but the tone was nasty and would have endeared him with very few. I maintain that reveling in another's misfortune is just plain not nice. That said, I hope Mr. Anonymous does write again some time. With so much time in Thailand he does have much to bring to the table.

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