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Stickman Readers' Submissions April 29th, 2009

The Brokenman Stories

I did read with very great interest all the stories and critics of the broken man. Sure he did a few mistakes, but then we all do them, don’t we? He probably selected the wrong woman in the first place, but then how could he know?
He took all reasonable precautions and got into trouble just the same. For him the best would be to cut his losses, inform the immigration of his problems and have his so called wife deported. After all she is breaking the rules of her visa.

To live separately from her would be in my opinion completely out of the question, firstly it goes against all immigration rules and secondly what kind of marriage will that make even the business to sleep in separate rooms after being married
only for a reasonably short time is completely against all normal procedures in a married life. Yes after people are married for a few years they sometimes sleep in separate rooms, that is quite true, but practically never in a love match.

He Clinic Bangkok

Some writers said that the woman was probably bored to death. I can not agree with that at all. Even in the dreariest western places there are plenty of things to do for a reasonable intelligent woman. As an example my wife devours English
books. She reads just about anything which comes into her hands. As I knew her for the first time I was astonished that she had about 250 to 300 English books in her bookshelf. Ok, she has an MA but she did not study English at her university
and taught herself. At least to read, her spoken English was not so good in those days.

Originally I brought her to Perth but then had to leave again for Chiang Rai as we were operating a school and dormitory for high school girls. I also wanted to see how well she fits into Oz society. She kept herself occupied by doing cross
stitch work; she is actually doing very large patterns indeed. She scans a photo into the computer and then uses it to generate cross stitch patterns up to 2 meters high. From a distance they look like oil paintings. Anyway this still left her
a bit bored and she decided to do some work as well. The easiest thing to find was cleaning houses for rich people. This seems to be rather a letdown from her former work in Thailand as a class 8 government officer, now on a Thai government pension.
She does not mind at all and finds it interesting to meet new people. She also helps Thai students at the Edith Cowan University with their assignments. At an average she works about 7 hours each day. She charges a fixed rate of 30 dollars for
each room. It is actually a very good income for her. As I returned after about 10 month for the first time she already had 12,000 dollars in her account, bought a late model car for cash, a tax file number “yes she pays taxes on her income”,
and was quite happy, never bored at all. The Immigration department knows that she was here and that I stayed in Thailand, but under the circumstances and due to the fact that we advised them before the visa was issued they had no objection at

Ok all I want to say is that a Thai lady with a minimum of intelligence does not have to be bored at all, even if her husband is not with her. Furthermore she does not believe that she is doing work below her original hi-so standing. Her
family is a real dynasty in her province and during her life over there she had a cook, a gardener and a house maid. She really never did any manual work at all. Also her father was a former mayor of Chiang Rai. But she did not mind getting her
hands dirty.

I am here in Perth now for the last two years; she gave her cleaning work away as she wanted to be with me at home. However again she wants to do some work, it is a case that she can not sit at home, doing nothing and watching the idiot box,
she found a former student of hers which married an Australian farmer, he has a very big orchard, and well she is helping them picking the fruit at 18 dollars an hour. After the season finishes she wants that we do some travel to Europe together,
this is the reason she is saving money for both of us.

Sorry about all this personal experiences, but I only wanted to show that really solid and good Thai ladies can be found, but most certainly not in a bar or a gogo. Also from my experience most hi-so ladies should be avoided like the plague.
They usually have a very high and mighty attitude and do rarely make good housewives. I believe that they expect too much in a western country, and if they find out that they have no house maids at all it is a terrible let down for them. On the
other side of the coin girls from a low class farming background should probably also be avoided. After all if a 45 to 70 year old man marries a 25 to 35 year old girl, what does he expect? This marriage will certainly not be for love from the
side of the girl. Sure there are girls who have a father complex, but there are not many of them.

I would suggest for all men looking for a long term relationship to discuss before the marriage their economic situation. Sin sot should in my opinion never be paid to the parents, however an assistance of from 5 to a maximum of
10,000 baht could possible be justified depending on the economic situation and if there are other brothers or sisters around to pay their share. But this should be discussed before the marriage. After the marriage it should be strictly adhered
too. If not it will be a very short marriage indeed.

Ok enough of my rambling

Best regards to all.

Stickman's thoughts:

Yes, there are heaps of good Thai women out there.

It is interesting that so many people feel they need to pay the family. You know, most middle class families don't expect anything and have already planned for retirement!