Stickman Readers' Submissions April 18th, 2009

Songkran Fun!

Just thought I would share some of my Songkran experiences of Nana, Cowboy and Khao Sarn.

Day 1: Unfortunately due to protests we couldn't go to Wat Po or Khao Sarn. So hit Nana with my wife and son in the afternoon, where we perched in Big Dogs and blasted all and sundry on the way past. Unfortunately Big Dogs is off my bar hopping list
due to the nasty attitude of the fat mamasan who does the evening shift. My wife who was not involved in the water shenanigans was really pissed off at the way the mamasan spoke to her, when telling her that we had to stop squirting water. Then
we moved outside and while I was standing on the bottom step of the bar some skinny doped up Thai prick with no shirt and covered in tattoos came and pushed me in the back. Obviously, I was not amused by this and told him so, without getting aggressive.
His response was to pick up a bottle. The only good thing about this was that a lot of Thai guys who had been watching were ready to back me up and got pretty angry with the guy.

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Day 2: Not deterred by some of the unpleasantries of the day before we went back to Nana in the afternoon. As I was filling my water gun for the first time there were two Thai girls arguing with each other on opposite sides of the water barrel at the
entrance to Nana Plaza. Then as one girl's boyfriend appeared the other threw water in his face which of course sparked some action from the other girl. They got stuck in right away with the usual hair-pulling and then fell on the ground
almost right in front of a passing taxi. Actually one girls leg was run-over by the taxi, but amazingly she was able to walk away – after trying to put one last boot in. Not a very classy show.

The fun was still good here, but again I nearly had an ugly experience. I was standing outside Nana Minimart and hit a guy who was walking past Big Dogs – it was just a tiny shot, not a blaster! He went bananas and started having a real go at some guys
inside Big Dogs, who he thought had done it. I didn't want other people getting into a fight because of me, so I went over and told him that it was me that hit him. He responded aggressively, "what the fuck did you do that for"
and I told him to look at what was going on around him. Of course, because he was showing such bad spirit everyone blasted him afterwards and he gave up and turned back to Sukhumvit. I can understand people getting upset about getting wet but
I find it amazing that people who don't like it would have the stupidity to walk down Soi 4 when they can see clearly what is going on. <Some people genuinely might not know about it. Not everyone is a resident or repeat visitor. Frankly, I'd like to see someone who clearly didn't want to be squirted turn around and rattle someone's teeth. It is dreadfully poor form to target someone who is not up for itStick>

Day 3: Went to Soi Cowboy in the afternoon and sat outside Country Road. Perfect pitch as everyone coming in is still pretty dry. This was a much more pleasant and fun atmosphere than Nana and everyone had a really good time.

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At this point I would like to give the Crybaby of the Year Award to two topless English idiots who came on to Cowboy like Rambo armed with the biggest guns on the market. One of them got blasted in the face by some girl at Five Star bar. He cried "You hit me in the fxxxing eye". Then him and his mate decided they didn't want anymore and when back out to Asoke. They really got ridiculed on their way back out. If you come to fight, don't complain when you get the odd hard shot.

I must say the best fun here was blasting the dancers on their way to work. It was comical watching their trepidation and trying to cunningly manoeuvre themselves down the street without getting soaked. Few made it!!

We left Cowboy around 7 and headed over to Khao Sarn Road, which was definitely the best of the bunch, though shockingly crowded. Everyone here was out for fun and not likely to get annoyed by a good soaking – it was a true party atmosphere, which one
would expect at New Year. It was friendly and no sign of a fight anywhere. The only thing that surprised me was that Westerners made up a very, very tiny proportion of the crowd. I'll certainly put it top of my list next year.

In summary, this was my first Songkran, and while I thought it would piss me off I decided to give it a go and really enjoyed it. I'll probably not go as mad next year, but will probably do Khao Sarn again and hopefully make it to Chiang Mai. Nana
and Cowboy are just too unpredictable and if you hit the wrong person (farang) you might just find yourself in a bad situation.

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Stickman's thoughts:

The worst three days of the year…

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