Stickman Readers' Submissions August 21st, 2008


Most of the stories I've read here are from Westerners or farangs as they say in Thailand. Maybe my story might not be that different to all of yours but I'm writing through the eyes of a local (Asian that is).

He Clinic Bangkok

On my recent trip to the land of smiles, I was travelling alone. Not that I have no friends or whatever but this time I would like to sample what Bangkok has to offer for a single guy all by himself. The last time I was here, it was with
a few friends and we did have a great time, hitting the bars, massage parlours, the night markets. The first day, I was tired from the flight so decided to go for a massage. Went to a big place on Rachada and picked up a cute Isaan girl and had
a great time. She's a bit naughty and we ended up splashing suds all over the place. It was good clean fun although I never did get the massage LOL.

Second day decided to hit Soi Cowboy. Arrived around 10pm and as it was the weekend, the place was packed. Popped in a few bars and decided not to stay cos it was too crowded. Settled down in one of the bars. Decent crowd, and in there was
this dude with about 5 girls crowding around him, must have been generous with the lady drinks I thought to myself. The mamasan recognized me from my previous trips so she straight away asked me which girls I liked. I laughed and told her get
me a drink first. As I was sitting there drinking my Heineken a girl caught my eyes. She's not as beautiful or sexy as the other girls there but I could sense that she was new from the way she dances and that coyness / shyness in her eyes.
She looked about 20 the most. So the mamasan caught me staring at this girl and after she finished her round she was asked to join me. She said she was 21 which I doubted, must be 18 or so. Well we had a great time chatting and I found out she
started working 3 months ago straight out of school. After 4 drinks and feeling a bit light headed I decided to BF her.

She was not like other bargirls I've been with; shower, boom boom, sleep, wake up, boom boom, shower, money (you know the routine). She was very timid and shy and we spent a good 3 hours just chatting (or trying to chat as she knows
little English) and I even thought her to play strip poker which she lost constantly LOL. When we're ready to call in for the night I noticed that she kept looking at me with her big eyes and constantly fish for a kiss. I tried to sleep but
had this feeling that she's still looking and there she was, staring at me. I asked her to sleep (it was about 4am) when she says ok and cuddles up to me and she fell asleep on my chest. Well, not the usual 'okay I go sleep' and
turn away like 'mission accomplished, c u tomorrow'.

CBD bangkok

Woke up around 10am and she was already awake and yes, you've guessed it, staring at me! At this point it felt like I was being stalked and a little paranoid. I asked her to accompany me for a meal so we got showered and headed out for
some food. She never asked for any money but I know she'll get a mouthful from the mamasan if she came home empty handed so I gave her 2,000 and she put it in her purse without even counting it. We never did establish the price before I barfined
her. She was very quiet but she smiled a lot and always wanted a kiss from me. She wanted me to follow her to go shopping with her friends which I turned down cos I was keen on checking out a massage place that my friend recommended.

So that night I felt a little curiosity building up inside me and went to the same bar where I picked the girl. She was still dancing as I went in but gave me a smile. I sat down and called the mamasan. She was very accommodating so I brought
her a drink and asked her point blank, how old the girl was. After a few seconds she quietly whispered to my ears, 'I got a secret, she is 16'. WTF??!!! Then I looked at the girl and it dawned on me. My first instinct was right! At that
moment my mind was filled with images of Thai prison and the stories I've read about it. The mamasan was smiling as if it was a good thing that she was 16! At that moment she came over to me and sat beside me and I could sense that she knew
something was up. But at least nothing happened to me yet so I decided to play it cool and enjoy watching the other girls dance. Then I noticed that the girl was in a somber mood while still looking at me, she looked pretty cute but I told myself
not to get involved. I told her that tomorrow I was leaving and literally her eyes welled up and tears started to run down her cheeks. Oh man! I asked her what's wrong and she said she missed me. I figured that this girl was young, hadn't
had much experience with men and most probably my attention to her was kind of overwhelming to her. So I patted her on the back and told her next time I would come to see her. She continued on crying and at that point the mamasan came and asked
me what happened and I told her she's sad cos I'm leaving. The girl ran to the back (or upstairs) and the mamasan said to be careful cos she's very young. Yeah, right! She should have told me before I went with her! Anyway I decided
that this will not ruin my night so I called up a gorgeous dancer to sit with me and we had a blast drinking and me staring at her. I got her phone number but she refused to be barfined, politely. Eventually the girl who was crying came down but
stopped in her tracks when she saw with one of the dancers. I smiled at her and she smiled back but I can see that she is still sad. She went on dancing but kept looking at me so I paid the for the drinks and kiss my companion good night and checked
out Baccarra and barfined a girl I had barfined a few times before. Now she's a mature girl who understood the nature of our relationship and would not get caught in the emotions thingy. We had fun, we hugged goodbye, part ways and smiles
all over.

Phew! that was close. by the way what's the legal age in Thailand? 18? 21?

Stickman's thoughts:

The legal age of consent in Thailand is 15 years old WITH PARENTAL CONSENT. Without that – meaning for all girls in the bar industry – the age of consent in Thailand is 18. That means that you went with an underage girl. Yes, I realise you didn't know but…

wonderland clinic

I have a major issue with bars like this. There is this dreadful misconception amongst many guys that a girl from a bar, a girl for whom a barfine has been paid, will be STD free and of legal age. Trust me, there is no guarantee! If the cops had become aware of this, you could have been in deep shit….and nothing would have happened to the bar owner or manager most likely.

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