Stickman Readers' Submissions April 30th, 2009

Letter to Mr. Anonymous

I have been following the broken man mêlée as everyone has and promised myself that I would stay out it.

There’s not much that I can say to help Phet that has not been said before.

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Doing your best to make a go out it and then having a bad love affair is not confined to Thailand.

I know many men in America that have done the best that they could to make a go of their relationship and end up with the short end of the stick, no pun intended.

I have lived here over ten years and that’s all I’m going to say about myself.

I hate it when people write in and say, ‘I am fifty, come from Australia and the girls are crazy about me and I am so smart.’

I mean, like who cares?

I have learned a few things here and in my life.

The first being that it’s rude and ignorant to delight in the problems of others.

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I pity Mr. Anonymous in his delight of Phet’s misery.

The ‘I told you so’ smacks of being mentally feeble and in the second grade.

Phet is just a normal guy and a nice guy who has done his homework. His aspirations weren’t high.

He only wanted someone to love and someone to love him and to spend the holidays with him.

Unfortunately his plans went awry, even after all his homework and his not aiming high for looks as in a slick dancer bargirl.

He did the best that he could under the circumstances of his life and it went bad.

This is not a reason for you, Mr. Anonymous to feel superior and smug.

I believe that Phet is not a sex tourist. Many men come here not for the sex; that’s only a part of it and not the main objective.

Men coming for a limited time as in a few weeks or a month or two don’t really have the time to find and romance a normal Thai girl if there is such a thing. Men come to Thailand for the dream of love, for the warmth and affection
from a female body.

Okay, it’s an illusion but it’s the best they can do.

I was having breakfast with a white woman off Sukhumvit Road and she looked around and saw older western men eating with Thai girls and she was annoyed; she degraded the men saying, ‘What hopeless idiots these guys are; these girls
can't even speak English and they are nothing but bar girls.’

I said to her, ‘Please have a little sympathy and empathy. These men just want a relationship no matter how shallow it maybe. Please be a little more understanding.’ Advice which I now pass on to Mr. Anonymous.

Don’t want to leave your e-mail address? I can’t blame you. I am sure you have enough people calling you a smug self-satisfied ass as it is. You yellow dog, you do not have the courage of your convictions. I come to Bangkok
often and would be ‘delighted’ to use your term, to meet you in a gym, boxing gloves or not. My email address is below.

Thank you so much for promising never to send in another submission to Stickman. Your attitude is simply terrible. To say that you take particular delight in his decline and fall of Brokenman is a very sad indictment of yourself. You use
the word ‘Delight’? Shame on you.

Fa***g Dave had some good words to say in his submission Broken man Busted and as much as it pains me to agree with this idiot Anonymous.

When you call yourself F***ng Dave, it’s like calling yourself a Nigg*r. It’s a derogatory word used with venomous distain, especially here in Phuket. It’s a word that all of us expats and westerns must stop using.

I totally agree with Stickman’s right to publish stupid and inflammatory submissions like the one from anonymous.

He said and I quote. ‘It is a sad indictment on the quality of people who choose to move here to the Kingdom.’

I have some wonderful friends here; the best people that I have met in my life live here in Phuket. Having said that, there are many losers, idiots and white trash. I just shudder to think of the kind of people that live in Pattaya, my apologies
to you nice guys over there.

Anonymous found Brokenman's ramblings to be, and I quote, ‘very very annoying.’ I venture to say that most of us found them self-effacing, humorous and interesting. Listen, if you don’t like a writer, do as I do
and just don’t read them.

Sorry guys.

You, Mr. Anonymous say that ‘Brokenman got everything that he deserved.’ Again shame on you, where is your upbringing?

‘I don’t think he had the right to ask for any sympathy’. You say. I must have missed that part. Where did he say that?

You’re well known in Thailand? As a big moron no doubt.

Stickman's thoughts:

I am in total utter agreement that it is shameful to delight in another's misfortune or to revel in another's pain.

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