Stickman Readers' Submissions July 11th, 2008

Want to Know about Thai girls and Who to Choose?

Have you been on a dating website with literally hundreds of people to talk with? What usually happens? You get dozens and dozens of email addresses add them to MSN talk one or two times before you move on and talk to another. Its true for Thai ladies as much as its true for Farang. The problem is Too many choices! For instance I have sold and hung wallpaper for over 20 years and when people go to a wallpaper store they have thousands and thousands of paper patterns to choose from.

But do you know what happens? Indecision from feeling overwhelmed with too many choices. The result? They delay purchase and usually never purchase. So what I tell my customers is this. Choose three patterns you like no more then 5 patterns then choose from the 5 patterns that one pattern your eyes keep going back too the most!

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Same with dating websites. A small service like ours is good because both you and the girls are not overwhelmed by so many people options to choose from and instead of just passing along to the next person in line people actually take quality time to get to know one another which leads to decision making. Believe it or not its actually better to limit your choices to several people whom you find certain qualities you admire then focus on these hand select few and then from these make your final choice for love and romance! Only if you cannot find persons with good qualities should you expand your search to many websites.

So find a website with the type of people you are looking for (good or bad) and stick with the website! Over a little time you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Good luck comes your way if you Target your search market and focus on a limited few choices!

It's good to ask yourself what kind of girl am I looking for and go to that website or on a given website ask the lady what she is looking for!

It's good to pick a couple from one of market segments.

1. "Single Good Thai Girls" (anyone who does not work bar)

20-30 Years old.

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Arch Type

Virgins (Traditional regarding sex can be modern when it comes to clothing style, usually live with parents)

The most obvious role model influences:

A. Blood relation B. The King C. Buddhism. D. Grade school friends E. Intrusion by friends friends. F. Gay male friends who are stronger, smarter, funnier, have more money, more independant then thier female friends. G. Friends gained by deception of devotion from someone underclass or other friend types added by appearances of money or affluence of upperclass or even butterfly girls of the rebel class who are attractive in some self assured rebel way because they don't sweat all the worrisome influences in life a traditional girl faces. Again like the proverbial preachers daughter rebel syndrome Thai girls are attracted to secure people and sometimes rebels whom they admire for not having to come under very strict family rule. Now are the days when many if not most Thai girls attend some kind of college after secondary school. Middle class ladies from the big city and upper middle class ladies from the rest of the countryside can dress sexy without being described as a butterfly girl.

Of College girl types who live away from family and her immediate childhood friends. Thier new friends would come from clubs and organizations of mutual interests and teachers acting as their mentors. For college graduates recently in the workforce then their friends have changed and would be immediate co workers and or Thai male suitors looking to buy their love. The better a Thai girl is (virgins educated or not or upper class and or the more beautiful and successful) the more intrusions by different types of people into her life from beggars to Thai mafia to Soldiers and policeman. She may allow the wrong intruder type (people whom their family may not approve of).

Age 30-50 years old.

Job and career focused, hard working to make the bills and if necessary help the family and usually educated but may not be but steadily employed working at a company or sustains decent self employed try thier best to be good with money but can easily get themselves into unmanageble debt usually by making brand new car purchase in order to make themselves feel special even they cannot afford. Others may make bad investments or give money out of sympathy to friends family or boyfriends family or enters into a new business with such but end up getting ripped off by stupid business partners or outright crooked business partners.

Of this age group many do not have a husband because after one great love are so broken hearted they choose to never love again! These older types are very good ladies who put work first! Most are not actively looking for a boyfriend and is difficult to convince you are trustworthy to sidetrack them from work. They are too busy with their job to help take care of Farang who may travel back to his country after a week or two. They are especailly put off if they do not speak English or particularly if he does not speak Thai and needs help getting around. On the other hand if they can speak English and are already upwardly mobile would really love to meet farang and move up the social ladder with a better house. They usually own a car a house and have a successful busines and now search for love or If she is strictly an opportunist if love from a good man comes along who are they to pass an opportunity!

