Stickman Readers' Submissions March 4th, 2009

Musings on Female Sexuality

In a conversation with an old friend last night he was bemoaning the fact that his wife of many years had left him. He had no idea why. He came home one evening and she said, “Goodbye” as she walked out the door. Since then, he has not been able to talk to her at all. She would not answer his phone calls, or even respond to the many letters he wrote to her trying to establish a dialogue. She has completely ignored him since she left him, even as they stood in the divorce court.

My friend is devastated. However, he did admit that she had been having it on with at least one of the neighbors, a younger divorced man. And probably a couple of other flings before that.

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I have to admit I am as puzzled as he is. Whenever I visited them they seemed a happy pair. Certainly, my friend was happy. Obviously, his wife wasn’t.

As we talked he mentioned that a major change in attitude occurred when she was prescribed a ‘menopause pill’. He said that one of the side effects of this pill was a much increased sex drive. He said that she became insatiable. He couldn’t keep up with her.

If that is the case, perhaps many of the older men who have washed up on the shores of Thailand would like to investigate this further. Could it be that a pill prescribed by thousands of doctors in western countries is responsible for the huge number of divorces?

When a woman announces that she wants to ‘find herself’ and leaves her husband, I wonder if she has thought about what she will do when she does find herself? What if she gets there and then realizes that it was a waste of time? She will still be the same woman who was stupid enough to leave the love and security of a partnership with a man she must have loved once upon a time.

Do women ever think about the consequences? Do they even think?

This brings me to a radical thought that perhaps it is time we discussed.

Instead of insisting that marriage be monogamous, maybe it’s time to admit that men and women love a change. Why shouldn’t we face this fact and then change the way we view marriage? Instead of monogamy, why shouldn’t married couples be able to be honest and tell each other they want a bit on the side? There should be no repercussions from this sort of honesty. And of course it must be completely fair: Both sides should be able to indulge if they want to.

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The glue that binds any marriage together is ‘honesty’. Other factors, such as faithfulness and different sexual needs end up being impediments when one or both of the partners is not totally honest. Have the French got it right? Should we consider marriage as a pairing of two people who marry for love, having children, but as time goes on it becomes acceptable to seek gratification outside the marriage occasionally?

And maybe it’s time to start suing the doctors and pharmaceutical companies selling these so-called ‘menopause’ pills. Before the days of big Pharma, people got married, lived through menopause, and then grew old together. These days, they get married, and have a couple of kids. Then when the kids are old enough to look after themselves the couple has become so bored with each other that separation seems to be a better option; especially if the woman is on a pill that makes her too horny for her worn out old man. Then it’s “Goodbye, I’m off to find a younger stud.”

Why aren’t the Pharma companies producing a pill that increases men’s libidos as well? Viagra is all very well for performance. But there is no pill to help men get the feeling that will drive them to want to perform. Viagra is not a good solution, although I am sure some of you will argue that point. It’s kind of like getting on a train without wheels. You have the substance, but not the will.

As you can see, the difference between Viagra for men and the menopause pill for women is that one enhances performance, while the woman’s pill gives them back the feeling so that they want to have sex.

Men, it’s time to stand up (no pun intended) and demand a pill to enhance our feelings, not our appendages. How many old men have you met who tell you they no longer have any sex drive? Here is an untapped market that could be worth billions to the Pharma companies. Without the will, having the way (Viagra) is a waste of time, isn’t it?

On another tangent. Have pity on the poor shark. It seems the shark does not get any satisfaction from sex at all. He has a small hook appendage called a clasper. The shark grasps the female with it and inserts his sperm. Talk about sex without feeling! No wonder sharks are such vicious creatures. Wouldn’t you be too if sex was so mechanical?

Stickman's thoughts:

I am sure there will be many wanting to get their hands on Holtagra, the new libido increasing drug for men!

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