Stickman Readers' Submissions February 4th, 2009

The Freelancer

I guess I was inspired to write my first submission finally when Stick posted a picture of where I stay with my favorite bargirl in this week’s weekly.

Anyways, my favorite bargirl, lets call her N, is actually not the freelancer I am writing about (lets call her A). 19 year old university student, oldest daughter of an ultra conservative single mother, polite and sweet to a fault, I fell for her quicker than 3 years in the Thailand P4P scene should have taught me. But this was my way out from the hardened hookers of Sukhumvit and into the land of good girls.

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Met her on TLL (yeah I know), talked to her and the family on the phone daily, met her and her mom in Thailand on one of my monthly trips. She tells me she is a virgin (again, yeah I know) and I think I am in heaven. She even acted the virginal bit to a tee and was completely shy and prudish around me. The mom was checking on us when were in the other room just to make sure we weren’t doing anything funny.

To make a long story short, the first real red flag happened on the first night we met. She insisted that we all sleep together (including the mom), which was a little strange for me indeed. When the mom woke up early to watch TV in the other room, serious petting led to her asking me to do the deed of which I complied willingly. Hey, the last time I deflowered one was when I was her age! Of course, as you can imagine, the only thing I broke open that night was my common sense as I decided that she was the one for me.

The subsequent visits to her mother’s home town in Nongkhai, meeting the family, swearing to her mom I wouldn’t touch A if she stayed over the hotel with me (she apparently still didn’t know what happened the first time we met), I thought it was time to claim her for my own less I lose her to someone else… sin sot negotiated at 500,000 baht (and paid before marrying her [I should jump out the window now]). I figured being a middle class, non-farmer type, university student and non-damaged goods, why not?

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Well it wasn’t until I accidently got pulled into Tagged and Hi5 from other friends that it got interesting. I accidently added my entire address book, which included A. When she accepted, I saw her profile and a number of guy friends on her network. But when her “friends” started leaving comments online professing love and how they missed her I got a little curious. Well after some investigatory services (Stick, I think you should have a good girl investigation service as well), I started to talk to one of them who had told me their intimate past that I just couldn’t believe my darling virgin angel could do. So a bit more investigation and dug up a bunch of email accounts which she owned – 8 email accounts that I know of. Wow, this girl had email accounts for groups of guys ranging from Thai friends to Hispanic chat buddies to Scandinavian and Irish giks and all the way to her American husband. Yeah, married! And not the Thai ceremonial kind but the one with the marriage certificate. To be fair, she had been in the process of getting a divorce after she found out more about the background of her husband.

So the confrontation begins and as you can imagine, the money and gold are gone so I am not seeing a penny of that. One thing I will give them was how honest they were with the confession. As you guessed, the mom orchestrated the whole thing with all of the guys, told her to marry the American just to get a visa and eventually a green card. Of course now with the entire network exposed to me where I had all the contact details, she had three choices I figured: a) tell me to fxxk off and explain away to the other guys I was some sort of psychotic ex-boyfriend if I told them the truth, b) choose me, or c) get rid of everyone and start a new network of idiot farangs sending her money, laptops, school fees etc. Actually she ended up having a rather curious response. Her mom and her ended up being terrified I would send a Thai mafia hit man after her family to get my money back and dropped everything. I had access to her financial accounts besides all the email accounts (which she didn’t know about) and they indeed did drop to zero real quick. She had to drop out of school because her non-working mother was supporting two other kids and also stopped the “game”. Yeah, accidently exposed her own network of farang “boyfriends” sending her money too when I was trying to investigate A. Interestingly, she wasn’t as worldly as A and only took on Brits. What was interesting was that all the cousins and aunties who obviously knew about A’s activities didn’t know about the mother and I was sworn to secrecy to not let the other family members know out of risk of her losing face… She only met her men in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket when they came into the country.

As for now? Well the other kids are now with their aunt and uncle. A moved with her father temporarily in a military base in the south (I just hope she doesn’t get gang raped by the 19 and 20 year old army boys as she is really quite stunning), and the mom is trying to scrape a living to pay the mortgage. I even jokingly tell A to go work in Pattaya and she adamantly refuses saying she is a “good girl.” Scary thing is that she really means it. I saw her a couple of times after, now she takes the bus instead of flying and knows better than to ask for a single penny from me.

And me, well I decided to take comfort with my favorite bargirl, N, although a hardcore hooker has always been totally honest with me for some reason. Between my lying “good girl” and my honest bargirl, I think I will go with the latter…

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Stickman's thoughts:


500k baht is a lot of money to lose in a scam like that. I would be pissed big time.

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