Stickman Readers' Submissions November 8th, 2008

PHIT 20 – Killing The Trolls

Have you ever been on an online discussion forum Stickies? Some, like or they are very entertaining. Why you might even get some spirited discussions going if you be lucky. Unfortunately some forums here in Thailand and even overseas attract some of the worst types as well. These are small peoples who cannot hold an intelligent discussion if their lives depend on it. They are attacking people because they have nothing constructive to say. Some of them even go so far as to set up their own websites to attacking people, like one guy here in Thailand who was recently sued for slander. He was so overconfident that he even revealed his own name on his website. This poor man thoughts he could attacking people with impunity but he now has found out that the law takes a dim view and he has been sentenced to 2 years jail. A good warning to anyone else who thinks he can get away with online slanderous attacks.

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Other peoples on another forum supposed to be for discussing Stickman submissions are so full of vitriolic hatred you can only read their postings and shaking your head and then click away wondering what is wrong with these peoples eh? Pathetic peoples like these are either drunks and or short little people without the brains to even understand how pathetic they are. For this reason before you join any forum or dating site or any online group you must making very sure that you do not reveal who you are. Many cases in the USA have already come up where online stalkers make life hells for others. Look at the recent case of the womans in the USA who was so angry a boy ditched her daughter she made an online identity pretending to be a young teenager and she started attacked the boy.

What these little no-brain idiots does not understand is that these attacks come back to bite them in the ass after a while. It is not hard to track down who they are. Sometimes they even meets the people they attacking and yet like cowards they skulk and say nothing of they true feelings. They are truly moral cowards. Very often they get careless and through things they say online they reveal who they are. Maybe not directly but it is very easy to make educated guesses and pick out the important facts required to take action against them. Most often it is very hard for them to hide their writing style so if they have written a submission for Stickman for example and then they go on a forum you can quickly pick out who they really are.

Some of these guys have either driven people away from what used to be a pleasant forum, or they have even managed to force the site owner to close down in the face of continued unwarranted attacks. They are like a very stupid parasite that leeches the life out of the host they have latched onto. Then they go looking for their next victim. Me I say when you meet one of these trolls online slap them down and do it hard. Don’t let them get away with this shit. They does not deserve any respect so treat them as bad as or worse as they treat others. If they step over the line do nots be afraid to take them to court and prosecute them. Built up your case hire a good lawyer and put them out of business. They deserving nothing less.

Despite all this negative crap going on in the forums you can meet some very good peoples online too. So choose your forum well and do not ever reveal who you are. Your identity is very important. Do not lets some idiot cause you problems.

For foreigners like us living in Thailand we have to choosing our friends very carefully and if you meet peoples online you must be very sure about them before meeting up. After you have met each other it is often too late to back out and disconnect. There is plenty of crazies out there.

By the same token there is also plenty of good peoples out there. Bart and me we have met a lot of good peoples online here and around the world. Of course you will nots find us registered under our real names anywheres. No sireee! We use different names for every online forum we joining. That way we narrow down the chances of discovery.

No need for Aha to warn you about the crazy Thai womens online hoping to relieve you of your hard earned money eh? Just bee careful on those LOVE websites ok you guys? You work hard for that money. Why give it away to a bit of pussy while you are overseas and not getting any of that fine pussy? For sure when you sending her money she will be giving that pussy to any other guy willing to give her money while he be in Thailand with her. Or maybe she be giving it to her Thai boyfriend or even her Thai husband. Yessiree. These Thai ladies they can be very tricky. You make sure you check everything out very carefully before parting with even one cent and do not ever send money to a girl you have never met just because she sweet talking you on the internet. That way only lies madness.

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You all take care now and next week Bart and Aha we will be back with more amazing tales about our adventures in Thailand. Or maybe some more advice about the pitfalls waiting for the unwary. Just know this. When you hear our mating call Samoa! Samoa! You will know we are having the time of our lives here enjoying spending our money on the thing we love most, PUSSY! AhAhAhAhAha!!!!

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