Arch Type

Butterfly girls can be any age but usually living on their own with a roomate with or without family support or with or without a job with or without an education. Usually not in a position yet to help their families can and will have at least one boyfriend or kik. Always looking for a better man who loves one woman only and loves her and very important has more money then other prospects as these ladies are not ambitious in their jobs or careers. There is a chromatic scale between Butterfly and traditional types who have had a boyfriend and not a virgin who has moved away from their family because of work or shame for not being a virgin. They live with their girlfriends in the city and look for Friends only to help take care of them or the good ones look for a good man and chooses a husband rather then fool around and take advantage of Thai men because they are beautiful or lazy. Others wait out for the best man i.e want love and money. Then you have those ladies further up the moral scale so to speak who are working but have responsibilities like children parents or debt. Same as any woman in the world Good Thai girls can be a combination of lazy and uneducated, hardworking and uneducated, lazy and educated, hardworking and educated, friendly, easy going, faithful, mean, deceitful.

You can easily tell who is butterfly girl in the poorer parts of Thailand.. That is most places besides Bangkok and Phuket and sometimes Chiangmai. If she dress sexy and is of the middle or lower class she is using her sex appeal to attract men in order to get a better lifestyle. This lady is easily identified by the overly tight jeans in combination with a little mid-riff showing (belly). But like I said if she is upper class in the province she will not be considered butterfly lady even if she dresses this way as she is usually not. But as stated earlier you will only see ladies who dress sexy but not a butterfly in Bangkok, Phuket, sometimes Chiangmai and not see very often in the provinces except to show off. In the city tho one exception to this rule are paid models and coyote girls in BKK. Depending on her profession outside of modeling and what kind of modeling she actually does. Note of interest – a good thai girl in the provinces knows these facts about province girls and as a prospective mate for her you tell her you have a friend or kik she will want to know immediately if this friend or kik of yours is considered sexy or not and she will not tell you this is of utmost importance to her! She has to see if you are attracted to sexy lady because if you are she will consider you an untrustworthy man however if you friend or kik is actually a good lady she will stay in the game and try to win you over unless she already have man more rich then you unless he much older then her say 25 years or more. So if you are attracted to sexy lady she will not stay with you or she will leave you when a better man comes along. She will only consider staying with you if she feels very secure. She is still secure if your only attracted to good ladies even if you have a kik but not if your kik is sexy lady. You know she feels secure with you when she wants to have your baby.

Other immediate influences on all Thai girls would be the social media including but not limited too "TV Series" television mini love story drama's about love and betrayel. The next heavily weighted influence which colors a Thai girls perception about Foreign men come from news media and first hand stories about Farang going to Pattaya, Bangkok Soi Patpong, Soi Cowboy, and Phuket. Stories which include crime news which reinforces the comman view that most Farang who come to Thailand go to to these places just serve to prove that most Farang are very bad men who are only interested in sex! Also heavy impressions are made and perceptions grounded in ladies minds about Farang from stories about Thai girl Foreinger marrieds. Particularly impressions are sealed what constitutes a good Foreign man by smaller villages in any of the provinces where Foreign men are marrying Thai women at an alarming rate according to many Thai sources. One story seen or told first hand gives Thai girl a stereotype model for what a Good Farang is. ( You need to find out what her belief is! )

So avoid a village where a Foreigner has moved and is literally supporting 10 or more people in the extended family as you will be expected to do the same! Otherwise you will be labeled a cheap man or lazy man or not a good man. But most of these labels will come from disillusioned greedy types. Others really believe all Foreigners are rich and generous!

and then influences from Thai magazines and websites then lastly Foreign media such as News, and now social networks like Youtube. and her older independant successful friends who may be married, or in a relationship or has older self assured on the surface independant minded butterfly friends lost souls but optimistic often times desperate ladies still trying to find thier way…

Arch Type:

2. "Single Bargirls"


