Stickman Readers' Submissions March 23rd, 2009

Many a Thai Bargirl Outclass Many Farang

I loved what one guy on this site said about the Thai bargirls being "whores". He said, you have to realize, it's what they do for a living, but it's not who they are as people. I've seen a few guys that get to Thailand and think, just because these girls are prostitutes and available that it gives them the right to treat the girls with disrespect.

To all those guys out there that have this attitude, I say to them, get back on the plane and fly back to your home country! If you can't treat these girls with respect, then you don't even deserve to be with them at any price!

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I think the majority of men do treat the girls well for the most part. Let's face it guys. Most cute, young, attractive girls in your own country would never give you a second glance, not to mention ever go out with you.

I share the view that Thai women are far superior (in general) to western women. Nowadays, western women seem to treat guys like doormats (I generalize here). Of course, that may be partly due to the fact that many men let them do it. I think the reason so many western men fall in love with the Thai girl prostitutes, is that they've never received such great treatment from western women in their life. Sure the sex is great. We get off. We get our sexual needs met, but it's everything else that the Thai woman has to offer that is so alluring to us western men.

I personally envy people like Stick who have led the single life, and even though they might miss it, have settled down with one great woman that they love. They've come to realize that the fun they have with a bargirl is just temporary. The high doesn't last. It's just temporary physical satisfaction. It doesn't really mean anything in the scheme of things. Stick's got something real, not like the rest of us that are just doing the "rent to own" thing. Ha! Celebrities and famous rock stars that have access to many women, soon find the sexual flings are shallow and unfulfilling. That's why most of them eventually settle down with one woman, even though they could d have thousands. So, all you sex tourist types out there (that would include me), enjoy the girls, have fun, have great sex, but treat them with respect.

Even though they are prostitutes, many of them I've met have much more class as people than those drunk guys hanging off the barstools during the day in front of the Nana Hotel! In my opinion, they deserve all the money they extract from us and more. Those freelancers that give you a great night of sex and companionship and then only get paid 1000 baht are getting the short end of the deal in my opinion. I sure don't mind paying for it. This especially holds true if you're fat, ugly, old and bald.

This site is very cool, but the guys that complain about being taken advantage of by these cute 90 pound little girls, should act a little more like men. Gee guys. Take a good look at yourself. You may be playing a big part in the way you're getting treated. I've been with many bargirls and have NEVER been treated poorly by even one of them. So, go to the soapy massage parlours, the gogo bars, the discos or pick up a freelancer on the street. Have a great time. Enjoy the time with the girl. Just leave her as good or better off than when you first met her. Your pleasure is their job and, they do it oh so well! And as an ultimate sign that you're treating the girls right, always but always wear a condom! If you don't, in my opinion, you should be thrown into one of those famous Thai prisons, or be tied to a tree where you can have the crap beat out of you by some ladyboys! Ha! When you behave like a jerk, it makes all of us from the west look bad.

I also think that all of the Thai people deserve your respect while you are there. That includes the taxi drivers, the tuktuk drivers, and all those people and vendors on the street. They're just trying to survive and make a living and chances are that if you're from the west, In general, you've probably had a much easier life than them. I guess since I chose the penname, "Thai lover" for this site, I guess that that kind of says it all.

A big thanks goes out to Stick, who through this site and the info on it, has indirectly done many positive things for so many, many of the readers throughout the years.

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Stickman's thoughts:

I like your philosophy of wanting to have a positive effect on all you come across. Respecting our hosts is important and something too many of us, me included, often forget.

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