Stickman Readers' Submissions February 12th, 2009

In Memoriam Angoon

Most people are like trains running contentedly on their rails, and that is exactly what I did when I was a barrister (lawyer) in the Kingdom of Belgium, but I always had this feeling that I should derail my train and look for something more

I worked very hard, the money accumulated, but there wasn't much time for girlfriends. There were however the Dutch hookers. 30 minutes by car, and I'd be in the Netherlands, enjoying the Dutch girls. That would not have been impossible
in Belgium, not because there aren't beautiful young hookers in Belgium, but because as a barrister and a substitute judge the Belgian hookers were out of reach. A Belgian judge is not supposed to have fun with Belgian hookers, so Belgian
barristers and judges go to The Netherlands.

He Clinic Bangkok

Finally I decided to quit my job and leave Belgium. As a lawyer, I was fed up of taking care of other people's worries and as a substitute judge I was fed up sending people to prison. On top of that there was this article in Belgian
newspapers about my atheism.

I remember one particular day in Belgium, in November 1980, when I had to act as a substitute judge, because the regular judge was ill. I was on the list of substitute judges, so I had to sit in judgment. There is no jury for minor crimes
in Belgium, so I – and only I – make the decision.

The accused was a thief. He was accused of 28 thefts. He told me that he called God as his witness. I said that my court would wait for 1 minute, and if God does not show up, I would sentence the accused. God didn't show up, so I sentenced
him to 2 years imprisonment. Some local newspapers were angry : lack of respect for religion !

CBD bangkok

And here's where Thailand comes into the picture. In the year 1983 I bought a round-the-world ticket (first class). One of the destinations was Bangkok.

In February 1983 I checked into the Oriental Hotel. It was wonderful. The luxury, the smiles from the staff…but then I wanted to explore the city. A limousine was provided by the Oriental Hotel, and I saw the temples etc. My driver was
Angoon Wongtong, a fifty year old driver who spoke some English. Angoon asked me whether I was interested in girls. I told him that I had read that the Grace Hotel was a good place. Angoon laughed. No, he said, that is for dirty Arabs, you are
a high class man, I'll take you to a villa.

An hour's drive from Bangkok, we arrived at a gate, it opened, there was a graveled road, and a big villa. I immediately received a bottle of French champagne, and my driver was sitting next to me, sipping from the champagne. Then at
least a hundred young girls arrived. Some were obviously under age (14, 15 years old)

I picked one girl who looked like 19 or 20 years old, and off we went, back to the Oriental Hotel. I had some trouble getting in, because the 20 or so body guards of Sylvester Stallone were blocking my way. They were waiting for the famous
actor, but I had no trouble getting the girl in my room.

wonderland clinic

Needless to say, it was great sex with the girl from the villa.

The next day my driver (Angoon) had a great idea. He told me to leave the Oriental and go to a cheaper hotel. No doubt he thought that I was spending too much on the Oriental. He proposed that he would take a 2 week vacation from the Oriental,
he would then borrow a car from a friend and still be my driver.

I agreed. He took me to the A-One hotel, and got me a decent and clean room. And he indeed showed up with another car, not the limousine from the Oriental.

Angoon was my bodyguard, my driver, my comrade. We went to Patpong, and many other places, and I gave my wallet to him. He paid my bills with my money, and he was dead honest to the last baht. I don't know what ruse he used, but I always
ended up paying less for girls than the other farang.

Angoon wanted me to see Isaan, and both of us flew to Isaan. I had heaps of girls there, with the 50 year old Angoon in the background, by that I mean, he was always there when I needed him, and he respected my privacy when I went with a

He was always ready with his advice though. Don't take that girl, she's no good, or don't eat that, it's too spicy for you, etc

Angoon was a good teacher. I learned a lot of Thai language from him.

Angoon and I didn't go to the regular hang outs anymore, we went to the secret villas, and that's where the real fun starts.

I always gave Angoon at least a 100,000 baht to pay for my bills. He paid my bills and he never cheated. Of course I also gave him wonderful tips.

Anyway, I moved to Indonesia, and Angoon is dead (lung cancer).

I've been living in Indonesia for the past 25 years and I can assure you that Indonesian girls are quite different from Thai girls, but that's another story which doesn't fit into this website about Thai girls.

Sometimes, over here in Indonesia, when I'm listening to Thai music, I have tears in my eyes, because I remember Angoon, my faithful and honest driver.

But anyway, the girls over here are great !

Stickman's thoughts:

Very nice indeed.

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