Stickman Readers' Submissions May 1st, 2009

A Reply to Anonymous

I as many other Stickmanites have read all of Brokenman stories and whether I agree with him or not is not the point of the sub.

This sub is about Anonymous and the way he told all and sundry about what he had done, how he felt and what would happen in the future to this man.

He Clinic Bangkok

I am just a lowly English teacher living in Bangkok and even though the money isn’t great I get by. When I read the Anonymous reply I felt like puking! This man finds great pleasure in the misfortune of this fellow farang and even
wishes that he joins the Flying Club. How shameful can you be!

Then I read his reply “Anonymous Hits Back” and that really got my back up!

Who does this moron think he his! How can anybody be so self righteous? He’s quite happy to email people and tell them his distorted point of view and how they’ve screwed up and then gloat about it, but too scared to put his
name or email on his sub lest someone writes to him and tells him exactly what they think of him?

CBD Bangkok

So what? Who gives a s*** if you move amongst the “Movers & Shakers” big deal, does that make you any more of a man than me a lowly paid English teacher or the other people who post subs here! I don’t think so. Maybe
you’ve been with them for too long are have adopted some of their attitudes and have a “My shit don’t stink mentality” and live in their fantasy world.

I could also say I been amongst the “Movers & Shakers” within the area that I live! Why? Well my partner works for the Government in the Health Department and part of her job for the last five years has been doing health
checks on all the Senior Police and Army personnel that work in the surrounding area of Government House so she knows the top Police and Army commanders in there quite well and looks after some of their older family members. A few months back
I was invitedto have a drink with them and since then have meet them a few times. It turns out they wanted to practice their English skills and get to know her farang partner who had turned her life around from one of sadness to one of happiness.
I found out one of the Police Commanders treats my partner like the daughter he never had and hinted to me with a smile that if I even hurt her or caused her to lose face that he’d come a knocking. Stuff! The hairs on my neck went straight
up and I just tried to smile, because I knew exactly what he meant. But as I left he smiled and gave me his phone number and said than if I needed help just ring and he sort it out. True to his word I’ve need it and got it quick smart with
no need for pay-back, yet anyway!

OK! I’ll come back to the topic at hand.

Reading Anonymous reply he states he’s not anti-Thai or anti-Thailand, he’s right he’s not. He’s anti-everything, but to say that Thais aren’t some of the biggest thieves, liars and frauds here in Thailand
is pushing the envelope a bit too far. Jump into any tuktuk and it’s highly likely that he’ll try and scam you, look at all the gem shops around and tell me they aren’t trying to scam you.

Anonymous states that “Brokenman started posting nonsense as advice so I think I was, and am, entitled, to post a rebuttal. And I repeat what I said in my first posting – a sad loser in the UK is still a sad loser in Thailand.
You have to fix yourself and not expect a Thai woman to fix you. It isn't going to happen.”

wonderland clinic

So because you don’t agree with what this man writes it's nonsense? This chap was just telling us what happened to him and in doing so give us an idea of what not or to do. Sure he made mistakes but is that any reason to flame
him and tell him is a sad loser. I personally don’t think so.

Anonymous tells us the reason for not revealing his true identity is because he’s actually very well known in Thailand and doesn’t want to risk having some idiot coming up and being abusive next time he’s out on the town.
Maybe or is it because if the “Movers & Shakers” as he calls them (got to laugh about that) knew what he really was like and his mentality towards people I’d bet he’d be quickly ex-communicated and maybe even be
the one joining the flying club before anyone could say tom yum!

Then he goes on to say that he’s met Stickman, Mark Holt, had a drink or two with Warren Olson back in the days when Thailand was Land of Smile not Land of Scams. (Oh! Sorry that's right, Thais don’t scam us just Westerners).
So does that make what he has to say important! I’ve also met Stick and I’m just a lowly teacher (Blimy Stick must have really felt for me to grant me a meeting with him). Just kidding Stickman, you’re a nice bloke and it’s
been nice know you and the advice you’ve given me as be well appreciated. He also tells us he could have written a book or two about his experiences here and in Vietnam. Please don’t, we already know what you are and the book would’ve
been a flop. So crawl back under your rock, drink more Champagne, eat more Caviar and remain anonymous!

