Stickman Readers' Submissions August 7th, 2008

My Teerak

This year I decided to go to Thailand to learn more about the country so I went to some websites with information about this amazing country.

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Many people told me about the smile, the land of smiles (LOS) los and about how easy it was to meet girls there who would help you with a trip in Bangkok. Hell, even with your trip in Thailand.

I went to some Asian dating site, ThaiLoveLinks, and talked with many girls but most of them were only interested in me and not in my questions. It seemed however they mostly helped me anyway. However one girl I talked with I connected with right away, the very first minute I talked to her the click was there.

Her name was Mui.

I told her I wanted to go to Thailand and that I had flight booked and that I wanted to travel around and see the culture of Thailand. She told me many things and after a few days I asked her if she would wanted to go with me and show me Bangkok. She agreed and gave me her number to call her any time.

So after a month of talking the day finally comes when I arrive in BKK. First thing to do after arriving at the hotel was of course to call Mui.

We agreed to see each other in Lumpini Park. When we first met each other she was very shy and very nicely dressed. She took us to a food stall for cheap food and she had even bought me a phone card to call her cheaply.

We travelled for 3 days in Bangkok. She took us out to Patpong and we had great times together. She told me many times that she was single and looking for a new boyfriend and she wanted a farang because she had had a bad experience with her ex Thai boyfriend. I understood her and grabbed her hand one time and asked her if I could kiss her. She was shy and said no not yet. I want to test you first and see if we can go together she said.

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I told her it was almost my last day in BKK and that I would move on to another place in Thailand and I asked if she wanted to go with me on trip. I would pay for her food and drink and even a room if she wanted. I told her that I was not interested in sex with her but that I wanted to know her better.

After some thinking she agreed and the next day she spent the night with me.

After this we went to Kanchanaburi, Ayuthaya, Ko Tao, Ko Phangan, Pattaya, and many other places where we spent time seeing everything. We travelled together for 2 weeks like bf and gf and the last week we went to Pattaya to go out for a few days.

In Pattaya she mentioned that she had to go to BKK because she had a flight to catch to Spain for her work. Something she had mentioned to me before but I never really paid much attention to it. I asked her how it was possible her company would pay for a ticket to Spain. She told me it was a bonus she got from her company. I am not a stupid guy so I did not believe and one moment went she went to shower I checked her laptop (she carried her laptop with her all the time) and checked her emails where I found out that she had been receiving money from an older guy. (Now I knew why she wanted to go to a bank to get some money on the trip.)

I forwarded her mail to my mobile phone where I started to read it and found out this guy was in love with her. I confronted her right away with this. It was not possible a Thai girl to go to Spain for a Thai company. First she told me that I was wrong and that I could call her company so I said ok give me the phone but she refused of course so I told her what I thought was going on. After some talking I told her that I was leaving and that I was ending my trip alone and I packed everything. That moment she grabs me, holds me so I could not leave the room and she tells me that she has an old men who helps her and who wants to give her a good future in a private school in Norway and from what I had read from the emails this was true. He wanted to plan her future.

Still no word about the love part so I told her that it was probably some old pervert wanting her for sex or even to put her in prostitution. She agreed to stay with me and not to go to BKK to see if she had a visa and the day she had to leave she stayed with me not knowing if she had a visa or not. The day after her old men calls and she says that her visa was refused and that she could not go.

We finished our trip and at the end of the week back went back to BKK where she makes a fight with me over some money. I asked her what is wrong and she tells me that she heard me say to my friend that I think she wants money from us. Anyway I tried to explain her that it was not the case, that I was really happy she came with me and that she saved me a lot of money by booking cheap hotels and for never asking me anything.

On the last day I decide to buy her something anyway and at the airport I give her some money, 5000 baht, but she refuses. I insist and give it anyway. With tears in my eyes I leave for home.

We keep in touch and after one month we decide to apply for a visa for her to come and see me.

The issue about Norway comes up several times but she assures me that he is a good men that only wants to help her with her future. That he even told her that she could find a younger man and tell him and that they never had anything together.

Anyway the weekend before she knows if she will get the visa or not an issue comes up. Her dad wants to be head of village and needs money 50,000 baht. She asks me what she can do. I tell her go ask the old men. He had helped her and apparently he has an organisation in Thailand that helps children. But because the money is for buying some people to vote for him he refuses to pay. I tell her I understand and I get a big FUCK U.

It was at that point that we stopped our relationship. I tell her angry, nasty things that she thinks farangs are like ATMs and that I do not want to see her anymore.

Later she apologises but I get suspicious and I look in my phone for the email from this old men. I contact him and explain him who I am and ask him if he has a relationship with this 26 year old girl.

The answer comes back and as I suspected he had a relationship with her already for 6 months. He confronts her and she gets angry at me again for contacting him but she calms down and she tells me she had seen him 2 x 2 days in her life and slept with him too. But that he is a rich men and that she only did it for money from him but that her love is with me. So I tell her to chose between money from him and love from me. After talking with her family she decides to stay with me.

I tell her that I want proof and that I want to see an email she writes to him with me CC'd. She tells me that I can write to him myself. Of course he does not believe me and gets angry at me so it tell her to send the mail herself with me in CC and she does.

The old guy contacts her again and tries to get back with her but she stays with me. After a week of 2 talking many days it comes out that she wanted to come Belgium but her family doesn't want her to come before we are married or engaged.

Now we had talked about this before and she told me that sin sot was 500,000 baht but only for show and never would her parents keep he money.

I tell her that for me it is difficult to do this without her being seen my family. So after some talking she says that her dad is number 1 now in the village for the elections and that her parents need a house to invite some people so the sin sot money will go to a house for the parents.

I get suspicious but play the game and I agree a few days later. I ask her what else I have to pay and she says wedding rings, necklace etc. I tell her that she has to wait a few months until the beginning of the next year because I cannot get this kind of money now.

So that moment she tells me that I am not rich and that she chose wrong. I ask her what problem is. That I told her that I was not rich and that if her dad has a salary and a house that I would never help her parents again. I would only help if they had big problems. So she starts to say she will go back to the old men and that our love is over that I am a stingy man and very bad.

I told her that she thinks that farangs are like ATMs and that she is even worse then a hooker, only out for money while a hooker tells you right away that this is what she wants.

I cut all contact and warned the old men of her.

I thought I had found real love.

But I guess real love only comes with money for her a lot of money …..

Stickman's thoughts:

Actually I think you played this one really badly. This woman was clearly motivated by money. Not only did you screw things up for her in an existing relationship, you were then not able to offer her much. That is not to say that you should have drowned her in money or valuables, but I think it was pretty clear that this one was going to go pear-shaped. A holiday "romance" was mistaken for something it very clearly wasn't…

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