Stickman Readers' Submissions December 3rd, 2008

PAD wins Thailand loses

They cheered in Suwarnaphum today as once again the Constitutional Court found a way to kick out the ruling PM. It is oh so convenient how this court finds excuses to prosecute high-ranking members of the government during these times. When this whole
charade kicked off a few months ago an opinion piece came out of the Bangkok Post’s website. In summary it said that Thailand cannot be expected to have a strong government because they are a new democracy and these things take time. The
author went on to back up this argument with some historical analysis and an ending which basically said, “If you are a guest in this country you have no right to complain.”

Well 350,000+ guests were held hostage in Thailand this past week. Can we complain now?

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I support the PAD. That’s right, the illegal force that has destroyed another attempt at having a democratically elected government has my thumbs up for approval. I think closing the airports at the onset of Thailand’s tourist
season was brilliant and I commend them for choosing such an opportune moment to strike at the heart of their foes.

I support them because they shined a light on Thailand. They held the mirror up and showed the world the ugly truth about what this country is really made of. There was no righteous cause. There was no plan for utopia around the corner. Their
accomplishment was essentially to reverse any momentum Thailand was building to claw its way out of the third world. They doomed millions of their countrymen and women to unemployment in the near future, and possibly a spiraling recession that
will push them back to 1997 in the long-term. If this was their goal they reached it and then some.

I support the PAD because the government had every opportunity to quell their illegal activities, but just couldn’t get it together long enough to see it through. Their inept police, government, and military time and time again dropped
the ball and allowed this group of mercenaries to run the country. To those Thais I have talked to who defended the government’s non-actions by stating, “There are women and children to think about!” I say this. Tear gas isn’t
fatal. Cutting off power and water to the occupied buildings then setting up a cordon around the area isn’t fatal. The government cannot stop their lawlessness because they built their agencies responsible for maintaining the law with a
pervasive culture of corruption. When your job as a policeman is to fleece the local merchants and tourists on a daily basis being called to do any real police work seems a daunting task indeed.

We all hypothesized that Thailand built its house from straw. We all knew somewhere in our minds that this government of spinning plates was about as secure as your valuables on a Thai tour bus, so when this ragtag group of mercenaries held
this country hostage I just had to laugh. After years establishing the reputation as the Land of Scams Thailand finally met Ms. Karma. She is a bitch and she just came to collect. There were no farang to blame, no where to turn and take the victim’s
role as is Thailand’s normal policy. This time it was a totally Thai vs. Thai bonanza. I have to wonder if those canary idiots really grasp just what they did. Do they really know how evil this act was? Maybe some know, but probably don’t
care. They did it for the few thousand extra baht tossed their way and screw the rest of the country. For all the flag waving and Thai patriotism we see strewn about they were willing to sell out their country for the price of few month’s

If you ask any PAD or UDD member about their level of patriotism you will most likely receive an emphatic tale of patriotic deeds which puts them and their cause in the best service of King and country. Their form of patriotism is a dangerous
mix of extremism and ignorance. It is about which extreme action I can do to prove my love for Thailand and outdo my neighbor. It is about as genuine as that watch you bought in MBK, and the PAD just proved it.

As they go to sleep tonight and dream of how to spend those extra few thousand baht they just earned you have to wonder if we will ever see a civilized Thailand in this lifetime.

To the PAD – Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Yellow might be a bright colour but the future is not so bright…

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