Stickman Readers' Submissions October 9th, 2008

What Is Your Purpose Of Enter Land Of Freedom?

After I have read so many articles from all those whom submit their story to this site. Just for fun and to help me understand what the outside world thought of us. But the stories are all based on what they experience and in Thailand we have more than
63,000,000 population and 76 city. Only Bangkok itself there are more than 1,600,000 people living and working in Bangkok. They all from various background and everybody different !!! But all the article I have read most of them have been
wasting they time and money the place that once have been Thailand but now replace by the new generation and modern influent that came from all around the world. And whatever they prefer how they choose to live they life.. What ever they
believe and how they make a living I guess that is they choice. And yes since the number of population so high is would be strange if they all think act the same?

I am sorry to hear to that some foreigners have a bad experience while they stay in Thailand and when I look at the reason why they are here in the first place. I am not surprise why they falling into that kind of situation. And yeah keep judging. Because
is was fun to read to share and not falling into the same old mistake.

As a Thai person and as a Thai lady it really bother me to read this story and happen to know that some of you have really small mind and not willing to understand what going on. It just you happen to be in Thailand and upset by some Thai people you met
whom not know anything better than you know your own country and your history and just because some of you came from place that claim they are develop country and have an ideal what the third world should be like. Or have more education
than another country in this world. But if you really think you that smart how come you falling into the old trick that they maybe have only spent 6 years in school? So when I said ’’Sorry to hear’’ I didn’t
mean to. It not nice to hear and never wish any bad thing to happen to those who have no interested in harming in other human.

And now some of you whom wasted they time and hoping to find true love in land of smile. Why you have to come all the way here to find your wife? What happen to all your women? So if you really thinking of married and spent the rest of your life with
someone who from different culture, language and religions. It not going to be easy. Because you can take the girl out of Thailand but you will never take Thailand out of her. She is Thai and she shall be Thai just that simple. And for
those who lucky enough to learn how to meet halfway. I think that is the best if you want your relationship to last forever.

And one thing that bother me the most is how they look at Thai prostitute. Well prostitute is the oldest way to make a living in many part of this world and still remain till today. And that’s how important this job it is… but because of the
currency exchange and what ever you may find how cheap it is to come to Thailand for that purpose. I told you what they must be.. A lot !!! of that kind because otherwise they wouldn’t be so much this kind of business still up and
running. So who you going to blame? Prostitute? Or the customers?? No buyer no sale! To me they just look perfectly suit each other.

But there are so many good thing about Thailand and attract so many tourist lovely time and great memories. And that because of they wanted to be that what they purpose to be here in the first place. But there are bad people and good people living in
this the world’s 50th largest country in the land mass. Whilst it is the world’s 20th largest country in terms of population. Thais are also well-known for their friendliness and hospitality, leading to the country's
so called reputation as the "Land of Smiles." So yeah you must be very unlucky to have such very bad experience.

Anyway I have learn a lot from this site and have change some of my idea about foreigners. And some story are very sad and very touching. Wish you all the best of luck next time you visit Thailand.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Always nice to received submissions from Thais.

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