Stickman Readers' Submissions January 6th, 2009

Pinoy vs. Thai

An age old question for some of you guys out there. Not for me anymore. I spent the better part of 5 years in the Land of Smiles, for the most part enjoyed the hell out of it, from Chiang Rai to Surat Thani, BKK to Udon, I have seen it all.
From the flesh dens of Pattaya, Angels (overpriced) Disco, to The Biergarten, and the Thermae. Done Lolita's, done Patpong. I have lived in Chiang Mai, Phuket, and BKK. Per capita Thailand has more beautiful women than any place
I have
ever seen. I did Bangkok chat in the early days, did ThailandFriends later. For what it is, particularly with regards to the opposite persuasion, Thailand is ok.

I had read all the BS about the Philippines before, how dirty it is (true in some parts), how dangerous it is (sure, anywhere is dangerous if you're a fool, particularly a drunken one), and all the rest. I came over here the first time
2 years ago and did Angeles City and Boracay. I must say I was impressed with what I saw. Some people's cup is half empty. Mine is always half full. I noticed straight away that the women were much different than their Thai counterparts,
particularly in the areas of sweetness, romance and trustworthiness. Very nice qualities in a beautiful woman, don't ya think fellas? The talk about money was kept to a minimum, and the girls, oh so very lovely and sexy.

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I came back this time 2 years later for a more serious go at it, and let me tell you that the Philippines for a monger makes Thailand look like a nunnery. I can't tell you the times that I hit on girls on ThailandFriends with no luck.
Before you go jumping to conclusions fellas, sure I am no spring chicken, but I know that I am not only handsome, and a good lay <Mate, what Stickman reader isn't?Stick>, but very, very sweet and polite
with the ladies, and I always have been.

Here I go online to the free Asian dating sites, and I am literally beating them off with a stick. I have my pick. How many times did I get laid casually in Thailand for free? I can count them on one finger. <Translation: You're not quite as handsome or as charming as you think you areStick> Here in the Philippines I have been laid at least ten times so far with no fee attached, other than that which I voluntarily gave of my own free accord. If I want play for pay I just hop in a local taxi (try that in
Thailand fellas!) and he takes me down a side street. All of a sudden pimps come flying out of the woodwork and suddenly my taxi is surrounded by 30 or more angels, all for the princely sum of fifteen bucks. Hot young sexy and wanting to please.

If I want a wife, I know at the moment of at least ten gorgeous babes that would marry me in a heartbeat, no questions asked, and no sin sot. I got babes 18, 19, and 20 all over me. I am in my 50's fellas, and let me tell you
I like it!!

There is NO comparison when it comes to Thailand with regards to women. Anyone tells you different is full of it. The Phils win hands down, and I am talking about BABES. Sweet, sexy, romantic, playful, and they speak English too! In fact
I had a babe tonight take a two hour bus ride just to meet me from her province. She's in bed next to me sleeping as I write this. Hasn't asked me for anything, and she won't. She as a bit shy at first, then those sweet thighs just
opened up like gods lil' acre of delight.

Sure the food is shit, it's dirtier in some places, but that's about the only drawbacks I have seen. Beaches…god….get out of the city, the cleanest freshest air I have ever breathed, the colour of the ocean is incredible. People?
Most sweet as can be, no dirty looks, no one giving me any BS at all. Costs? Hotels a bit more, and good clothes harder to find and costlier but other than that everything is cheaper. I buy cigarettes for US $.20 a pack Camel filters .50.

This is where I will live now. Sure I will come back to Thailand, but more likely than not bring a lovely Filipina when I go there. I am a very good judge of character, and I have for the most part NEVER trusted a Thai lass with either my
heart or my dough, and for good reason. I am not saying that there aren't pooyings out there that can't be trusted, but in my experience most can't be. I don't feel the same here, not that I don't take precautions,
I do, but the feeling is different.

So you all have fun with your Thai girls fellas. I will stick to Filipina honey any day of the week. Just my two cents worth on this age old debate. I went to a local disco yesterday similar to Angels (I am in Cebu). Cost? A buck to get in,
and that includes a San Miguel. Closes at 5:30 AM. Bye bye Angels, I haven't given you my baht in a good 5 years anyways with your overpriced entrance fee that is open for about a fucking hour! Bye .ye Thailand. Hello Pinoys!!

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Stickman's thoughts:

I have never been to the Philippines so I am in no position to make comparison. The Filipinas I have met have been very pleasant and the fact that there is no language barrier is a big bonus.

The one point I would make is that it is often said that the Filipinas want out of the Philippines whereas the Thais love their country and really do not want to leave. These Filipinas who are sleeping with you are probably doing it because they see it as a chance to get out, as opposed to you being a hansum man. Oh, that's right, you told us that you're both handsome and charming. How could I possibly forget!?

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