Stickman Readers' Submissions April 28th, 2009

I Want My Freelancer Back!

I have been a fan of the Stickman website since I arrived in Bangkok in 2002 for a 2 year work stint. I eventually returned to my home country, Australia. I could not go back to Caucasian women however so I found a nice Japanese lady to settle down with. I have since read every weekly column and I have also read most readers' submissions. I agree with Stickman about 98% of the time. I disagree with Stick on 2 issues – Property Ownership and Freelancers. As property is so “pre-Global Financial Crisis” I will leave that issue alone. The issue I would like to highlight is Freelancers as wives.

Stickman folk law is that any man seeking a good wife should marry a middle class Thai or Asian lady (or any middle class lady for that matter). The logic is that they will make loyal and loving wives without the reptilian traits of bargirls / freelancers. I wish to disagree with this advice.

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A little about me. I am Australian and in my mid 30s. I hold a professional job. Whilst not Tom Cruise I feel I have enough charisma to get either an Australian girl or an Asian girl. I worked in Thailand for 2 years and whilst in Bangkok enjoyed the nightlife scene…before settling down with 1 Thai Freelancer.

On my return to Australia I took Stickman’s advice and went in pursuit of non-Freelancer / bargirl Asian ladies. After dating a few Asian ladies in Australia (a 23 year old Taiwanese girl, a 42 year old Chinese businesswoman and a 34 year old Japanese professional) I settled for the Japanese lady. She was a Registered Nurse in Japan (qualifications are recognized in Australia), a diving instructor in Cairns (on Green Island), a medical translator, service officer for a duty free store specializing in Australian wines (whilst she was studying IT full time) and finally an IT support person working for IBM. She is very middle class – having earned above average money all her life. She holds a Japanese bachelors degree in Nursing and has also completed half an Australian IT degree (that is quite hard stuff to pass!). She had been married before to an older Australian.

I have been married to my Japanese wife for 4 years and now have 2 young sons to this Japanese lady. She is a very good mother and currently works as a registered nurse (earning slightly more than me!). She is a loyal loving wife. She is an excellent cook (certainly better than my previous Australian wife) and is very nice to life with. We spend time together each day discussing the day’s events and getting the children ready for bed. We share many hobbies together – we both have a love for the finer things in life. She is a wonderful wife HOWEVER…

HOWEVER I miss my previous freelancer wife!

Let me explain.

Whilst my Japanese wife has never denied me any sexual relations there is still something missing. My wife loves me yet she has the eroticism of a plastic dolphin bought from Seaworld. I said eroticism – my wife is certainly beautiful however she really does not try and be a sexual creature. Personally I have learned a lot from the bargirls in Thailand! I tell my wife constantly SHE IS A HANDSOME LADY! … or words to that effect. I tell her daily that I love her and that I enjoy my time with her. (If the Thai bargirls can use this to great effect… Why can’t I?). I constantly hug her and kiss her. I tell her she is my “sexy girl”. I often use the line “where you go sexy girl?”

My wife enjoys my attention however when things turn intimate she is rather cold and mechanical.

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There is something missing. Lately when I put my hand down my wife’s top she moves slightly away. I don’t like this prudish behavior. I once advised my wife to be careful when bending over in a certain short dress… from that point onwards she wore tights with the dress. I told her I was just advising her to be careful… Not revert to a prude.

I can remember my freelancer wife asking me many times “if I wanted a blo-job?” or even better… “come here and fu-k my brains out!” I remember one time my boss had a bed delivered to my work. My freelancer wife came up to me and asked if we could “fu-k on the bed first!… before my boss got a chance to use the bed” If I touched my freelancer intimately she would encourage the actions.

Middle class girls – whether Japanese, Thai or any other variety do not have the skills of a former freelancer. They do not possess the sexual confidence to pull off outrageous stunts! And those stunts are what make life so enjoyable.

Whilst I can see the problems in having a freelancer as a wife there are certainly advantages. It is very similar to owning a car. A Japanese Honda will be reliable, safe and very middle class… HOWEVER an Alfa Romeo will have passion, excitement and romance albeit until the next $2000 repair! (Yes I have also owned both these makes of cars!)

Yes I love my middle class Japanese wife very much however I can never forget the cute freelancer who wanted to do nasty things on the boss’s mattress! I am just not so sure how I can explain this to my Japanese wife.

Stickman's thoughts:

But you weren't married to the freelancer (for the benefit of readers I know this as the writer and I used to meet and chat over a good yellow curry). Yes, she was sexy BUT if you had married her would she have stayed like that, forever a sexy, slutty kitten? I doubt it, I really do. My best guess is that that was merely a phase and it too would have passed. Of course, we will never know…

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