Besides having already listed some of the obvious influences above, generally speaking Bar girls are mostly the same everywhere you go in Thailand. They come from poor families. They love money more then any potential mate. If thier families know thier daughters work the bar then they come from very poor families with very low class. If thier families are like this they will stop at nothing to get more money. They will not murder for money but if they see a sucker come along they will take advantage. These families will put on the appearance of being good in the village so you will not recognize they are bad people because for the most part outside of doing what they can to survive they are law abiding. Bargirls can come from different molds depending on which part of Thailand they come from. You have Tourist area bar girls, (girls who like more freedom from the clock and more choice of which monger they go with then that of gogo girls (exhibitionistic types who really does not have a choice of who she goes with unless she is new or she is making her drink quotas arrives to work on time) etc etc. In the tourist areas the bargirls are the worst to make for girlfreinds but they are the safest for having sex with bareback as they keep themselves very clean and don't usually have sex with Thai men who are prone to have many bi sexual encounters spreading std's and virals like HIV. These girls are market savvy to put it nicely. Most have a con they are taught by the strongly business minded mamasans but in particular the out right criminal behavior of some very bad lady boys who they make friends with. These lady boys often times change sex pre opt just for money. Many are pickpockets. Many will teach the ladies to actually lie to Farang to make the Foreigner think they are in love with them so they can get support money after the Foreigner leaves the first justification a bad bargirl will use to deceive a man is that it is of the belief that most men who go to such places are very bad to begin with and they feel absolutely no remorse for lying, cheating thier new mates out of love or money. These girls can earn in excess of (5) five times what an ordinary bar girl or gogo girl would earn unless it is one of the top gogo girls in the business she is competing with. A good gogo girl (strictly professional) can earn 50,000 baht per month. An unethical gogo girl can earn in excess of 100,000 baht per month from several suitors beside what she earns at the bar . But the girls know that not all Foreign men who go to the Gogo bars are bad. They know there are actually good and stupid Farang who go there for the first time and fall in love. If this bargirl knows you are First time and she tells you she loves you then she is the worst of the worst. She is a professional con artist. If they know it is your first time but they tell you they love money and not man these are HONEST bargirls. Honesty to the point you need to know on a need to know basis. It may be ok for her to have many boyfriends until she determines who is best for her. It is usually the man who loves her the most who can take care of her and her family the best. If she doesn't have bad family pressuring her for money or bad friends pressuring her for money then you have a chance with her to remain faithful if you take her out of the atmosphere away from work and the nightlife she is addicted too. If you do not live in Thailand but you move her to another city and send money to her she will cheat on you out of loneliness not out of betrayel of your love. There is a big difference. Even American GI wives do the same when their husbands are at war. Regardless she will have sex with other men and will probably not make a good wife if you move her to your country as she will become lonely for Thai people, Thai Television, and more importantly Thai food and her few Thai friends. The only chance you may have of her not ever having sex while you are away is If she does not like sex but she will still look for a close friend who she may or may not have sex with to make her feel special. Depends on how special you can make her feel each week while you are away. As she really does not believe in your ultimate devotion until you either move to Thailand or you have brought her to your country at least one time!


Bargirls in smaller cities:

These girls have not been taught to be very bad but many learn on thier own to put big money through coy deception first and respect and sense of fair play second and love far last depending on thier age and circumstances. Some are very greedy and you can tell rather quickly who they are. If they want extravagent tips like 100 baht for a 5 minute dance this is a very greedy very shrewd woman who will never have enough money and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Another type of lady is one you meet at bar for Foreign men who says she has a boyfriend or not but likes you but then suddenly your expected to cough up 2,000-5,000 baht for an evening you can get from another bar girl for free. Meaning you pay her barfine of 150 baht and take your bottle of whiskey and take her out to the club. This type of lady is not worried so much about money. She just really enjoys having a good time like many young girls do.

Others are strictly business and are only interested in exchanging their time for what they think is a fair price (determined by what they think the market is) i.e. stories they are told by thier friends or what they should charge according to the Farang bar owner. Prices can vary widely for her time but she is not deliberately out to take advantage of you. She just wants to make money for her child or her mama and papa. Or a similar bargirl may have higher aspirations as well such as getting a house, a car an educated Thai man which she may want to lsteal a military man or policeman who already has a wife from his family (he has earnings and power) to make a better life for her so she doesn't have to work at all. This lady is one of the worst though when it comes to making a wife. She is lazy, uneducated and a husband stealer.

Stickman's thoughts:

I think this is a very basic look at the different types of women. There is an almost unlimited number of categories.

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