Stickman Readers' Submissions March 14th, 2009

My First Trip To LOS Part 3

Ian and Nikki's daughter had arrived from UK so I moved out of their place into a beach bungalow just north of Chaweng beach.

I have been a very bad boy, and taken full advantage of the professional ladies of Samui. After my experience with Nat and my time as a sex tourist on Samui, I am now just a bit wary of Thai ladies who want to be my friend. No matter how much research you do and however pragmatic you try to be, I am always lured by the pleasures of the flesh. But it is not always just about sex. Curling up in the warmth and softness of an attractive woman and sharing simple affection (even if it is paid for), is something I don't think you could find anywhere else but in Thailand. There is no clock running, and if you want to lay in bed after and enjoy that afterglow you can. No clock watching here. It is much more of a complete experience when you take her for breakfast afterwards and chat like any normal couple. An illusion? Yes, but all the better for it. No commitment required.

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It is Sunday, the start of my last week on Samui. On Sunday night I go to Soi Green Mango where I have been a butterfly for the past week. Very enjoyable and relaxing, if a little self indulgent. I call into Alfie's bar where I have had the pleasure of a girl called Bee for a few nights. She has started to get jealous, possessive, and a bit too close for comfort. I want to tell her I am not looking for anything serious and she should back off a bit. She is not there so I leave a message with her girlfriend. I am not in the mood for a liaison tonight anyway (must be getting old).

Just after midnight, I am on my way back to my hotel. My legs ache and my back is stiff from all the exercise that I am not used to, so when I get the 'u wan massage' call from the local girls, I give in all too easily. I really do just want a massage without extras. An older woman jumps up and offers to take me inside, but I point to a smaller, younger woman and the deal is struck. Her name is Tawon.

I agree to a one hour Thai massage for 350 baht. After half an hour Tawon asks if I want 'extras'. I am actually starting to fall asleep at this point and I am not even tempted. I say to Tawon how much, and she says 2000 baht. I explain I do not have 2000 baht and I am really tired and just want to go to sleep. OK 1500 then. I am in the mood for company but not sex. She has amazingly soft skin and a firm body for a 34 year old, and her body is the thing I want to wrap around me instead of an empty sheet. I tell her she can come back to my place and sleep with me for 1000 baht, no sex just sleeping. Tawon smiles and agrees. I start to get up and she pushes me back down gently and says, No, finis massaaa first.

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We walk the 200 yards to my beach bungalow and we both shower and climb into bed. Tawon is more than happy to do some tongue wrestling with me and I am beginning to think I do want it after all. Nothing happens, and we get into the spoons position, with her behind me.

I wake up surprisingly refreshed and Tawon is still there with her arm draped over me. I get up and make coffee and we chat, (her English is not good but she has a small notebook, hand-written full of English / Thai phrases and translations). I'm impressed.

She is in no hurry, and we spend the day walking, eating Thai food, and relaxing on the beach. I am smitten. Her dress sense is curious. Not for her the miniscule shorts and T-shirt or revealing top. I think she would have fitted in well at Woodstock, a sort of Thai version of a sixties hippy. She is not beautiful in the conventional Asian sense, but the total package is very cute and I am hooked. We still have not had sex yet, and although I find her sexually attractive (especially when kissing) I find myself getting more interested in her company. We talk almost non stop, and I learn that Tawon is 34 and single with two daughters aged 11 and 8. She describes her ex as a 'playboy' who disappeared when her second child was born. The kids live with her mother in Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok. She has worked in this shop for 2 years. She is a devout Tawondhist and does not drink or smoke. She is softly spoken and very gentle by nature. Tawon seems open, frank and disarmingly honest, after all the horror stories I have read about Thai girls. There is no sense that she is lying, or even that she feels the need to, no awkward pauses or avoiding eye contact.

At 7 PM she needs to go back to work. I ask if she would take the next day off and come to Koh Phangan with me. (A one hour boat ride away). This gets her all excited as she has hardly left Chaweng in her two years on the island. She takes a shower and while she is in the bathroom I put 1500 baht in her purse. We agree to meet at 8.30am the next day and off she goes to work.

The island of Koh Phangan is very relaxed and only in the early stages of resort development, but still famous for the full moon parties. We walk from the ferry straight to the beach and go for swim. Can you imagine doing this with a hooker in Brighton?

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We spend a relaxing day looking round the island and take in a few shops and a meal.

On the ferry back we sit on the floor propped up against the cabin and watch the sunset. She is leaning into me and her head rests on my shoulder. It feels like a scene from a movie and I feel very happy with where I am right at that moment.

We go back to the bungalow and shower. I tell her I am tired and need some sleep so we get under the covers together.

She cuddles up to my back and suddenly; I am feeling less than tired. The next 30 minutes are quite exhilarating, starting off very slowly, and ending with an 1812 overture crescendo. Now I can sleep.

We decide to go for a romantic meal at one of the many beach restaurants. Tawon is attentive and makes a big fuss of me being comfortable. She coos at the fireworks going off down the beach for some party or other. She is a grown woman and I am well aware of her professional status, but she seems almost vulnerable at times. Could this be an act, part of the farang trap? We walk back along the beach holding hands. She tells me the money I put in her purse will go to her mother for her children, and she hugs me closer.

Another night passes between us and I begin to wonder if…

Stickman's thoughts:

Oh no, please don't tell us she's different…

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