Stickman Readers' Submissions February 27th, 2009

The China Option

I came across Stickman some time ago, perhaps two years or three when looking for stories about expat life. I have never been to Thailand, and other than the occasional film that might feature Bangkok or some lush green area or waterway of that country, I have never really had any strong desire to see it.

I have however, lived in the Chinese mainland as my first experience of Asia first hand. My next adventure and home shall be Vietnam and when that happens I will most definitely take time out to visit Thailand. I can say though from reading about all the misadventures and disappointments met by many foreigners who either go to Thailand for a month or three, or actually live there, I have no intention of getting involved with any of the women there.

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And that brings to point what I wish to convey from my own Asia experience. I can understand why some foreign men who have never been to any country in Asia could be consumed by what I perceive as an exotic environment, but with all the numerous complaints, I still can not understand why so many still choose Thailand as their destination!

I lived in China for five years straight—I never once left the country to visit home or to travel. I was there from late 2001 to late 2006, and I had the time of my life as far as women, friendship with expats and colorful experiences. The Chinese who now have had a few decades of financial freedom and commercialism are still going through the growing pains of any culture unaccustomed to wider freedoms. They will lie and cheat and mislead just as any business person will the world over. This story or essay isn't touching on that. It's about the women, plain and simple, and I hope it perks the interest of many of those who “think” that Thailand is their ultimate destination as far as finding and / or enjoying the Asian female in all its aspects.

I think there is a lack of good information regarding China and Chinese women. I also think that a number of men from either Australia, America, Canada, or the UK and Europe are largely mislead as to how truly beautiful Chinese women are. The main reason for this misconception is, the majority of Chinese who live abroad are from one distinctive area—South China, or more precisely, Canton (Guangzhou) or Hong Kong. These are the Cantonese people, and they are regarded by the rest of China as being the ugliest people in the country. No joke. Chinese from central and northern China call them “little dark monkeys”.

I do actually adore the Cantonese culture, having lived all of my five years in Canton. I do speak a little of the local language, but it is Mandarin that gets a person through the rest of the country, so I did not spend any time learning the local language. The difference between the national language of Mandarin and Cantonese is so drastic as to compare Russian with Hawaiian!

To move on with my perspective and perhaps guide to the Chinese female, I will say this first off. A large majority of Chinese women are not dark skinned, but very pale white, much like the Korean or Japanese. It is also not uncommon to find very shapely Chinese women. One girl I dated had a bust measurement of 48ccc! And she had a slim waste and perfect basketball rear end to match. That is an extreme, but another woman I nearly married was a perfect pin up model with measurements of 36-24-35, and she was tall to boot, at 176 cm. There are plenty of slender, flat chested, adolescent “boy booty” type girls as well, for those men who prefer their women to be Peter Pan-ish.

To move on, the women in China are more than happy to get to know a foreigner, but to be fair, they do have trouble with dark skinned men of any nationality. Although I had a number of African friends who did have a Chinese girlfriend, most of them had to rely on the hookers for companionship of any length of time. The Chinese female loves the attention of the foreign male regardless, and they, rather than the man, like to show off their “catch” to their family and friends. It is a definite status symbol for an educated Chinese woman anyway, to have connections through either friendship or romance, of a foreign male.

Any Chinese female between the ages of 21 and 35 are very modern and western oriented, although the 30ish females currently tend to be torn between tradition and modernity. I lived with one Chinese woman for over a year, a businesswoman, who was constantly at odds with her traditional family and her modern life. One time during an expensive dinner in a 5 star restaurant in a very posh hotel in Canton with her extended family, she leaned toward me and whispered to me, “I do not know what to do! Do I let my rich brother-in-law pay? Or do I pay because I picked the place?”

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As far as sexuality goes, I never came across a reluctant woman in China who didn't want to be wild in the bedroom. In fact they all seemed quite brazen, from their late teens on up! They had no problem parading about my home sans clothing before or after sex, sometimes sitting on the sofa sipping green tea completely naked! They have no qualms about giving head or having a man go down on them, and they will try any position you or even they come up with.

About the money and green card chasers. They do exist, but they are easy to weed out. Not having an extensive “bar girl” economy like Thailand, this makes things much easier to weed through. The women that frequent the bars may or may not be hookers. Many times they are simply “second wives”, kept women of Hong Kong / Shanghai / Beijing / Taiwan businessmen. Other times they are professionals who didn't marry young, built their career, and do not want a typical Chinese husband; they have been spoiled too much by western thought and ideals. They want a foreign husband. It's really a simple matter to find out who is after you for a green card or money by stating to them after a week of dating and screwing, “I plan to live all my life in China / Asia.” or “I don't make much money / save much money.” If they make a hasty exit, or become “unavailable” shortly after, then you know what they were after.

Living with a Chinese woman, and being involved in a relationship can be pretty smooth, depending upon how much pressure you put on the woman. Do you run the household? Or does she? That comes down more or less to personality types. I had one woman (the 30 year old businesswoman) who hired a maid for us because she didn't want to cook or clean — that rocked! Another girl had her mother (the pin up model) move into our spare bedroom, and she cooked and cleaned (miss the mother, not the girl!).

So for all of you “want to come to Thailand” men who are inspired by some of the outrageous stories here at Stick's, please consider the middle kingdom as well, especially if you become disillusioned with Thailand! I will follow up this story with a true account of how a Chinese hooker-friend saved me from being robbed!

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Stickman's thoughts:

Tourism to Thailand just took a hit…and the flights to China are going to be packed!

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