Stickman Readers' Submissions January 15th, 2009

Why The Tatt, Oh Why?

Yes, eventually your column also saved my novice butt from seduction by a lovely bar girl.

We met in Phuket 8 months earlier and the whole experience was surreal and wonderful blah blah blah. She was better behaved and more conservative than many farang women I have dated and even then acted like a true girlfriend, jealous of farang ladies
and pissed of when I became mao one night. What prostitute elsewhere will EVER do that? Even before I boarded my flight she was sending me “miss u mak mak, take care daling” SMSs.

He Clinic Bangkok

The shock from becoming lovesick turned me to Google and soon I was reading with dismay the submissions on your site. What made me doubt them though is that she never asked money. The buffalo never became ill, even when Mama was in hospital she never
asked. I was confused. Soon I forgot Stickman's advice. She was different for sure.

She posted me letters and photos of her home and family in Petchabun. She quit the bar 2 weeks after she met me (so her career spanned 5 weeks.. for sure..) while the photos were genuinely current. Then poor Mama was somehow able to buy her a 20k baht
laptop (after I ignored her hints) and we spent many hours on video chat so I was certain she was not in Phuket working bars. Great fun and I longed her so much. Her written English improved rapidly but a phone conversation is still near impossible.

Suddenly wrote and demanded I send her 20,000 baht per month to take care of her. Maybe she was waiting for me to offer and became impatient, thanks Stickman. I refused and we did not speak for a while until I received her much delayed photos of my name
tattooed between two red dragons on her lovely, sexy, slim, satin smooth lower back. Now what man is immune to that?

CBD bangkok

Our routine resumed and the dragons still stare at my Christian name, so it was not a fake. No, my name is not Jim. She knew very well not to ask for money. Then Mama was suddenly able to buy a new Isuzu pick up. This was shortly after she went away for
one month with Mama to go and build a house for someone. Out of interest I asked for pictures of this speedy build which never came.

As the December high season loomed she became more insistent I visit her. On the surface this was a fantastic relationship and she never wanted money. But somehow I sensed desperation from her for me to visit in December.

I then took a gamble and created two lusty farangs profiles who contacted her online. One was young, handsome and the other much older, 52 and rich. She took the bait. It was incredible to see how she schemed her schedule to fit in all three farangs during
peak season. She certainly preferred young farang over old farang who had to lay on the promises of riches before she became enthusiastic and old farang receiving assurance that he is not old and still velly handsome. She was
even so thoughtful to rope in a 16 year old neighbour for young farang’s friend, joking that they don’t have to worry about jail!

For what it’s worth my timing took precedence and as I played her with dates she shuffled the others “I have to go with Mama to visit family”, then “No, I told Mama now I not want visit, so please come then”.

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I turned up the heat and we were talking babies and traditional marriage but I was shocked to see her changing young farang’s schedule for immediately AFTER our “honeymoon”! I could not bear it any longer and played my trump. “Young
farang” informed her he was my friend. It was a sting only to test her. Initially she was shocked, then acted as if she knew all along. Then she came at me with everything she had. She probably told me 1 million times how she only loved
me. “Me not like Thai man, not like young farang, teerak, you only one sure.” I became worn out from arguing with her and gave up, dropping the matter for the sake of world peace. You will never win an argument with a Thai lady,

December has come and she has left for Bangkok to stay with her “older brother”. She is now training as a hairdresser and wants to open her own shop. I cannot understand why more Thai ladies do not think of this… sheez. Anyway, for some
reason, the precious laptop did not make it to Bangkok and it’s only a daily SMS now. I have stopped responding but it’s like doing hard rehab. Maybe it’s a worse addiction than alcohol or drugs.

But I’m holding firm, it been six days since my last SMS. Hold thumbs for me…

PS: Please, Stickman, the only thing I do not get is the tatt. Why would she do that? Did she really care or was this a way of luring a love sick sponsor, sorry.. husband? Or did I wrongly believe the 100’s of embittered stories and
she is really different after all?

Stickman's thoughts:

This woman has shown herself to be unfaithful so turn your back on her, block all communication with her and move on. No good can come of being in a relationship with a woman like her when deep down you cannot trust her.

As far as the tattoo goes, that is something I have never really understood. It's not that uncommon either.

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