Stickman Readers' Submissions March 2nd, 2009

Woman In The Rain Part 2

Lily's Lair

San shi kwai—30 Yuan Lily said, arousing me from my stupor. I handed her my wallet–I was in no condition to count. She paid the fare, gave me my wallet, and we slithered from the car. Lily led me through a twisting, dark, stone-cobbled alleyway between gray buildings that seemed to squeeze in closer the deeper we went. Overhead a multitude of caged window ledges protected drying clothes, potted plants, and dried vegetables. The whole area seemed in constant decay. We stopped at a door that Lily adeptly unlocked in near total darkness. Here it smelled of rotting fruit, vegetable peelings and open sewers. A large dark shape darted past our feet, hugging the wall, “lao shu!” Lily squealed. She shivered against me, the rat now gone. Once inside we mounted a number of staircases, startling yet a second lao shu, its red eyes glowing, then we were at Lily's floor. My feet were lead and I felt sorry for Lily for half dragging me here so I tried to tell her. “Shhhh!” she scolded me, “No talk, many people sleep now!” She unlocked her two well locked doors and pulled me inside.

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Lily had a large place. A sizable parlor, a small kitchen, a smaller bathroom and a spacious bedroom with a queen bed. She helped take off my shoes and socks while I melted onto the wooden couch. She gave me rubber slippers, then disappeared into the bathroom. I soon heard water running and she returned, wearing a robe. “You clothes—off.” I stood and began pulling off my shirt as she worked my trousers loose. I stepped out of my pants and she led me to the bathroom. She paused a moment to remove her robe, then she twisted her hair up in a loose knot and we stepped into the shower. I enjoyed this private moment to admire Lily's exquisite, ballerina-like figure. The shower itself was hardly big enough for us both, but I didn't mind. The nearly scalding water cascaded over me as Lily began to scrub me with a soapy wash mitten. Inspired, I squeezed out some liquid soap onto my hands and applied it to Lily without obstructing her work on me. She pressed against me, rubbing her breasts and stomach against my soapy torso, giggling with delight. We wrapped our arms around one another, becoming human wash clothes. This was an immensely pleasurable shower to say the least! After washing my lower body, she produced a long handled scrub brush. “You foot!” she pointed, so I turned my back to her and held up a foot, letting her scrub one, then the other. Now she washed me down from the back. After washing my face and hair, Lily kissed me softly, then ordered me out. “Go—my bed.” I dried myself off and walked in my squishy slippers, less wobbly thanks to the invigorating bath, to the bedroom. It was June and sultry, so I turned on a nearby floor fan, pulled back the sheet and moved to the far side of the bed. Lily must have taken some time in the shower, because I awoke to her cool hand on my chest. She had snuggled close to me, a towel wrapped about her mass of hair. We kissed tenderly for a moment, then Lily whispered “wan an”–good night.

Morning Mischief

I woke up to bright light streaming into the room from the high window over me. I sat up and saw Lily in her robe, perched on a wooden chair, munching a cookie, two tea cups on the bedside table, the clock there read 12:30 pm. She took a small white porcelain teapot from the floor, filled one of the cups and moved in beside me, kissing me again and handed me the cup.

As I sipped the wonderfully strong green tea, she talked while watching an old black and white Chinese drama on TV. “I save you.” She looked at me, then back at the TV. “That girl, really ma fan! I do not like her!” She gave me a cookie, and continued. “Her friend give you drink, make you stupid”.

Then I understood–I had been drugged! I sat there staring at nothing particular, stunned and feeling truly stupid. “How did all this happen?” I wondered.

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Very nice story this.

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