Stickman Readers' Submissions September 3rd, 2008

Handsome Guys in Thailand vs. Rich

Dear farangs, my two cents on Handsome Guys in Thailand vs. Rich….

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To be honest, I am a handsome man in Thailand. I work here as a film director / writer and model. It's true that in most circles "the GOOD girls" for most guys are hard to find but it's also where you go, how you behave,
and in reality there’s not much difference here except culture.

For instance, and I'm not judging, most farang only know the places that cater to farang, and mostly the "bad" girls will be there. First off I HATE hearing people call girls bad because even the working girls half the time
are actually just poor who might be good girls if circumstances were different. But you are definitely more likely to meet a dateable girl in let's say a place like RCA, Santika than Nana, Soi Cowboy or the like (and I'm only speaking
bars here). I met my girlfriend at a coffee shop. I thought she was Japanese…so do most Thais till she speaks. She's half Chinese, half Thai and speaks fluent Thai, Japanese, Mandarin and English. Makes me feel like an American idiot. At
least I speak Creole, Spanish, Thai and Cherokee.

I realize I'm a special case here. Most Thai girls I know are mid to upper class, tend to be the ones trying or wanting to make it into movies, commercials etc. so meeting good girls, comes easy for me (sorry fellas), and even in my
early days, when I was just another farang, I have to disagree, a handsome guy will ALWAYS be treated differently. It’s just how attraction works, get over it. Money only goes so far, and if that’s what you think will keep a girl,
then you already have the wrong idea. For one, I've had my share of BAD girls, but, I would always tell them I don't pay, or I don't want that, and they would always want to go out with me instead of seeing me as what I see most
people quote farangs as, (a walking ATM). These girls never asked for anything other than my company and took care of me, showed me the ropes and warned me. Generally, they were friends. Most are married now and I'm still friends with them
although by what most people write here, they were once BAD girls. One girl told me the reason she liked me back then was I made her feel normal and not a piece of meat for money. I can speak enough Thai to get by too. This doesn't hurt.

But those who really treat farang differently are the young generation, the ones brought up on computers. They are more open to culture etc. than your older Thai. It's true, the conservative Thai girl will find it harder to date a farang
but I think that it's changing. It certainly has in the five years I've been here and it reminds me of what I heard America was like 30 years ago.

All my friends here are Thai, or half Thai with very few farang. I live and work here, but farangs that come here tend to be rude and presumptuous . Sorry guys, but the preconceived notions that every Thai girl is a whores isn’t true.
You can find these guys at Khao San Road or any tourist area, to really back this up. Granted if that’s what you’re looking for, the open-mindedness of this country can cater to your sort too, so have a blast, but be careful. Remember,
if they think that’s why you’re here, they usually don’t like you and you ARE a walking ATM (but you’ll ever know it).

I think the world is changing and the younger generation have less gaps, but it's all about the circles you travel in and a handsome farang in Thailand will always be more desirable…. especially IF he has a positive and respectable
attitude. And that goes for other countries as well. JUST THINK ITALIANS.

Now, a word of advice. The thing to watch out for these days aren’t the girls that look at you as a walking ATM. There are a lot of things going on in this country that need help, yaba for one, or I think they call it ICE
AKA meth has spread like wild fire. So have a lot of other drugs. I’ve noticed this when hanging with my girlfriend’s friends. I think it’s sad. The government is less stable than they let on too.

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A note of honesty, now, for you guys that feel you’re not handsome. There are women here looking for you too, and some are beautiful, but don’t be fooled. It’s the stability you provide, not the attraction, that doesn’t
mean she might not come to love you. It just means that, well, at first you MIGHT have to pay for the chance for something meaningful. And if you’re handsome and have no substance, the Thai girls will eat you alive, have fun with you, then
throw you away. I’ve see it happen. This is their land.

Remember… Be JAI DEE (good-hearted) and in return you’ll gain the respect of the Thai. They don’t look at us as sub-like I’ve heard some boards say… With prejudice, it’s just that most holiday people
don’t make good impressions.

So be happy if you're handsome. You’re blessed. Be happy if you’re rich. You're blessed. Be super happy if you’re both. You’re rare. And know people are just people. It’s our environment that shapes
us and Thailand is changing fast.

Stickman's thoughts:

There is not doubt that being handsome is a huge advantage for Western guys chasing Thai women, especially for those who are just out for a bit of fun. But for something long-term, being handsome won't usually be top on a girl's list. Thai women tend to be quite pragmatic and look at your ability AND willingness to provide…..

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