Stickman Readers' Submissions September 2nd, 2008

Princess Speak You

I not with Kelly.

Dear Mister Stickmanbangkok. Before I see Kelly write every day. Every day. He write to Mister Stickman. I sleep Kelly write. I sleep floor so Kelly write OK.

I telephone Kelly every day. Every day I speak him, Kelly you eat today? Look for car. Look for truck when you go on street. Look for car maybe hit you.

I speak him you write every day, yes? He say he write Mister Stickman. My friend Phuket tell me he write story about me.

Everywhere I go Kelly always know boss bar. Kelly know customer bar. I go Bangkok and Kelly know. I go Pattaya and Kelly know. I tell Kelly I not go with customer. Kelly know boss bar and tell me I lie him. Kelly know I go with customer four times one day. Phuket I think Kelly not know. I go Phuket now.

My friend tell me Kelly write story about lady work bar. My friend Thai lady write this letter me.

I want to tell you Mister Stickmanbangkok I not go short time with men my home. Kelly write I go short time 20 baht. I not do. Slow night Thai lady go short time Thai man 300 baht. Everybody know this.

Kelly write men my home break cat leg. Men not do.

All Thai man not drink whiskey all day. I know Thai man never drink whiskey day only night drink.

My brothers good man. Brother in Bangkok have shop sell ping pong fish. He has much money.

I have Thai husband long time ago. He is guard. He very handsome man. He butterfly and I leave him. He not send money for baby. He has black heart. Daughter not speak him.

Many lady work bar. Up to she. Thai lady work bar good for Farang. Thai lady work bar check pussy every month. Thai lady walk walk not check pussy. Thai lady Gulliwer not check pussy.

Thai lady work massage not check pussy. Not good.

I take care Kelly 3 year. I cook for Kelly. I clean for Kelly. Everything he want I do. I go Kelly Chiang Mai. I go Kelly Pattaya. Every where Kelly go I go.

I speak Kelly when we get married. Kelly say next year. He say next year every time. Now I think American dollar sick. Kelly not happy every day. I not like.

Pan work Rainbow 4. Rainbow 4 not have customer. Pan have Farang. Farang crazy all time she leave him. Pan come Phuket and work same me. Jeap my friend have Farang Singapore. She marry. Singapore man have problem business Bangkok. Singapore man go Singapore. Jeap work Phuket same Pan. Bar Phuket have I and Pan and Jeap.

Bar in Phuket have no customer Farang. Have customer Malaysia. Have customer Vietnam. Have customer India. Not have Farang. I not like customer India. Customer India cheap. Customer Malasia cheap. I miss Farang customer.

My friend read me Mr. Stickmanbangkok 10 rules lady work bar. I work bar 5 years. Before bar I boxing and I construction work Bangkok. I have two Farang long time before I meet Kelly. I love man Farang he love me. He give me money and take care family me. Farang man have good heart but drink too much.

Kelly not same. Kelly think I lie him. I not have Thai husband cut long time ago. Sure I have Thai boyfriend. He young man. He sing very good. He dance very good. I give him gold I give him money. I know he have many lady. We not boomsing. He gay. I understand I not good sometime. I love man. What can I do?

Kelly very angry me. Kelly leave me.

I go hospital have boxing man Thai. Kelly pay hospital and take me small town not Pattaya.

Kelly speak not drink not do drugs. I speak OK.

I think little bit OK. Kelly not like. Kelly angry me. Kelly yak yak me.

No problem I have many friend Thai. I go working. Sell pussy.

I and Pan go Monk. Monk speak make gift Wat everything OK. Monk speak we not good. Must make gift and honor Buddha every day. We do every day.

House Kelly have many Buddha. He give him water and rice and pumpkin and fruit. I tell Kelly do this.

Have good luck now. I work every day pussy OK. Pussy hurt I not work. I eat som tom and go fishing. I happy.

I think Kelly him read Mr Stickmanbangkok. I tell him not forget Buddha water. Not forget fruit. Not forget flower. I miss you to much. I am working you not angry me. I come home two maybe three months you wait me. I give you gold and sex two times every day. You not forget princess. You take care yourself.

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Princess is a legend!

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