Stickman Readers' Submissions December 4th, 2008

My Television Career Is Like Thailand

So the last submission I was talking to you about Bulgaria and a Thai wife. I mentioned how there is always a positive to each and every situation. Well I have one more!!!

This involves how women from all countries and industries can be the same…not just Thailand…and MEN TOO…including myself!

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As the years moved on from my Bulgaria / Dubai experience I fell in love again. Who knew it could happen? Well I must say, it was my second love and I haven't loved anyone since. I wish these days I was more gullible and had a heart made of ice which
would as easily melt as it used to…but I no doubt in the future will meet a lovely girl again and I certainly don't let any past experiences deter me from what a real lovely person can bring to my life.

It would have been 2 or 3 years from my last Bulgarian love. I had started work in a nice technology business which focused on television shows, websites and building robots…go figure…they did everything. I had moved from a few areas but started doing
what I always wanted to do…visual effects and 3D animation for film and television. We had a feature film on the way and also some great visual effects for an upcoming TV show. Life was good! The first time I was making great money and decided
to book a trip to Africa and buy a new car. Got my car, and went to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia and had a ball. Upon my arrival home the company called a meeting and said that they had to lay everyone off.

I couldn't believe I was to lose my job. I had just got on to my feet in life, paid a good $7,000 for a holiday and $30,000 for a car. I figured I was stuffed. The next 2 weeks saw everyone in the company leave except for about 4 others who were
management and trying to keep it alive. Everyone that worked there was so angry as they were told things were going great and felt revengeful.

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Well, if you read my last Stickman submission you would know that I think there is only positives for everything!!

Well I decided to take another form of action. I felt legitimately bad for the owners. It wasn't their fault, so I figured I could stay around and try and help them out. They had just purchased around $200,000 worth of computer and camera equipment
so I made a deal with them. I said let me try and get things going since we had all this equipment and see if I could make some cash for them and myself. So I went into a business partnership with them. So I didn't run the situation of losing
my job in anger, but tried for the best of everyone involved.

I managed to produce some animated television commercials. I started my own animated pilot TV show and in the end had a team of around 20 people working on the project within the year of it all happening. I was as keen as mustard with life and did my
absolute best. During this period a producer came in to see if he could revive the TV show the company had previously been working on. From meeting this man, my life changed again.

Well…it turned into another huge negative in the end of a 2.5 year stint with this producer but only good came out of it… Through endless pain and hardship I surfaced a better person.

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You see…this man promised me everything. He had many TV shows going on ..apparently…I was to travel to all the beautiful islands around the world to film a new TV show. There was nothing this producer wasn't doing. I was the most excited person
ever. It was my big break…Little did I know, the disappointment I got from this, I also gave to others.

Now I would like to point out some things here. Women can bullshit about their love for you from Thailand (or anywhere) but money comes first. It is like this with everyone…men and women alike. The television industry is like so much of the Thai bargirl
scene – bullshit to try and get service, visa or money.

The unfortunate thing about a point in my life is I was like a Thai woman in the end. OK, perhaps like a Thai bargirl! Let me explain!!!!

We would hold auditions for new girls to be part of an extreme sports television show this particular producer had going. I was cameraman, but also line producer. My animation and visual effects business also fit in well here. These girls would have stars
in their eyes…basically do anything at all to get the job… It meant them being noticed…on a television show which was broadcast all around the world. So we could take advantage of the power of our position and use them to whatever degree
we wanted. Now I am not a nasty person, but I was like the partner in crime with the producer and in the end supported his acts. The lies which were told to these girls were insane. I guess much of it was to do with trying to have sex with them…so
if we had to choose 2 girls for a season of the show, one would be great as a host, and the other was most likely the one to shag! There were girls everywhere all the time. I had many girls crying to me over the heartbreak of promises not fulfilled.
They wouldn't get paid because of some petty excuse. It went on and on…sure there was the extreme sports show..but that was all…other things were just drivel.

I guess this sorta sounds likes a Thai bargirl taking advantage of a lonely Western man hey!!!?!?!?!?!?

I was living the life…I was getting paid for partying, hanging out with hot girls who were models and actresses…I was meeting celebrities from all walks of life…I was frequently taking drugs and had gorgeous women sucking up my arse. Funny thing
is..they were probably playing the Thai bargirl thing and not actually keen on me, but just thought if they showed it, I would help them into the industry. Everyone was 'fxxxing' everyone over with false personalities, but hey it was

Then the 3rd season came. Lots of girls and auditions…found a couple and the show was on. We were covering sex parties, surfing events, rave parties, concerts…the lot…Awesome times I say!!! I started to feel a lot of feelings for one of the hosts.
She also felt the same. We became very connected and felt strongly towards each other. The problem was this…the producer also liked her…I guess was the majority of his reasoning for hiring her for the role. Hot blonde girl, ex-stripper, bikini

The challenge was on…well at least according to him. But he did have the power…he promised to take her over to the US to meet all the big film studio executives and get her career rolling…I couldn't compare to this at the time…I knew he was
doing it just to run from life here in OZ and have her…I also knew he wasn't going to succeed in making her a star… many people try…Sure she met the Kevin Costner's and the chick that spread her legs in Basic Instincts
and a whole bunch more…but what are they going to do???

I had an animated TV pilot on the go…but she couldn't star in that…I was doing the odd television commercial..but all animated…so no good for her there either…Though I was sure she liked me lots… …I guess she had to toss up in the end…Was
it me or him? Was it feelings or cash? Sound pretty damn familiar to Thai women…Cash number 1. Everything else is second!!!

So this girl assured me that she will go over to the States to meet all these fancy people and come straight back to me and get rid of him out of her life…it will be worth it in the end for us both. So it was the end of my times with this wanker producer
and also because I couldn't be part of the insane cruelty of lies to all the girls and people anymore.

Just before he left with her, he gave me a whole lot of surfing footage to give to my dad for his business. On the end of the tape he put a surprise. Unfortunately it was my father that had to see it and not me. The girl I liked so much was laying on
the bed, with the producer with her. He had filmed it all. It broke my heart into two. I was naive and didn't think she was doing all this with him. The prick sent it to me but even worse, my dad.

The girl, the producer and every other person that came through the scene were all in it for one thing..Fame and fortune…and nothing else. The TV industry here is EXACTLY the same as what all you guys can and have experienced in Thailand.

Unfortunately, because of the end results from this girl, and the drugs and partying associated with this show, I had a nervous breakdown. I had to call off the 20 people working on the animated pilot TV show I was working on, had to quit everything I
was doing with the initial company that almost went bust and end my animation and visual effects business. I was working on releasing an album on CD and just met a huge producer from the UK who mixed his track into mine and wanted me to be part
of everything….all gone!!! I shut down…BANG!!!!…Everything had gone!!

Bloody women…bloody TV…but hey!!! Had so much fun!!! Up with some of the best experiences in my life…Would I ever change anything I have done…NEVER!!!

I went out a month later, found a client…went back to my original…and got it all fired up again…My honesty with these guys, and the true friends they are, all understood the industry and how you can get lost in it all…Now they are a big PAY TV
Station here in Australia, and doing fantastic…I still have my business and work right in line with them as a team.

I guess I needed the experience…I also have to thank the girl that broke my heart again…I mean REALLY THANK HER…if it wasn't for her…I may of stayed with the evil producer and not had my nervous breakdown…and if this is the case, I could
be a different person, still taking copious amounts of drugs and living like a low life…She got me back on track by breaking my heart!!! SO I say THANKS!!!!

Stickman's thoughts:

An unusual but interesting analogy. It sounds like TV is one dirty industry!

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