Stickman Readers' Submissions March 7th, 2009

Thailand Trip Three Continued

Ok. Three trips to Thailand. This last one was over the top. Aren't they all? I wonder how many guys are addicted to the Thai sex scene? Thousands? Millions? I would say if you've made 3 trips or more, you are officially an addict. Therefore, I guess I qualify. All I know, is that I was having the time of my life on this last trip. What's better than hanging out in these gogo bars? They're packed with beautiful women. It's like you're looking at a menu and you don't know which entree to sample. The only difference here, is that a lot of guys have to sit and stare at the menu for a few hours. Personally, I know what I came in there for. I might have a beer while viewing the menu, but then I make a decision. You can enjoy your entree there (short time room), or get it to go (hotel). Maybe it's just me, but aren't these Thai girls just the sweetest? I love their little soft sexy accents and the way they speak. They are so kind and gentle.

It was funny… I walked into one gogo with tons of women and only a few guys. They came over and swarmed around me. I guess business is down? I thought… boy, I better grab a girl and head out before I get attacked. I scanned the girls and picked out the hottest looking one I could. I pay the barfine and she comes off the stage. Then I hear some guy across the bar saying, "What do ya mean somebody just barfined her?!" Apparently, he had been one of those guys that had to to sit there and stare without deciding, and just when he finally made his move, I had just got her! He was so pissed, he threw down some money for his drink and stormed out. I could relate. The night before, I planned on going into this one gogo bar and being with this hot one for the 4th night in a row (she was worth many repeats) I walk in, and look up to see my girl wasn't up there dancing. She was sitting with some guy ready to be barfined out of there. I was really bummed out. I'd never had that happen before.

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Here's another gogo experience. I'm sitting there with some cute girls and I'm buying a few lady drinks for the girls around me. Just having a beer and enjoying myself. About an hour passes, and this girl comes up to me and says, " Steve, you know that one girl you've been buying shots for?"

I said yes.

Well, she's passed out on the floor in the back.

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I said what?! What' do ya mean? How many tequila shots did she have?

She says eight.

I'm thinking oh my god… I don't even remember buying eight shots for the the whole bar! I have no idea how it happened, but now I feel responsible. Me and one of the girls go and try to pick her up. We get her outside and into a taxi and head to some part of Bangkok unknown to me. We get her into her building and up the elevator to her room. We took her shoes off, laid her on the bed, turned out the lights and locked her door. Wow, what a strange experience. Just one of the many that can only happen in Bangkok.

I went back to the bar for two nights to see how that girl was feeling, but she hadn't come back to work for two days. I had so many crazy experiences on my trip like this. I experienced so many emotions in 20 days. It really makes you feel like you're alive. It also makes things seem very mundane when you get back home. It's hard to go out to a bar or restaurant now. It all seems so boring after Bangkok. And sure I might have few conversations with a few middle aged frumpy women here, but nothing like those twenty something cute hard bodies with the sexy soft voices in Bangkok. I guess when heroin drug addicts come down off their drug they can really crash. I guess coming back home after Thailand is about the same thing. It's hard getting that cold hard dose of reality back home. I'm already planning my next trip. Oh well, if I die in Thailand, all you readers are invited to my funeral. You will no doubt notice that huge smile still on my face while lying in the coffin. Ha! Maybe Thailand isn't really reality. I don't care… I'd rather keep living in a dream world!

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Stickman's thoughts:

Oh yes, many guys are truly addicted.

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