Stickman Readers' Submissions August 20th, 2008

Choosing An Ugly Girl Among The Beauties

I've heard it said (both on this site and also by Thai friends) that farangs often choose the ugly girls. My friends have been amazed when I select a black-haired, lively-looking Isaan girl at a fish bowl when they go for skinny, pale and quiet girls
with bleached hair. I don't agree that I go for the ugly girls – it is just a cultural difference in what is considered to be beautiful. I watched the Miss Thailand competition and would actually not barfine any of them had they been in that
profession. Both my friends and I think it is a good thing, however – we won't compete for the girls when going out.

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This is a short account of an evening when I actually did select an ugly girl. I took it to extremes, so to speak. This time, even I thought she was ugly. They would have been amazed if they had been there…

A while ago I was feeling quite down, and decided to cheer myself up a bit by going to a gogo bar. When I arrived, it was rather quiet since it was early in the evening. Lots of cute girls all over the place and few men. I was shown to a
sofa by a serving girl, who could not be considered a cute girl by any standards. But after she brought me my beer she started flirting with me. This really surprised me, given her looks and the amount of really beautiful girls there. She actuallyturned
out to be very charming. Since it was so quiet, she could sit and chat without having to worry about doing her work. Given my mood, I had no plans of picking up a girl that night, so I was happy to chat with her and watch the beauties dancing.

A number of the dancing girls came by and wanted to sit with me, but I declined. After a while more customers were coming and the serving girl had to work. This bugged me a bit – I started to get bored without her company. Earlier, one of
the dancing girls had jokingly asked if I wanted to barfine the serving girl, and it struck me that maybe I could. I had never thought of it before, but they also have badges with numbers, after all. When she came by my table next time, I asked
if I could barfine her so she could sit with me instead of working. You should have seen her face! To say that she lit up would be an understatement. She was jumping and skipping when she went to change into her ordinary clothes.

Later, when we sat in the sofa, a lot of the girls came by to laugh and joke with us. My girl was enjoying herself immensely. I think they were all quite mystified why I wanted an ugly girl when there were so many beautiful ones there. So
was I, truth to tell, but after taking another look at her expression I felt the money was very well spent. I very much enjoyed her happiness, and she didn't grow less charming after I barfined her – quite the opposite!

When it started to get late, I decided to make a change in my plans. I'd take her home, even though I had planned to sleep alone that night. The people working in the lobby of my house actually looked shocked when we walked in, and I
must shamefully admit I felt a bit embarrassed about bringing a girl with her looks.

In my apartment I found out I had made a good choice. I think that was the best paid for experience I've ever had. I've never encountered such enthusiasm before. Other girls have been very good, but even though most of them play
their part very well, it is their job, and it shines through. Or, well, maybe there has been a bit more sometimes, but since I know I'm paying them for being with me, I can never be sure if they really enjoy it or just do their job well.
This time, I had no doubts at all. She was not very experienced, but made up for that with real and pure enthusiasm.

All in all, it was a splendid evening, even though it took a quite unexpected turn right from the start. I might actually go back there and pick her up again, some time.

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