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Philippine Internet Dating

I am going to Manila in early March for a friend’s wedding. It will be my first trip and have little idea what to expect. The little I know about Filipina women are from my friend, who is a Filipina living in Bangkok, and from what I have read on the Stickman site. I live in Australia and have been to Thailand many times. Most of the women I meet in Thailand are through internet dating sites and it has worked very well for me. So I decided to do the same for my Philippines trip. I really do prefer Thai women though. Filipina women don’t do it for me the same way yet, but hopefully this will change.

A word about me … I am in my late 40s, an average guy living in Australia and trying my luck. I signed up to Filipina Heart last week, set up my profile and waited. I didn’t have to wait long. I was inundated. Absolutely inundated. I was getting so many requests that I couldn’t possibly answer them all. I didn’t even try. Now I know what it must be like to be a beautiful woman on an internet site. I was hit on by all ages from 18 up, most in their early to mid 20s. My age really didn’t seem to faze them. I showed them my photos and they all thought I was young and handsome. I know the Philippines is a poor country, but I had no idea how desperate its women are to get out of there. I have had no rejections yet, not one! They all want to meet me and all want to travel with me, most within 15 minutes of meeting me. I suspect most would marry me as well if I wanted. Amazing.

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But not is all what it seems in Filipinaland. In all my online encounters with Thai women I have had no bad experiences, no instances of people trying to rip me off, apart from one young woman asking me to buy her a laptop the third time we chatted. Not so with Filipina women.

One woman said she was 26 on her profile. She had a beautiful picture. Turns out she was 30. “Her” photo was taken when she was 23. I asked to see a current picture. Her computer has a virus, her cam is not working, but she looks almost the same. Yeah, right. Another one was a nurse fallen on hard times, needed money to continue her studies by midnight that night or she cannot continue. Unfortunately for her and those like her, getting money out of me if I don’t want to give it is a waste of time. Next time we chatted she confessed she was a nude model and her picture was of her face on someone else’s body with the most enormous pair of tits. What to believe or not believe.

Another nursing student confided in me (and only me, so she said) that she had to fund her studies by being a nude cam model. She gave me the URL, a porn teen cam site. But you are 25 I said, you are not a teenager? She laughed at that. Then she tried to get me to see her on the site. Naturally this involved the use of a credit card. Another pretty girl chatted sweetly before asking me to pay for her internet recharge online. By this stage in my “search” (all the girls ask how my “search” is going) I simply said no. They then say that they understand, close down the photo file sharing and within a minute or two are gone.

By the way they all use Yahoo for chat, none use Microsoft Messenger. No idea why.

The religion thing is interesting. They are mostly Catholics who go to church and give off a halo of devoutness. I am not used to this. I want women to go to bed with, not to go to church with. They are “God fearing women” seeking a “God fearing man” whereas I am an atheist. Not sure how to get around this problem and would appreciate constructive advice from those more experienced than myself in these matters. A couple of women who I have flirted with have been noticeably upset when I cracked puns or jokes that their Thai cousins would have found funny and harmless. I chatted to one woman who was internet dating an American pastor. We had an argument over sex and religion until she asked me to drop the subject. No sex before marriage according to the bible, which I countered by saying that you can find anything you want in the bible and anyway, it is just a book. Turns out her pastor has dropped her. She is over him now and is happy to sit in front of her cam in nothing more than a pair of racy knickers and a very sexy tee shirt and talk about what we are going to do to each other when we meet. So there are ways around this religion and no sex before marriage thing. It’s just that I have yet to crack the code.

The strangest tangle I got involved in was with a pretty 23 year old who decided after 10 minutes of chatting that we were to be boyfriend and girlfriend. She insisted I sign up to an Internet dating site where we could declare our love for each other. I went along with it and gave her my signup name but she couldn’t connect to me there as I was not a paid-up member. Membership was $39. Naturally I refused. She was very upset. Turned out that she had just paid her $39 membership fee so that we could do this and now I was not cooperating. She got even more upset when I asked her if she was receiving a commission from the site. Truly bizarre. I don’t get that one at all. I can’t imagine even a young naïve Thai woman doing something that strange or stupid.

On the positive side, it is so nice to be able to hold a real conversation using real English. All these women speak really good English, are worldly and interested and curious. And then there was a very pretty young woman who gave me a lovely but revealing photo of herself within a minute of us chatting. I asked her why she did it and she said she liked me. I like her too and intend to meet her.

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There are many pretty and sincere women out there keen and eager to meet me. Pity about the ones who are there for the wrong reasons or who want or need money. You just need to be aware that some of them are there under false pretences,; unfortunately they are all too often the pretty ones. They are starting to look much prettier now, which augers well for my holiday. I am looking forward to meeting as many of them as I can in the next couple of weeks and will report back.

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Stickman's thoughts:

This whole internet dating lark has got huge but as you say, it is a shame that there are so many girls out there using it as an arena to make money.

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