Stickman Readers' Submissions October 29th, 2008

Thai Econ 101

Dear Mr Stickman,

I read you week writing about Thailand go toilet. You say Falang need money in room because ATMs no good.

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You say many problems Thailand.

No no no. Mr. Stickman you live Thailand long time I not know why you not understand people Thai.

You man why you not understand other man.

Thailand ATM OK. Bank Bangkok OK. Thailand lend little for house. Thailand not have money in bank. Thailand have money Chinese family. You want money you buy share.

I don’t know how to say English but ask your wife about share. She tell you.

Bank Scotland go down toilet. Iceland go down toilet. America bank and New York go down toilet.

This good Thai bank. Thai bank have interest high for borrow and only loan 70 percent of you business. Thai bank have interest little for saving. Thai bank last year have little business. I think this year have much business. Bank Scotland
go poop Thai bank have party.

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Thai lady not have problem she have gold. You think Swiss Land have much gold. Thai lady have more gold. Gold go down this year. I think maybe dollar 540 bottom. Then gold go up maybe dollar 1000. Thai lady know this. Man Singapore tell all
the time. I work Singapore many time. Have ten dollar short. Have 20 customer every day. 20 short 7000 baht not bad one day.. Work one month go home one year. I know dollar. I know ounce gold. Have many customer work boat pay dollar pay gold.
I check see every day. Kelly tell me look Boom berg TV.

You say price pussy go down. Not happen. Thai pussy all the time 500 short 1000 long time. I tell you this true. Little bit Thai lady in Bangkok want much money. Only half brain man Falang to look pussy Nana Patpong and Cowboy. Kelly not
go. Ask him where go. He not shy he tell you. Kelly always have two room. He think I not know but I understand. Lady call Kelly Scott. He think he clever but I know that. Kelly give 300 baht short. Kelly give 600 baht two lady. Him like two lady.

I know man Japan pay more but you not think that is true. Man Japan pay 1500 short because him man Japan boom sing three time one hour. May Japan want boom sing doot he pay more. Always same.

Falang bar manager quit work. Yes true. Thai bar manager not quit work because him know. What you think Falang bar manager do bar? Him drink talk Falang. Thai people not listen Falang manager. Same fluffy little dog. Give food and pat head.
Falang happy. Not have money. Not feed dog. Same bar manager.

Next year lady not work bar go home one year and work farm. Have rice. Make little OK have sanook.

Thailand have many town and place man Falang not go. Have man Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, India come same before. No problem for lady work. Not have Falang no problem.

Thai econ 101 say Kelly. Him say Falang think only dick in the town. Have one man have one dick not like goat. All man have dick all man want lady Thai.

Man not want lady Falang because fat and big hoy and smell. Not want lady Lao or Cambodia or Myanmar because not beautiful. Not want lady Philippines because fat and not have cooking.

I know this econ 101. 1997 Asia have big problem money. I have big problem Bangkok. I work construction Bangkok. No working construction job. 1997 my friend me say work bar. I try working bar. Sell pussy have money. I work one day bar same
one month working construction 1997. Have bank 1997.. Have ATM 1997. You forget 1997 Mr. Stickman?

Three years I listen Kelly. I go town in South of Thai country have many boat. Have many man come Thailand one day maybe two day. I go with Jeap. She my friend long time. We buy bar. Have small bar two short rooms. Not have Falang. We know
man want pussy not care tear gas. Not care Thai police blow up people. Not care Cambodia shoot soldier. No problem. Man want pusseeeeey. Man come Thailand.

I have 50 man customer every night. Man drink beer drink whisky go short. Thai econ 101 life good. I know Thai econ. I telephone bar girl every day. Call lady all over Thailand and Singapore and other places I not say. I know econ. What happen?
I tell you. Mr. Stickman you teacher. What happen teacher go out room? Student have party. Boy slap girl and pinch bottom. Girl throw book at boy. Have big fight have big party. Same happen econ. America number one take care of world. Something
everything America take care. No more. America no have money. World now like Thai classroom no teacher. Have many problems. Country cheat country not tell truth. All countries try be same Thailand. Big country not like. Big country not make business
in small country. Small country have big problem.

Why this good for Thailand? Everybody know Thailand like this every day. Thailand like this all the time. No change Thailand. Thailand same same. You come Thailand you know you pay Somchai same before. Everybody happy Thailand.

I talk Kelly come Phuket live me. I pay no problem have money. Kelly not come. I lonely. I not have Falang. First time I not have Falang. Not good. Cannot speak Falang Thai man no good. I cannot speak Thai man Thai man no good. I speak man
India Thai man no good and he laugh.

I know Kelly he help me bar. Kelly work long time Chicago have many bar. He work long time San Francisco have many bar. He have Go go Tampa.

Kelly look see Falang bar Thailand laugh much. He speak Falang stupid. Kelly work now every day. Not come see me.

Kelly want damn laundry. Him want me work laundry. I tell him crazy I not like work laundry. Why he want laundry?

You not worry about econ Mr. Stickman. Lady save country 1997 save country now. Everything OK.

Now Bangkok have problem. Not good. We wag dog tail now little bit. Bangkok forget about problem I think. Not good time go Cambodia. You listen me Mr. Stickman you not holiday Cambodia. Understand?

Stickman's thoughts:

Always a pleasure you hear from, Princess.

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