Stickman Readers' Submissions October 30th, 2008

Learning About Sex Watching Street Dogs In The Philippines

I knew that submission heading would grab some of Stickman's readers' attention. Hahaha… Well, it has been a while since I have sent a submission to Stickman, (putting 800 words together is tough to do and Stickman has tough standards
to follow to get a submission allowed) so it was with great anxiety that I am sending this one to our leader Stickman.

Anyway, there have been some really great submissions sent in and I just had to send in my 2-cents worth.. One thing I would like to opine about first though is, I sometimes wonder how many of the sex tourists that go to Thailand would even
dare to go to an Eastern European (ex-Soviet bloc country) and try to pull the same shit to Ukrainians or Latvian women, etc. I have a strong feeling they would get their asses kicked by the women in those countries.

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Do male sex tourists go to Thailand, PI, Cambodia, Laos because they can feel good about dominating a third world girl. Hmmm, anyway it's something I have wondered about male sex tourists in Asian countries. Send me email as I'm
curious why a lot of men choose to go to Thailand and not so much to an Eastern European country. I would totally agree with Brutus (the pitfalls of internet dating, "Asians"). The same applies to other third world countries' women.

I went to Costa Rica last April to meet my online sweetie. We will call her Rachelle, and she is OMG cute, and she knew I was going there to spend time with her, so that was no surprise for her (hotel / food paid by me, etc).

So anyway, I arrived in San José, Costa Rica and had paid for a NICE hotel room for 5 days and I called her and she told me she could not come that night and that she would let me know when she was not busy. WTF! So there I am trying
to be the gentleman and not go right out and hit the bar scene and wait patiently for her to FIND time to come to the hotel.

Finally after 2 days she says she can come and meet / stay with me. Keep in mind the hotel already knew I was going to have someone stay with me. Anyway, Rachelle <not her real name> shows up and I find out she can hardly speak any English. (Does
anyone remember my earlier articles on my trip to Danang. Vietnam;-). OMG.

So there I am in another non-English speaking situation with someone who clearly did not appreciate that I had gone ALL the way from Alaska to meet her for 2 weeks. Total disaster! Then after I arrived back in Alaska she sent me Yahoo messages asking
me to go back soon and buy a house in Costa Rica so she can spend more time with me! OMG.

I think most "young" girls in other countries think that all foreigners can just jump on any plane and fly around meeting them and spending huge amounts of money.

Now I have been in the Philippines for the last 2 months in a nice apartment in a bad neighbou hood in tay-tay and I have to PAY for the privilege of these poor girls to come and watch TV and eat my food. I really think most women in these
third world countries have no idea / concept on the world, kindness and gratitude.

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I have come to the conclusion that when going to other countries it is better to not have preset ideas of Romance and to just go and have fun and enjoy the vacations.

Here is something you never see in America.

Anytime that I need to empty / throw out my garbage, (I couldn't do this myself, having been brought up in clean streets of America) I would wait till my long time friend Irene would come over and when she would go back to her apartment
she would take my garbage bags and throw the garbage out on the curbs behind bushes, etc. OMG, that is so similar to when I took the train from Hanoi, Vietnam to Da Nang.

Well, my vacation time is almost at an end and I will be back in Alaska on Sept 21 then going back fishing and earning more money to take another trip. Possibly going back to Vietnam.<smiles>.

I'm hoping one day to be able to take the trip to Thailand and be a part of the stickman/writer's get together. I want to meet Kelly's Princess..<smiles>

As a side note in case any one is curious, back in Stickman area-9 I had gone to meet Xuan from Da nang, Vietnam, well she has been living in New York and has a baby girl / married and now she wants to go back to Vietnam and wants me to go
live with her. Asians are very strange in their thinking.

As always all names have been changed to protect the innocent..<smiles>

Stickman's thoughts:

It would be nice if you chose to tell one story instead of a complete mish mash of stories, none of which satisfy. Why not tell us more about what happened in Costa Rica?!

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