Then he goes on about the fact that a lot of men say there are no decent girls / women in the West. It's all bollocks and that the UK, let’s include the US and Australia in there also is full of gorgeous women. <I am in New Zealand at present and the people are VERY nice but as far as white girls being great to look at…there really aren't many. But personality wise, the women are magicStick>

Hello! Like have been to the West lately, most of the women there have the heads so far up their asses with a “My Shit don’t Stink Attitude” that it would take the force of the space shuttle on take-off to pull their
heads out. Then this “FHM magazine runs a 'Hottest 100 Women in The World' have a look at how many are Thai. I'll tell you. None. Zero. There'll be a couple of Asians in that Top 100 and they'll probably be Chinese.
The rest of them will be white or black, from Jessica Alba to Halle Berry, and they will all be drop-dead gorgeous” and FAKE, just like most goods you buy in Thailand and the Bargirls professing their love for you.

It’s all an illusion.

These women aren’t real, they live in a land of make believe similar to yours. We’re talking about real living and breathing women here that most people meet. Not the 1% you’re referring to.

How can anybody be sure that the women they’ve found is a “Good Girl” I’m sure Stick hopes his wife is (no offence Stick, I’m sure she is) just using you as an example. Some of my fellow teachers certainly
also hope so, but how can anybody be sure? Nobody can see into the future (if we could, we’d be rolling in money). Life is a dice and we have to roll the dice, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. You just gotta try and get the odds
in your favor. How? Well my friends that the 64 million dollar question and I don’t have the answer, but staying away from bar girls greatly improves your odds.

Then he has a dig at Farang Dave about “How sad a pen name is that? How desperate is he to be accepted in Thailand?” Does he know where Farang Dave lives, that’s just an alias/nickname. So if I called myself Frenchman,
does that mean I’m trying to be accepted as a Frenchman if I lived in France? Certainly not and this is where I disagree with Frank Visakay sub. He tells us we should, because when we call ourselves a Farang it’s like calling yourself
a Nigg*r. It’s a derogatory word used with venomous distain, especially in Phuket. It’s a word that all of us expats and westerns must stop using.

Well maybe in Phuket and I might be in the minority here, but you look up what the word Farang and its meaning?

The Oxford Dictionary says!

Farang; noun (among Thais) a European or other foreigner.

Sure sometimes it’s used in a derogatory way, but most times it's not. The local Thais in my area refer to me has the tall ajarn farang! Why? Because I’m a foreigner, I teach and I’m close to 190 cm tall and not
for any other reason.

Stuff the monkey! If I had to worry about every time a Thai called me a Farang / Farang I’d go nuts real quick. We're supposed to be living in the land of sanuk so chill out and take it easy.

Yesterday morning I showed the sub that Anonymous posted to one of my fellow teacher who’s been living here for more than 20 years, so as a long timer he has some idea about life in L.O.S and see what he though of it. When he’d
finished he gave me back the letter and just said one word! WANKER!

I asked him to explain and he said no need that word said it all, so I looked up the Oxford dictionary and this is it!

Wanker; noun; British vulgar slang; a stupid or contemptible person

Yeap! And that Stickmanites says it all.

But last night as I was leaving work he invited me out for a few beers and he shared with me some stories about his life here. He told me he does read these posts from time to time but hasn’t for a while and feels no need to post any
stories although I’m sure after talking to him his stories would make great reading. But he’s never been one who talks about his life and only after a year of knowing him has he started sharing little bits about life here in Thailand.
This man used to teach at one of Bangkok’s most prestigious universities but left due to the politics that went on there and says that most of the time if you're in and amongst the “Movers & Shakers” you're there
to get something for yourself and doing so will mean having to grease some else’s ass and here in Bangkok it's most likely a Thai / Chinese or Westerner.

So to finish off Anonymous please stay true to your own words and don’t post any more subs and to the rest of you, Good Luck and remember here in Thailand there are no rules about love, life and money. They’re all meant to be
broken if a better offer comes along so try to find a good women, treat her well and you’re in there with an above average change of having a long term relationship.

Stickman's thoughts:

I completely disagree with you and my old friend, Khun Holt, on one point. I think Anonymous could offer some interesting observations about life in Thailand. He has strong opinions and that is fine, but obviously when he revels in other's misfortune it becomes unseemly. That doesn't mean he shouldn't be encouraged to offer thoughts on life here or, better yet, tell us some tales about his experiences in Thailand. 30 years…he must have been through some interesting times!

nana plaza