Stickman Readers' Submissions March 20th, 2009

Aussie Girl No Different To Thai (Part 2)

Reaction to Stickman's comments to my first submission

Not sure if Stickman read my submission properly but I did say things were not like this at the start (she was not so controlling) and when you watch your daughter dying in hospital for the first three months of her life believe me you are ready to be a father. As for being walked over maybe he doesn't understand the judicial system here but a paedophile has more rights than a father. If it goes to court you will lose it all. Why do you think we hang in through all the shit? For our children – it's that simple. They marry and accept you for who you are then spend the rest of the time trying to change you into what they would like you to be.

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Back After 16 years

Now my first visit to Thailand in 1991. I don't remember a lot – it was very cheap, the food was good but I had never really been with many Asian girls as they just did not turn me on and my few months there were a blur until I ended up in intensive care at the 7th Adventist Day Hospital then it was all over thanks to help from the New Zealand embassy.

See my problem is I like adventure and never do any research on where I am going nor do I book a return ticket (unless it is compulsory) or accommodation. I should have done some research before I ended up in London though since no one seems to speak English.

So December 16th 2007 I fly to Brunei for a few days and stay at the Orchid Gardens in Bandar which is one of the few hotels which serve alcohol in a room on the 2nd floor and you can have a massage in another part of the hotel. I have never been into massages and would rather give them than get them but it had been one stressful year so why not so up I go and the girl was Thai (they are all Thai or Pilipino). No sex but I did give her my room number and invited her up if she so wished when she knocked off. To my surprise later that night she did come up and we had fun for the next few days and she even took me to a few restaurants and picked up the bill. During our time together I gave her not one cent. I am kii niau to a degree but when on holidays it's party time and it just did not occur to me to give her money. Hey, I wouldn't do it back in Australia and she gave no indication to suggest otherwise (flying Brunei Airlines I caught up with her on my way back and we spent a few more days together still free).

Man was I in for a shock. That was the last thing I ever got for free because once I landed in Bangkok I never stopped paying! It's a wonder they don't fit all the farangs with a meter and charge us 50 baht for every hour of oxygen we use. This isn't LOS, it's LOB (land of baht) but I never stopped laughing even tipped the guy at the post office 1 baht for wrapping my mail – he was horrified ,yelled out 1 baht, farang give me one baht and all the Thais laughed at me. I laughed with them or was it at them, I'm not too sure.

Anyway on the flight over I had no idea where I was to go but I am pretty good at making conversation and met a guy who had been to LOB many times and he told me about Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Eden club etc. as he was on his way to Chiang Mai to meet his lady. I ended up at the Dynasty Inn Soi 4 and not sure what I paid for the cab but they would have seen me coming – stupid grin, walking around aimlessly, pockets bulging, another sucker farang you give them the ammunition they will load the gun take aim and take every dollar you have.

After checking in I ended up across at the Golden Beer Bar and from then on my room was like a revolving door as one would leave two more would come in. I was amazed at the availability. It is on tap! The girls behind reception must think I am crazy but who cares, to me it is just one big laugh. Half the girls I wouldn't remember what they look like as too much Chivas will do that.

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Nothing seems to shock them for some reason. I started pulling out the scissors and I am no hairdresser but sometimes it gets a bit too bushy. I guess they are just to busy to do it themselves as time is money I suppose. Now like I said earlier I was never into Asians but it was like a drug with their lovely skin, beautiful hair, great bodies, seductive smiles, revealing clothing and that was just the katoeys. Wait until I describe the girls who are even better. The Golden bar is the best place to drink in the afternoon where you can see everything and I have met many girls who were walking past, invited them for a drink and see what happens. Paying bar fines to me is just too impersonal though I have barfined. It is a business transaction from the start though either way you know it is going to cost you and cost you it will. I have very basic needs. It is just the way I am – no jewellery (2 old earrings), never carry a wallet, no watch, no mobile phone (except in Aussie for work), long hair and if on the piss for too long unshaven board shorts and singlet. When in party mode I just don't care. (Have since cleaned my act up as Thais take great pride in their appearance presentation which is everything so I try to abide by that but every now and then you do need to amuse yourself at their expense).

Now when a girl meets me like this they always ask where I am staying and the answer was always the same – Swan 1 which is a cheap room on soi 4. I was amazed at the way the girls judge you on your appearance. After all, they are the working girls and I wasn't judging them. But it is funny when I take them to my room at The Dynasty which is usually around 2,000 baht a night on the 7th floor overlooking soi 4. They are quite taken aback next minute they are thirsty, hungry and want to order room service and it is costing you before it even starts which is why to get a cheap room and play down where you stay.

The next day they want breakfast, their phone is broken and they take you to clothes shops, shoe shops, phone shops, buffalo shops (hey, don't laugh it won't be long actually could be a business there in the Nana car park – 2 girls and a water buffalo then send the buffalo up to Isaan with your wallet around its neck for her family saves you the trip) or somewhere that will cost the stupid farang more satang. If you are lucky you might get rid or them early which will only cost you breakfast and a taxi.

"Oh darling, I have no change for taxi."

"I just gave you 1500 baht, 1000 baht of piss, 300 baht of food. I am the one with no money. Too much more of this sut tee rak (darling) and I will be the one selling my fat hairy ass up and down Sukhumvit, not you."

I have to admit two weeks in Nana Plaza was taking its with toll sleep deprivation, girl after girl, skipping meals and I was going through money like it was water. I would withdraw 10,000 baht the night before, wake up, back to the ATM just to pay the girl so you can get some peace and quiet and that doesn't include room charges (at least I was getting 31 baht to the Aussie dollar but now it is 22). Now the night before I had met a girl downstairs at Nana Plaza, 22 years of age, beautiful long hair (I am a hair man), great figure and studying tourism at university. By that stage I was studying gynecology and thought she might be a great candidate because she was not adverse to my lack of skill with the scissors. Her English was pretty good and I was her first farang and she was my first Thai so we had something in common (LOAM). Let's face it, it is always their first week on the tools or tool depending on their fetish. So as she lay in my bed and I checked out my handiwork from the night before I asked if she wanted to come to Pattaya for a few days. She had an exam coming up and asked if she could bring a few books to study. Sure I said because I had to continue my studies as well. So armed with my trusty scissors and a few bottles of baby oil it was off to The Dynasty Resort in Jomtien for my first GFE and may I add, my last GFE. Hot weather, hot food and hot girls or the three Ps – pool, pussy and piss. Who needs more? Keep your wits about you and its paradise.

To be continued. Pattaya Here We Come

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