Stickman Readers' Submissions April 3rd, 2009

There Are Strong Western Men

My congratulations to Mac for his thorough and detailed analysis of what went wrong for western men. While it was very well presented, Mac really isn’t saying anything new. Those readers who have followed my submissions here will know that I have written in the past that you must set the boundaries for women as soon as possible after you meet them. It doesn’t matter what class of society they come from, or even what culture, ALL women will try to gain dominance if you allow them.

I advocate setting up a relationship based on clearly defined boundaries. If you work hard all day to bring the money home for the wife and family, and your wife does not work, then a division of labor must be clearly established. You must make it very clear to your partner that she is expected to pull her weight in the partnership. If she stays home all day then it should be her responsibility to look after the house and kids.

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The lesbian libbers (LL’s) will be roaring already. But why should a man be expected to work hard at his job all day and then have to come home to a nagging shrew LL’er demanding he pull his “share” of the household duties too? By the time he has traveled to and from work in the usual awful traffic and slogged through his work he is too tired to do much else. He doesn’t need the grief from a domineering spouse.

And while he was out working what was she doing? She was most likely out ‘shopping’, often for a load of rubbish that either clutters the home or is totally unnecessary. She will have had her hair done, or she will have spent hours poring laboriously over coupons to “save money on shopping”. It doesn’t occur to her that she would save much more if she bought only the necessities from a prepared list. The supermarket shelves are stacked by psychologists who know that women are impulse shoppers. Or she will complain about how tired she is after driving the kids to school and then picking them up again. Or how she had to meet her girlfriends for coffee. Or…whatever. The fact is, most women who stay home waste most of their time unproductively.

But do they accept this?

No way. They have to make their partner’s life miserable because they don’t feel like doing the woman’s job as well.

It all comes down to at least 50% of women being selfish and in the end short-sightedly stupid. Negative action brings only unhappiness to a relationship. I base that 50% on the current statistics for failed marriages. We men don’t get married intending to get divorced after the kids have arrived. We don’t go out and get a good job so that the female can suddenly decide one day that it’s not good enough for her and she can take everything when she leaves.

By now the pussy-whipped boys, yes, you know who you are, will be rearing up on their hind legs barking about how sexist I am.

Well, I have news for you boys. The shoe is on the other foot for me now. Since moving to Australia my wife has gone out to work while I stay home and look after the kids. I do the housework, make sure the kids get to school on time, prepare meals, do the washing up, and all the other chores. All this while I also continue my online business, write at least 1,000 words a day for my new book, and even paint pictures.

When my wife comes home tired and sore I give her back rubs and massages. I ferry her wherever she has to go. And I make sure she doesn’t have to worry about anything except her job. As a result she is getting plenty of work and she is already saving money. We have never been happier.

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a good relationship must be based on a fair sharing of the responsibilities.

Do I wear a skirt?

Well…sort of. My wife bought me a bunch of hand woven Esarn sarongs before we left Thailand. I wear them at home. They are comfortable and cool. So eat your heart out Mac. I may wear a sarong, but I’m just as much a man as any!

I don’t think it is fair to call the men who have lost the plot “weak”. They are men, after all. However, a lot of men are just not aware of the traps women are capable of laying. They grow up influenced by their mothers, perhaps also by their sisters, and by the incredible amount of sexist advertising aimed exclusively at women. Much of this advertising shows women how to “empower” themselves to attract and control men. That is sexist in my opinion.

What advertising is there that shows men how to be men? How about the Axe deodorant commercials? Surely they are “masculine”?

Come on! Putting on some nice smelling crap is going to make the women fall all over themselves to grab a man? We all know that doesn’t happen. So even this blatant piece of sexism only serves to strengthen the perception that men must jump to the woman’s tune. When we put on perfumed lotions we are gulled into emulating the women instead of being man enough to glory in our natural scents.

Believe me boys, a good head of underarm odor is a great sexual attractor. In fact, scientific tests have proved how effective it is at arousing women.

“Just like a fingerprint, genes code for mechanisms that produce unique odors that can be identified if not by you, more than likely by that person's mother. This whole concept, reviewed by Stephen Young, was first discovered while Edward and Jeanette Boyse happened to notice that their mice wouldn't mate with other mice who had the same genetic make-up (Young 1988). Since the mice obviously had no X-ray vision, nor the capability to practice genealogy, they drew the conclusion that they were sniffing each other's urine for a genetic difference; several experiments later, they were convinced that the sense of smell was definitely the key.”

I don’t advocate we make the women sniff our underarms or out underpants to find a compatible male, but why not leave off the baby powder, the deodorizers, the face unguents, the after shaves, the perfumed shampoos and so on? Perhaps it’s time we started acting manly by smelling like one first. After all, the Arabs do it and look how well controlled their women are!….ok, that was a bad example, but you know what I mean, right?

Western men may have lost their way but we haven’t (all) lost our balls. Of course, I know a few blokes who have. They boast about their wonderful marriages, but you have to wonder. They seem to do everything their partners demand. They don’t go out for a night on the town with their mates. If they do go anywhere without the wife she gives them a deadline, and then calls and calls them if they don’t arrive back home on time. The wife grills them about their activities…did they pay up with another woman? Yet they claim they are fulfilled and satisfied. That just seems like an excuse to justify their imprisonment to me.

A backlash has already started in the UK. Fathers who have been dispossessed of their children after a divorce are joining together to fight the unfair legal decisions against them. This is obviously too little, maybe too late. But at least they are trying and I wish them success. It’s time we started reversing the negative trends.

It’s time for men to face up to their responsibilities instead of meekly knuckling under to unfair laws and judges. Men who run away to Thailand after a messy divorce are not helping things either. You cannot fight if you are not at the front lines. Instead of taking the easy way out and finding a bar girl to take care of your urges, how about staying home and taking the battle to the bitches who have denied you respect and your families?

There are no winners or losers in the battle of the sexes. Any resolution must be based on a fair and equitable arrangement. Right now, western laws have been twisted and manipulated by the feminazis without regard for men’s needs. The golden flower has won over common sense.

But there is always an equal and opposite reaction in all things, especially in politics and social mores. The rot may have started with us baby boomers, but now it’s time our sons and grandsons took up the challenge and started the pendulum swinging in the other direction.

To all of you, I apologize on behalf of my generation for letting things slide so badly that you have to suffer for our sins. But not all of us dropped the baton. So if you are worried about the future of your family know that there are some of us old timers out there who will support you to the hilt. Get out there you young fellows and make sure you don’t repeat our mistakes. You can have a happy family and keep it together “until death do you part”, but you have to set the boundaries early on and stick to them. This is no time to be weak. Your future depends on your strength of purpose.

Stickman's thoughts:

Lots of sound advice. Hardly rocket science so it's a shame more blokes don't take notice.

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