Stickman Readers' Submissions November 15th, 2008

PHIT 21 – Losing your virginity

Do you remember when you lost your virginity? Me I remember my first. There I was thirteen at the time. Her name was Ida Bangda. What an appropriate name eh? She was fourteen. Yeah she was my cute little next door neighbor. We grew up together. Sometimes I liked her and then we both went through that puberty thing and I hated her for a while. And then one day I looked at her and something was different. Neither of us knew what it was but suddenly she looked better than all my male friends. So it happened that one day we lost our virginity together. Me I didn’t even know I was losing my virginity. Hell if someone had of told me I was losing my virginity me I would still be a virgin because me I was so naïve I woulda spent all the time looking for it. “Where’s my virginity? Mom why didn’t you tell me I had me a virginity?”

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So anyways me and Ida we were up in the mountains behind my village home this day. There was a big old volcano up there so there was plenty of fissures in the rocks and the occasional cave. We was playing in one of those caves and I was the doctor. So me I asked her where the pain was and she pointed to her belly button. When I touched her there she said no – a little lower down. I probed a little further down and she pushed my hand lower. Suddenly I got all the way down there and I cried out “Wow! There sure is something wrong with you! What happened to your dick!?” She laughed and said that she didn’t have one because she was a girl. And so my sex education started. We explored each other and finally figured out what went where. Then just at the climactic moment there was an earth tremor. So when I asked her did you feel the earth move too it wasn’t a rhetorical question.

Looking around me in Bangkok at all these guys flocking to the bars and night clubs me I wonder if some of them are still virgins. You see them walk into a bar and their eyes go round. They sit under the stage with their heads tilted up and there mouths wide open. Some girl pours a drink into that wide open mouth and they do not even cares. They just sitting there looking at all that pussy and they has gone to heaven – pussy heaven.

Me and Bart we took an Australian friend to Baccarat in Soi Cowboy the other night. He was new in town, just divorced. A real virgin! The Baccarat is real good because the seats are comfortable and the girls are in just the right state of undress. He sat there amazed. He was there all night drinking and staring like he had never seen a woman before. Me I reckon because he came from Australia maybe he had not ever seen a real woman before. If you have meet some of them Aussie womens you no what I means. They are real scarey.

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One girl on the stage she took a real liking to this Aussie guy. She was shaking her booty in his face, squatting down in front of him and flicking up her skirt and just showing him what could be all his for the price of a few Baht. Bart and me we sat there watching him and her. This guy he is an engineer back home. His friends say he be a real tough character but watching him that night he was like putty in that girls hands. Not too long after we arrived there he was in!!!! HaHaHaHaHaAha!!!

Was he the only one to lose his marbles over a girl there? Of course not. Even some of the hard core sons of Nippon was sitting back waving purple notes in the air to attract one or maybe more of the beauties up on that stage. No matter where you looked there was guys acting like they had never had any pussy before in there lives. Some guys were sitting next to the stage in the easy chairs and they had their heads cocked right back looking up through the Perspex ceiling as girls danced up there sans panties. As the night wore on the girls on stage thinned out as they left with these Bangkok virgins.

Why was they virgins? Because they had just flown into Bangkok and this was their first Thai hooker. Man was they hooked. You see them walking out the through the doorway curtains with grins on they faces from ear to ear. They looked like they just scored Miss Universe and she was gonna give them the ride of their lives. How true that was. Them girls was professionals. Bart and me we watched them butter up these guys so slick you coulda skated on it.

The next morning me I rang up the Aussie to ask him how he had enjoyed his night out with us. He couldn’t shut up. He raved about the girl he took home. In fact he said she was still there and he was gonna keep her for the rest of his trip. Me I gave him another twenty four hours before the euphoria wore off and Aha me I was right. Within eight hours he was back in Soi Cowboy with us again eager to try a new bar. So Bart and me we took him to Tilac another interesting bar with mirrors on the dancing floor. This time the Aussie he sat with his eyes glued to the mirrors feasting his eyes on the pussy displayed like a veritable smorgasbord.

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He took two girls home with him that night. Another Bangkok virgin bit the dust. Them girls is still yelling out Samoa! Samoa! I want some Samoa!



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