Stickman Readers' Submissions January 15th, 2009

Asia Dating Secrets

I have been a regular reader of Stickman some time, actually since before I came to Thailand the first time, so I guess now is about time for my first reader's submission.

Through my travels in Asia I have spent a lot of my free time trying to cure my yellow fever.

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I always looked at Thailand like a retreat, a place to go and relax, where reality really is in the eye of the beholder.
For the girls, yes, but not only. I prefer Japanese girls anyway, although I must admit Thailand has the greatest
number of hot girls available for good times.

Nowhere else in the world can you find so many beautiful young girls as in the area around lower Sukhumvit. Well, Roppongi in Tokyo is a close second! I recommend all going to Japan to go there. Lots and lots of ‘kawaii’ girls.
Anyway, back on track, or try to.

I was a Nana fan for years until I discovered G-Clubs such as Forte or The Pent, where the girls are even more stunning. But taking these dancing beauties home is not a sure thing, and you feel kind of stupid leaving empty handed after forking
over the 20K+ membership! That’s exaggerated, but these clubs are expensive.

As everybody who has lived in Asia for a longer period knows, if you want to date such a girl you’d better be prepared to spend a lot of cash. This is particularly true for the hottest coyote dancers and hostess girls. These women
make a lot of money selling drinks, and have guys wooing them in great numbers. It seems to be a sport specially for the Japanese to see who can spend the most money on lavish gifts on their chosen sweetheart. They do it in Japan too, only here
sometimes the girls are ‘exotic’ western girls! They make a good living chatting up these guys too.

It can be very difficult to get a normal relationship with such a girl, without becoming a customer. But a friend of mine has dated many of these girls without paying huge sums, and without pop-star looks, so it is possible.

I asked him for advice, and here is my compilation of 10 tips for dating these women:

1) Don’t become a customer: Many dancers and hostesses have a rule not to date (non-paying) customers. Once you pay for anything you end up in the customer group, and that’s much more valuable to her as a recurring
income. Avoid this by always buying bottles of liquor, instead of drinks for her etc. Let her have from your bottle instead.

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2) Go a the right time: At the beginning of the month or at the very end of the month, most girls in the entertainment business feel debts and bills pile up, that means they have to focus more on making money, than anything else.
Stay away these days.

3) Don’t sit or stand at front row: Otherwise known as Perv Row. Most likely she has had bad experiences with guys from this row, don’t get bundled in with them.

4) Make friends with an insider: Preferably the manager or the DJ. A good way to go about this is to meet and discuss with the manager about a party. When the girls see you with the manager, they will assume you are more important than the average customer. This way you can also get tips from the manager on which girls are up for dating a foreigner or not.

5) Lead the conversation: All of these girls have a routine that they use the first few minutes to get information about you and get you to buy drinks. Don’t allow them to steer the conversation, but take charge and introduce
fascinating topics about you.

6) Go out alone or in small groups: It is easier for a girl to approach you if you sit by yourself or with a friend. Large groups can be intimidating.

7) Don’t talk about sexual topics, and don’t let her. Again this happens to her all the time, and the idea is to be different.

8 ) Don’t mention the current situation. Don’t talk about the club or her job. Instead work on conveying your personality and attracting her.

9) Be sure to let her know you can handle a girl like her. Many guys get way to jealous to be with dancers and strippers. Don’t act needy, and show her you understand her world.

10) Act like an insider. Like with 4 and 9. Act almost bored with the whole scene. You have seen it all and know the score. Not in a jaded way, but in ‘man-of-the-world’ way.

That’s it, maybe other readers have something to share on the subject?

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