Stickman Readers' Submissions October 3rd, 2008

The Serendipitous Philanderer – Maximising Your Potential – Part 1

Twenty five years ago – when I was in my early twenties, I made a decision that I have never regretted. I had a very close shave whilst driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and nearly killed myself and those aboard. I decided to never touch
a drop of the demon drink again. That was a long time ago, and that decision has always stood me in good stead. Methinks if a catalogue were written chronicling all of the grief that has befallen mankind, whilst under the influence of
alcohol, all the libraries on earth may not contain it.

As a by-product of that, I have had many wonderful experiences in Asia – whilst the drunken sods around me missed out on the beautiful serendipities (and babes) that abound. After recently living in Chiang Mai for two years, learning
the language a little, and travelling extensively to many other countries – I have found across the board that Asian girls really respect and like guys who are temperate, polite and well dressed. Unlike the girls here in Australia, or
the nice babes back home in NZ who like a drop of brown-water from time to time, Asian girls generally do not drink and smoke the same as Western women. There are exceptions of course, but loud raucous drunken behaviour is a blight on
their sensibilities (if you are looking for a decent girl that is).

Let me say at this point, in case I am misunderstood – I am not taking a cheap shot at anybody – be it far from that. We all have the power of choice in life and who am I to say what is good or bad for others. Furthermore, unlike
our salubrious champs Yahoo and Bert and their shy and retiring buddy Arnold Horsedick – I am not strikingly handsome or in my prime. Oh that we could all aspire to look like these fine specimens of masculinity. Therefore like the majority
of plebeians, I have to make do with what I have. I am certainly not setting myself up as some sort of Mr. New Zealand or nature's gift to women. I am only saying what has worked for me – take from it what you may!

However I do have the benefit of experience and really believe in all areas of life we must work smarter and not harder. We have to stand out from the crowd and do things a little bit different to everybody else. Then we can capture
the 'market' in any particular area and carve it up whilst others are missing out. We are all salesmen / women and whether we know it or not we are selling something – ourselves.

For example – I am normally a teacher but have decided to go back to my trade for three years to capitalize on some of the current opportunities in Australia. I have a thriving building business and can't keep up with all of
the work. Other guys in town are complaining that they can't get enough work. When somebody asks me to do a quote I am punctual and polite. I ALWAYS keep appointments and arrive on time and explain everything up front so there are
no nasty surprises. I have also honed in on a niche area – leaking showers that ruin walls and carpet and create mould and an unhealthy environment.

Once I start to fix this problem and people can see that I do a good job then they give me other renovations and refer me to their friends.

OK – "what has all of this got to do with the price of eggs in China and carving up nice dolly-babes in Asia", I can imagine you muttering to yourself? Simply this – as mentioned prior, I am not 25 and ravishingly handsome
like Yahoo, Bert and Arnold, so I have to (like my building business) maximize my potential, do the very best with what I have and slot into a niche market. Believe me it really does work.

I run six kilometres every second evening after work and the days in between I come home and pump weights. I am not a big guy but I always aspire to be cut like a rattlesnake. Girls (no matter what age the guy is) really do like a
bloke with a tight body. So whatever shape life has gifted you, get out and get those muscles pumping. In other words, if you are rubbing shoulders with and competing against hundreds of other 40 / 50 / 60 year old farang in Thailand who
are looking for a nice girl, be the very best specimen you can be and stand out from the crowd.

I remember reading Dr John Gray many years ago. He is the author of 'Mars and Venice' fame. Two things stood out for guys to feel good about themselves and be attractive to babes. Use your muscles at least three times a
week. It makes you feel very masculine and promotes good self-esteem. Secondly, don't masturbate (attention Yahoo and Bert). I am not saying whether or not I have been able to pull that one off (excuse the pun)- LOL!!#%(!$#!


I have read just about all of Stick's threads and I disagree with the general consensus that Laos, Burma and Cambodia are not good for meeting beautiful girls. Why stick to Pattaya and Koh Samui and other tourist hot-spots like
everybody else? Get off the beaten track and do things differently and you will be very pleasantly surprised.

I will now relate a few experiences – wonderful surprises that popped out of nowhere – that others may have missed. I often think back to the times I spent with these special ladies and I have very fond and happy memories.

Let me just add one more thing before I launch into my dissertation. I am not going to broach the subject of whether or not these girls make good wives or life-long partners. To me the jury is still out on that one. Other Stickmanites
with many more miles of philandering under their collective belts are still scratching their heads, so who am I – a relative newcomer – to give any advice.

My Thai girlfriend Princess (no, definitely not the one of Chiang Mai Kelly fame – see my story 'Love and assault in Chiang Mai' from about this time
last year), has given me many a dark night of shaking my head in disbelief. On paper she is as good as they come. I was her first boyfriend (virgin), she is the antithesis of a bargirl – she does not drink and wouldn't even step foot
into a bar. She lives at home with her mum and has a degree in accounting. She has a well paid job and does not need me to support her.

However, after three years, just when I think I can trust her and start to maybe think about a future, the old Thai order of descendency starts to raise its ugly head – mama first, money next and me to fit in wherever seems best at
the time.

Their differing world view and way of riding life by the seat of their pants just seems to be in their blood – therefore problems are bound to occur. If I am having problems with my beautiful Princess, you guys dating bargirls must
have rocks in your heads (well said Yahoo and Bert)!!

So read the stories of the girls that I met with an open mind, take a few pointers if you wish, get out there and enjoy their beautiful freshness and let off a bit of steam if you must – but don't ask me if you should take one
home to meet mum!$%^&*!! As my dear old dad would say "business belongum you".


To be cont'd

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Stickman's thoughts:

A lot of good advice. The bit about keeping in shape is important. Guys should not do it for the girls though – they should do it for themselves. The state of some of the Western humanity in Thailand is a disgrace. And I am sorry to say this but if you are seriously overweight or out of shape, people in general do not respect you quite the same.

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