Stickman Readers' Submissions March 26th, 2009

Cheating for My Marriage

I cheat on my Thai wife to be able to stay with her. When we married I was already intent on cheating on her, as well as on growing old with her. Both plans have worked out so far. If she knew I cheat on her I'd lose her and my daughters
forever and my life would be completely wrecked.

This is why I cheat on her:

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1: Some desires I cannot or do not want to ask from the wife.

2: I like to see younger, fresh, smooth bodies.

3: Men and women have different attitudes towards sex due to their different roles in the procreation business.

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My desires need to be fulfilled, then I can stay relaxed alongside the wife and even make her happier too. Just one example:

Recently I had a free evening by surprise, while the wife believed I was entertaining customers, and found myself in the Sukhumvit area. Around 6 pm I went straight to Annie's massage place where I got a very pleasing massage in the
tub. I stumbled around some and around midnight one nude bar girl on soi Cowboy jumped so happily at me that I knew it was love at first sight and couldn't help taking her to the nearest short time guesthouse, where we had a very entertaining
clash. I then showered profusely, cleaned my privates from any telltale particles and stumbled through some more bars to take up innocent nicotine and beer smell. At home I showered again, inspected me again for telltale particles, watched the
daughters sleeping for a minute, then fell asleep next to the sleeping wife. When I woke up at dawn I remembered last night's pleasures and got so horny that I simply had to rape the sleeping wife. She awoke fast, very happy to get raped,
but in mid-session she would pause and ask me:

Yesterday you had a lady?

I simply smiled and said:

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No, I had TWO ladies.

Which was very honest, but made her silent (for whatever reason) and we continued to a great finale.

This is what I mean when I say my desires have to be fulfilled, then I can stay happily alongside the wife. You see even SHE gets her fill when I come home from straying.

1) Some desires I cannot or do not want to ask from the wife.

As I get older, I am a little less interested in that whole bopping bouncing bonking thing. I'd love to sit back, relax and enjoy a friendly cabin crew service, which means I'd like to get massaged until I'm truly pleased.
Well I get this to a degree from the wife, if I request it, but I always feel obliged to reciprocate even though actually I am too lazy to reciprocate. And so I go to massage parlors and hope they do a good job on me. Actually, apart from Annie's
most other massage ladies still expect me to do the job even though I pay good money for them being the workhorse there. They'd say Oh, my massage very bad, want sekk now? No good, no good. Still, it is a nice thing getting some –
whatever incompetent – massage together with more adult touches. Actually, recently I was Single for a Week and hope to report more on my forays into massage joints soon. If you haven't seen my contribution Single for a Week say in
June 2009 I got black-listed by either Mr. Stickman or by my wife. <I don't blacklistStick>

It's not only the lazy massage thing I can't/won't ask from the missus. Caring and trying to please as she is – and continues to be throughout the years! – there are desires she simply can't fulfil. In my
Stickman story Gay for a Day I already told you folks how I wanted to bonk a Thai male and after some wimpy trying finally got laid by a guy, even sucked him. Now here the wife can't compete (fortunately) and I am glad to live in Bangers
where all my crazy desires are fulfilled for a bit of pocket money. Just anticipating a gay adventure had made me so horny that I had had to rape the wife a couple times and she was very happy to be there with me, so once again both spouses profited
from my cheating.

By the way, upon posting Gay for a Day, I received a few friendly e-mails. All had full understanding for my deviant ways and one guy predicted the desire might return once a year or so. I had laughed that one off because I knew clearly that
I was done with guys for the time being, but finally I felt the urge again and when I was Single for a Week recently, I also took to the boys again, so watch this space.

This is what I mean when I say that some desires I cannot or do not want to ask from the wife. But outsourcing fulfilment of said desires can make both spouses happy, as proved here. So what.

2) I like to see younger, fresh, smooth bodies.

Let me say it clearly: The wife is a pleasure to look at! Going out with her, I feel immensely proud to have a smart, pleasant, good-looking lady by my side, not with a ridiculous age gap and not with ridiculous dress or demeanour. Not overdone
either. Just tastefully feminine in fully being herself. Just how you want your grown-up Asian wife. Fortunately the daughters look more like her than like me.

But you folks know it: A guy needs to see nude young things. Yes, nude young things. And to see can even be all I need. Often it would be enough just to see that smooth baby skin, the delicate appealing curves. The wife, after two kids and
all those years, can't compete here (any more).

Online pictures don't help. Sometimes I pay a full bonk just to only SEE a woman in her birthday suit. Unfortunately all girls are shy to pose nakedly. And I don't even need them posing like a model, just please stand in front of
me in the nude and let me stare, saliva dripping. To be honest, I even find pleasure in their shyness when I make them stand there for me, helplessly covering bits of them with a tiny hand. But I can't do that long time, they'd die and
they simply don't understand at all why I don't jump them. And I can't go ogling to a gogos either, yes they are nude there, but the whole setup is just disturbing.

I want to see them from up close. And not just to see every single little tiny lovely hair. I want to SMELL them too. Jorge Amado described it in Gabriella, Cinnamon and Clover, how good a mulatto gal can smell. Young Thai girls smell even
better. I did the comparison.

Decades ago, I used to have an understanding farang girlfriend who'd pose for me in the nude. She only moved very slowly, revealing more or less at her snail's pace with a grin as if she was a guy ogling her as a girl. Mon dieu
she made me horny (she had a gorgeous body). Maybe some real hi-class hookers in Bangers have that talent too, but I don't know where to look. Mr. Stick if you know something, let's hear. It's your job.

3) Men and women have different attitudes towards sex, due to their different roles in the procreation business.

Man wants to procreate and see his offspring stepping into his footprints. Woman too. We're programmed like that. Only that by design the procreation job takes 20 minutes and a bit of recharging time for the guy, while the lady needs
years and actually decades to do a responsible job in the procreation department.

20 minutes vs. 20 years. But I am programmed to procreate all the time. And if not really procreate, at least let act as if. Gimme a gal.

So if people complain about my womanizing, I'd go Why, I have a BIG heart, I have so much love to give, there's enough space for more than one lady.

Actually, that's just a joke answer. I don't give my HEART to other ladies. I have no real mia noi (second wife). My heart belongs to my wife and daughters ONLY. The other girls (and the odd guy) are friendly commercial
encounters. Once I got on friendly terms with a massage girl, stupidly I took her to dinner, we met in hotel rooms instead of her massage house and I was unsure whether to pay or not afterwards because she seemed to like me a lot and I liked her
too. I had to get rid of her because we got too close. I never pondered keeping her as a mia noi. One family is enough. My HEART is NOT big enough for two women, only the other organ can't get enough.

Anyway, I do need to do the procreation act (as pointed out, every 20 minutes or so) and Thailand gives me the chance to do so without putting the wife under stress. I can return to a quiet peaceful home without all that steam under the hood.

This is what I mean when I say man and woman have different attitudes towards sex, due to their different roles in the procreation business. So please let me act out my role.

Finally, yes, I do believe that cheating in Thailand CAN destroy marriages. In my case, as you understand now, cheating on the wife SAVES my marriage.

Stickman's thoughts:

It seems you are able to make it work like that. Personally, I couldn't.

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