Stickman Readers' Submissions September 6th, 2008

The Short Time

Me friends I am agast! Alreadys I told you my big boat is in Phuket? To be exactly, it is in Yacht Haven Marina. I must stay at this one because it has dep water and I am not the type of guy to flow with the tides if you know what I mean. My house on the cliff is not far. The house is a place you can be quiets and relaxing. The marina is where I go to play with the big boat and the little ski boat and jet toys. It is also like PARTY PLACE NUMBER ONE! Woo-hoo, you (me really) can have some real sanuk with the boat peoples in this marina place. But now I am shocks. Maybe I should start at the beginning? Ok then, you asked so I will tell the hole story.

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This morning Fedex knocks on the two big doors of my house on the cliff and gives me a really big and heavy crate. The label makes me excite. Last month I make a big order to Spy Wearhouse and insides the box is a big telescrop, thermal imaging attachment, and a zoomed mike. At the very bottom of the box is a special marine laptop and wires to connect it all together. Sometime I am like a small kid getting a new toy! In this case very expensive toy one generation ahead of what the CIA uses. I can not finish my breakfast so excite, so I load everything into the Hummer and have Sokthai drive me to my big boat. Sokthai is my number two house boy.

In the boat I gets very busy and I puts the outside pieces up top where the radar and antenna lives. Hour later I run the wires into the forward galley, into the new LG tv, and turn laptop on. Right away I very clearly see some very scary face and then he is hanging it over the bow and pee in the water! Oh, I no who this whizzer is, this is the guy who lives in the cheap cliff neighborhood. Some engineer man who is much more old than yours truely and I am thinking not nearly as good looking. HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry whizzer man, but even 500x power zoom and you look like little boy. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Curser keys move it round, and now I am having fun looking at boats way out there, computer says five kilometers! In this area boats are always under sail, or motor, and moving quick like. These two boats stop and talking. Then I see big boxes go from the red boat to the yellow sailboat and I am think “this is strange!” I push the curser keys again and here we go, now I can see the fat germans woman and she is pointing them up at the sun! I think back few month ago and remember her on the dock crying her false eyelashes off. I say to her: “You have problem lady?” She say “my fat german man too cheep to buy me big tits!” I listen one minute long and go. Common story. Wife wants huger tits, wants man to pay for them, man says cost much money, womans cry and cry.

One look at her biggest tits and you know she beat that one. You no womens, they stop sex, stop blow job, stop everything fat german mans need. Instead of being a man and kicking her out, or spanking her, he opens his wallet and now my TV is full of big tits. I zooms in because I curious if they stick in the bags through under her tit, under her arm, or through nipple door. Everything look great so I think nipple door. You no how they do this eh? They remove nipple, cut it off, and then stick the bag of saline in there. Sew nipple back on. Looks good, bit tits, no scars, but I here for 3-4 months she have no feeling in her nipples until the nerves grow back.

Pushing curser keys more now I can see up in the cheep cliffs homes. Laughing very hard now. This guy is too cheep to install full time CCTV so now he is on his boat whizzing, and his house maid invites her friends over and they are all swimming in the pool and playing and not working. One friend is playing in his womans shoe whole. They take turn trying on many shoes and pretending to be lady of the house. Oh my my my, one just put on some very high 6inches heel shoes and reaches in an pulls out the cat o’nines! He might be a whizzer, but his womens have some fun shoes and is maybe a bit wild eh? Lucky engineer boy!

I must have been tired because just wake up, sorry mens. On the tv I can see a boat across the marina and I am watching some old bar girl move around and I can see now it is nighttime out there. A guy with a hat comes up to her and says something and I turn on the audio for the zoomed mike. I listen and hearing “Kelly you eat today?” Eh? Can not be. “Kelly my pussy check out ok” “Kelly you want Princess bend over chair Kobe style?” It is! I am agast! My marina neighborhood is going to shit! Now I need to find a new marina but no one else has dep water. Now she bends over the chair and the guy he is moving post haste! I am looking at my watch and make bet to myself he can not last at this speed for more than two minutes. This guy has a very long stroke, the last one I see like this if from Billy Bob Toolarge and he is just a freak. Aha and me, we are bigs yes, but we are not freaky. This Kelly guy is freaky mak mak! Not tall either.

30 minutes later I look at my watch and am bored, but freakly Kelly longest stroke is still going and going and going. By now I feel sorry for Princess, she must have friction burns inside her pussy! On the audio she is screaming now “Kelly, finish now and I give you gold?” That does it, one more long azz stroke and Kelly dives for the floor if you know what I mean.. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now finished she stand up and freakly man zip up. He never says a anything and he starts walking up the dock and Princess calls after him “look for truck when you go on street. Look for car maybe hit you..”

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I just can not live in a marine that would let these two visit. Now I am looking trying to see the slip number so I can make a complaint form and I see another man coming down the dock. Princess says “Howie, you eat today?” “Howie my pussy check out ok nah?” “Howie, you want me to put on strap-on and do you Kelly style?” Howie has a big smile and now on my screen he bends over the chair and Princess is doing him Kelly style! Ok, this is like the horror movie you can not stop watching eh?

Over the next three hours Princess had 14 men come to visit her. This must be the most busy whorse in all of Thailand. When I read the Princess storys I think her going short time more than two times a day is a big lie. Now I see 14 times in one night! And I can see why. Each sick mens has something very strange he wants her to do. Three wanted the strap-on, two wanted paddled while tied to the main mast, one wanted water board, and stuff like this. All these mens want Princess to control them and use them like toilet paper. Only one mens is her true master and that must be Mr. Longstroke Kelly! Some time we just do not understand and we think someone lie. I try to keeps my big trap close, because some times..

The last mens is gone I thinks. Princess is now sitting on deck in a big chair counting money and smoking the biggest cigar I have seen. Now I see a dozen young fit Thai men in matching G-strings and white sailor hats come on deck and line up. Princess puts her money in a big bank bag and then walks over to the Thai men and inspects then one by one. Her inspection I’ve never seen before. She pulls out the front of the G-string and takes a good look and has then stick out their tongue. Satisfied she tells them to get underway and a dozen G-string clad young Thai men run to there stations and get ready to shove off. The engines start, running lights go on, and the boat pulls away from the slip and for the first time I can see the transom for the first time. As she sales away I can see the boats name clearly. “Short Time!”

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